How to Deliver a Farewell Message to a Coworker (With Examples)

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Updated 16 October 2022 | Published 27 May 2021

Updated 16 October 2022

Published 27 May 2021

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Saying farewell to a departing coworker is more important than most professionals realise. It is a good way to show your appreciation and share contact information to connect outside of the workplace. Understanding how to say farewell to coworkers can help foster a great relationship with former colleagues and assist you in leveraging your professional network.

In this article, we simplify the process of delivering a farewell message to a colleague with ways on how to make them feel valued.

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Why saying farewell to a coworker is important

It is always important to say farewell to a coworker for the following reasons:

It shows you appreciate them

No matter how your relationship with your soon-to-be former colleague was, it is always a good practice to acknowledge the contribution they made while you worked together. Giving them a proper farewell is the best way to show your appreciation.

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Maintains your professional network

Your career advancement can be influenced by your network. You may need to leave the company yourself someday and need help with finding new opportunities. In situations like this, your contacts are highly useful. Saying goodbye to your coworker makes it easy to maintain professional contact with them. This means that you can reach out to them when you are looking for references too.

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Ways you can say farewell to a coworker

Here are some of the best ways you can say goodbye to a colleague who's leaving your organisation:

1. Send them a farewell message via email

Emailing your departing colleague is a great way to communicate your farewell message. A simple email showing your gratitude makes way for a smooth transition. More importantly, email is great if you wish to remain in contact with the colleague in question for professional reasons. You can obtain alternate contact information through this route, making it a great networking tool.

Alternatively, you can send a reply to the mass email that the HR department usually sends to announce the departure of a company employee.

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2. Give them a farewell card

A coworker could be leaving your organisation because they plan to retire or accept a better job opportunity. Whatever the reason may be, a simple farewell card is a nice way to celebrate the next phase in their career. Write a message wishing them the best in their future endeavours and thank them for their support.

If you are close to your departing coworker, you can give them a farewell card yourself. This is often more personal and may hold a greater significance to the person. Alternatively, you can simply sign the farewell card that the rest of your colleagues have organised together. Here, each person leaves a short parting message and delivers the card on behalf of the company.

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3. Send them a gift

In some companies, it's a tradition to give old employees a gift when they are leaving the organisation. This is usually to show appreciation for their service. However, you can also give a departing colleague a gift of your own—especially if said employee has had a great impact on you. If you have a close relationship, you can pick something sentimental that represents the time you spent together.

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4. Throw a farewell party

Another way you can say farewell to a departing colleague is to throw a party in their honour. Usually, parties of this sort can be held either at the office or in a social setting such as a restaurant. The specifics of the party may depend on factors such as budget and availability. For example, it can be a low-key lunch or an office party with drinks. You can also ask your departing colleague what they would like best.

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What to say in a farewell message

There is really no standard for how farewell messages should look. However, what you write may depend on the relationship you have with the exiting coworker. If you have a strictly professional relationship with the person, keep your message simple and direct. Writing an overly emotional message may appear insincere. If you have a friendship with said employee, then share something personal and add a bit of personality to your farewell message.

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What should I write on a goodbye card?

While there are no specifics to go over in your goodbye card, make sure the message is appropriate for the circumstances.

For example, if you are writing a group card, you may want to keep your message short and simple. This way, you leave space for other colleagues to say their goodbyes. It helps to keep your farewell message simple and professional if you're writing a group farewell card.

Getting a card of your own gives you significantly more leeway to express yourself. You can bring up a great memory, refer to an inside joke you both share or you can keep things simple by thanking them for their efforts and wishing them good fortune.

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Examples of farewell messages for coworkers

Here are some examples of short farewell messages you can use for inspiration when crafting your own farewell message for your colleague:

  • Your new company is fortunate to have you. Wishing you success in your new position!

  • I wish you good luck as you move on to the next phase of your career.

  • Thank you for your dedication and commitment while you were with us. Best wishes to you as you take on your new role.

  • While it's sad that you're leaving, we're happy about what you've achieved with us. We will continue to hold you in high esteem and hope you achieve greater success in your career.

  • Congratulations on landing a new job. May you find purpose in your new position.

  • You were a great colleague and an even better friend. I will miss your presence!

  • We'll have a hard time replacing a dedicated and committed worker like you. Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of the company.

  • You made working here a great experience for me. Wishing you all the best at your new job.

  • We might no longer be coworkers, but we'll always remain great friends. Remember to keep in touch, my friend!

  • I enjoyed every minute of working with you. Wishing you great success as you start a new chapter in your life.

  • You are an amazing person and work won't be the same without you. Everyone will miss having you here.

  • Sending you love and light as you start your new job. I know you'll kill it!

  • Your work here raised the bar for everyone else. Thank you for being an awesome person and an inspiration to us all.

  • Thank you for the help you gave me when I arrived at this company. I hope to uphold the values you instilled in me here. Best of luck with your new role.

  • The team will miss your leadership and intelligence. We hope you reach greater heights at your new job!

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Examples of messages to a colleague when you're leaving

If you're the one leaving the company, you might want to write a farewell message to coworkers who you were particularly close to or supervisors who have a significant impact on your professional development. Here are some messages you can send to a coworker when you're leaving:

  • Thank you for letting me work here and making this the best experience ever. I'll remember to keep in touch with you!

  • I appreciate the training and education you gave me. I am sure the values I learned from you will help me in my new position.

  • It was a pleasure working with you. Remember to keep in touch and reach out if you need anything!

  • You have been an outstanding teacher and mentor for me here. I will surely contact you if I have questions or need your help. Once again, thanks for everything!

  • I'll miss the team and those lunches and office parties. You all have been of immense help to me and I hope you find success in future projects.

  • While working here has been great, I feel I'm ready to start the next phase of my career. I have included my contact details and would love it if we keep in touch.

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