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Finding a Job

Why Creating Multiple Versions of Your Resume Works

When applying to different types of positions, it may be helpful to produce multiple 'core' versions of your resume. In this article we’ll cover the difference between tailoring your resume and creating multiple versions, how to know if you need multiple versions of your resume, and examples of how to create another version of your resume.

Finding a Job

Use job search to find relevant jobs available now.

Finding a Job

Discover tips for dealing with the stress of losing your job and simple actions you can take to combat the effects of long-term stress, from psychologist Nancy Lin.

Finding a Job

How to Use Indeed to Job Search During COVID-19

Use job search to find relevant jobs available now.

Here are some steps to consider taking whether you’re searching for a job, need gig work quickly or have been asked to work from home.

Don’t know much about remote work? You will soon. As many of us at home, discover what remote work is, what jobs are available, and how it can help you earn money during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

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How to Succeed in a Virtual Interview

Learn more about how to conduct a virtual job interview as a candidate or employer in the age of COVID-19

An elevator pitch is a short, formal way to introduce yourself when you meet new people. To create a successful pitch, you need to adhere to certain guidelines.

Discover why it's important to write a follow-up email after an interview, as well as how to write one with steps, tips and examples to use as a guide.

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Resumes & Cover Letters

How to Format a Cover Letter

Learn how to write a cover letter and format it to capture the attention of a hiring manager, and use this example to help you get started.

A well-written, professional CV can help you land your dream job. Learn all about writing a strong CV, and use this template and example as a guide to craft your own.

Learn how to write a cover letter that not only introduces yourself in a memorable way but also convinces the employer that you're the right person for the job.

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Starting a New Job

How to Deal with Job Loss

Losing your job can be a devastating blow, but here are several ways to cope with the loss and move on to your next career search.

Most employers require you to provide written notice of your resignation. Use these templates to resign amicably and professionally.

Learn everything you need to know about business casual dress codes for male and female employees in the workplace, including what is and isn't acceptable.

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Pay & Salary

How To Negotiate Your Salary During COVID-19

In this article, we discuss why negotiating salary and benefits is still possible during COVID-19, how to find your professional value and tips for negotiating

Learn why gross monthly income is so important, including how to compute it for annual salary earners, part-time employees and businesses.

Learn how to negotiate a salary, discover the strategies to use when negotiating compensation and benefits with employers and reference negotiation examples.

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Career Development

Everything You Should Know About Working From Home

Working remote can be a challenging transition. Here are tips for staying healthy and productive while working from home.

How to be productive and respectful if you find yourself sharing workspace with your partner, spouse or roommates

Amid COVID-19, are you suddenly working from home? Don’t panic - remote working doesn’t have to mean surrendering your productivity. Here are some proven, powerful tips to make you more focused than ever.

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How To Praise Someone Professionally (36 Ways You Can Do It)

Understand how to praise someone professionally so you can promote a positive atmosphere where everyone at your workplace feels valued, validated and empowered.

Learn how to write a letter or email asking for an internship, with what to include and how to approach businesses to ask about their internship opportunities.

Learn how to say thank you for being recognised at work in a way that strengthens your business relations, benefits your standing and encourages future praise.

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In this article, we discuss some unique challenges to starting a new job remotely and offer suggestions for how to approach this situation to find success.

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Explore the importance of self-motivation, learn about how to write an effective resume to show that you are self-motived and review a sample resume so you can successfully create your own.

Learn about 10 transferable teacher skills you can put on a resume, including how to improve them and highlight them during the job application process.

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