What Are the 25 In-Demand Skills To Elevate Your Career?

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated 30 November 2022 | Published 23 August 2021

Updated 30 November 2022

Published 23 August 2021

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Employers seek in-demand skills from their staff members. Which abilities are important can change depending on current social and business needs. Understanding which aptitudes are popular can help you craft a persuasive resume. In this article, we explore what essential skills are and which abilities are currently important.

What are in-demand skills?

In-demand skills are abilities and knowledge that potential employers seek in ideal candidates for their open positions. The capabilities that are popular usually depend upon which industries are growing and which are experiencing declines. For example, as technology and mobile applications become more important within businesses, information technology expertise and software development become more essential.

25 skills in high demand in Singapore

These are some skills that are in-demand currently:

1. Analysis

Companies look for employees who are great at investigating a problem and finding the ideal solution in an efficient and timely manner. That's why people with strong analytical abilities are in high demand in many industries. Analytical competency refers to your ability to understand and analyse a problem or situation and decide about what actions to take next. Developing this skill not only helps improve your work but also helps you achieve company goals.

2. Animation

Visual effects in films and games rely on skilled animators to be effective and artful. Entertainment is more accessible due to online streaming platforms, increasing the need for experienced animators. If you have other creative abilities, like writing, design or story-boarding, consider gaining experience in animation to increase your value on a production team.

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3. Artificial intelligence

Due to the growing number of companies that want to streamline their workflows and derive insightful data while minimising costs, experts in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are in high demand. These professionals usually handle the development of AI. They build, test and implement AI models, as well as maintain the organisation's underlying AI infrastructure.

4. Audio engineering

Audio engineers are the specialists who refine sounds within music, film, television and other entertainment mediums. They also control the specialised equipment that live performers use to produce clear and high-quality music or sound. Audio engineers are valuable to production teams as they can work with artists to improve sound quality, enhance the impact of cinematic moments or monitor the sound effects in a live performance.

5. Cloud computing

Competency in cloud computing is in great demand because of the increasing number of companies moving business functions to the cloud—the global network of remote servers. Cloud engineers are the people responsible for developing and managing these cloud computing systems. They also assist end-users in easily storing files and backing up their data.

6. Coding

Organisations use professional coders to create comprehensive business systems and algorithms. As technology continues to improve operations and efficiency, more businesses invest in coding professionals for their technology and software needs. Some of the most popular coding languages are Python, JavaScript, C++, Swift and Ruby.

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7. Communication

Communication is a valuable skill for professionals in any industry because teamwork and collaboration allow operations to run smoothly. To improve your communication, you can learn about how to avoid physical, emotional and language barriers that can make effective communication more difficult. Understanding body language, eye contact, effective feedback and active listening allows you to communicate better and show your collaborative value within any team.

8. Creativity

Creativity is important in entertainment or art-based careers such as writing, film, television, graphic design, animation and product design. It's also an popular skill for most industries. Creativity and originality can help you develop solutions for problems that other members of your team may not have considered.

9. Customer service

Customer service is an essential skill because most professions involve interaction with a client during the process. Whether you work in sales, hospitality, manufacturing finance or technology, it's likely that customer service abilities can help you manage unsatisfied customers or navigate difficult business situations. Hiring managers may also be likely to favour candidates with customer service experience as it can mean you are skilled at remaining calm and professional, even in complicated situations.

10. Digital media

Digital media is an important skill that can improve your resume and make you more attractive to a hiring manager. As technology and the internet become more pervasive and important to company marketing campaigns, digital media competency can increase your likelihood of receiving a job offer. For example, as a marketing professional, your experience with digital media can make you an ideal candidate.

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11. Flexibility

Flexibility is a skill that many small businesses seek in their candidates. It's the ability to quickly and efficiently manage change or change roles, and it's useful in industries where change is constant. Candidates who are flexible can be better leaders and contribute to a positive workplace environment.

12. Game programming

The video game industry is expansive and full of professionals who are innovating and creating fun and interactive games. To create the best games and increase profits, hiring teams seek experts in game programming. Game programmers can specialise in gameplay, game physics, audio and input.

13. Graphic design

Graphic designers create design concepts, choose fonts, shapes and colours and collaborate with other artists to produce digital art. Graphic design is a skill useful in industries like marketing, software development and entertainment, but can be a valuable asset for any candidate. Hiring managers may seek candidates with graphic design experience as it can show artistry and understanding of basic design concepts.

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14. Investing

Many companies and businesses seek to invest or provide investment opportunities to their staff. Investment knowledge is essential within the financial industry, as well as for most companies who are looking to expand their assets. As a financial professional, like an accountant, investing knowledge can increase your aptitude for a position.

15. Application development

The industry for mobile application development continues to grow as mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets become the centre of communication and work. Business and technological development have emerged at an impressive pace, resulting in an increased demand for people with experience in app development.

16. Negotiation

Negotiation is communication that seeks to resolve disputes and create compromises and agreements. To be an excellent negotiator, you can develop your persuasion, strategising and communication abilities. Negotiation is vital for careers in sales but can also improve your resume within other industries as well.

17. Website design

The internet is an important tool for businesses, and many companies need websites to showcase their products or services. Website design is popular because skilled designers can create these websites for businesses or companies. Some organisations may choose to hire a full-time website designer or team to ensure their website is up-to-date and aesthetically pleasing.

18. Public speaking

The ability to speak in front of a crowd, or present ideas, is valuable to hiring managers. Depending on the industry, your ability to speak in public or present information can help your career progress. Managers may seek individuals with presentation expertise to create, plan and assist with presentations within the company or to clients.

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19. Project management

Project management is important to organisations because it allows them to control focus, quality and the budget for each operation. Project management abilities are vital because they facilitate the reduction of cost and encourage learning for staff. To improve this skill, you can learn more about scope, goals, timelines, budgeting, structure and communication.

20. Sales

Sales is ultimately what keeps most companies profitable, which means having sales leadership experience can give you opportunities in many industries. Sales leadership is the ability to close business deals and coach others. Outstanding sales leaders are strategic, looking at the overall view of an issue and identifying patterns to be improved or areas of opportunity to boost revenue.

21. SEO

Search engine optimisation is the process of attracting viewers to a website. It increases the chances that your website can appear as a resource for someone's search. For example, successful SEO may allow your recipe for chocolate cupcakes to appear on the first page of results when someone searches for the best cupcake recipes.

22. Time management

Time management expertise allows you to optimise your time and improve your performance, and they are valuable in any industry. Hiring experts seek candidates with excellent time management to improve workflow and minimise waste. To improve your time management skills, you can create schedules, set goals and optimise your energy levels.

23. Translation

With more companies creating localised content for global markets, you can find an increasing number of work opportunities as a translator. Successful translators are fluent in multiple languages. They are also familiar with cultural differences and nuances.

24. Cybersecurity

As with other technological capabilities, cybersecurity becomes more important as technology is more essential in every industry. Many organisations store their information online. This makes cybersecurity capabilities important to protect company and client data.

25. Video production

Videos are an efficient way to communicate information. Many companies use content creation to market their services. Film, television and online video platforms all contribute to the rising popularity of video production capabilities.

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