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Updated 12 October 2022 | Published 19 May 2022

Updated 12 October 2022

Published 19 May 2022

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After a few years into your career, you may be thinking about improving your skills by taking an online certification course. There are many different courses for various industries, each with its own target audience. Learning more about the options for online professional certification courses can help you understand which ones are suitable for you. In this article, we list several examples of online certificate courses for various industries.

What are online certificate courses?

Online certificate courses are programmes taught via the Internet to teach you skills and tips to improve your knowledge and expertise. Obtaining such professional certifications can help you excel at work or get a promotion. The participants may come from the same country or from overseas. Some of these online certification courses may run during a certain period of the year, while others may be a one-time course.

Some of these courses may require you to attend the lessons at a certain time (synchronous) over a fixed number of days in a week. Other courses may allow you to review the lessons and concepts in your own time within a set period (asynchronous). There could also be online quizzes and assignments to complete during the course. At the end of the course, there may be an assessment to test your understanding of the topic. This may sometimes take the form of a virtual interview to assess your competencies. You might also attain a professional certification or attestation after passing the course.

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Advantages of taking an online certification course

There are many advantages of taking an online certification course. Here are some common benefits:


One advantage of taking an online certification course is convenience. You can take the course from a remote location, such as at home or your office. You save time and effort because there's no requirement to travel to a school or organisation to learn a new skill. Some of the courses may also be asynchronous, which means you can log into your online lessons any time of the day. You can plan your own study schedule around your working hours and carry out self-study at your own pace.


There are many online courses to choose from, locally as well as overseas. Many courses are specifically tailored to different industries. Consider browsing online course catalogues before selecting one that interests or benefits you.


Taking online certification courses is a good way to improve one's skill set. By investing time, effort and money to further your knowledge, you may take on more difficult projects and higher responsibilities that can bring you a higher salary or even a promotion. This desire for self-improvement could also benefit you as your employer or hiring manager might consider you a hardworking individual.

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Examples of online certification courses

Here are some examples of online courses offered for different industries:

Computer course certifications

Computer course certifications may be helpful if you want to explore a new job function that involves technology. You may also wish to keep up-to-date on the newest technologies available in the market. Here are some examples of computer course certifications you can consider:

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

freeCodeCamp runs JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures. This course uses embedded challenges to teach basic Java skills, such as functions, arrays and variables. Beginning developers might benefit from completing these challenges to earn this certificate. Learning how to use JavaScript can be advantageous to you because it's a common script that many websites and companies use. You can consider adding coding proficiency to your resume after completing this course.

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Python Programming (Synchronous e-learning)

Python Programming (Synchronous e-learning) is a course by the National University of Singapore (NUS). You can find it on Coursera. This course teaches participants the fundamentals of Python, a common programming language. Python is helpful when you want to program websites, process data or format applications to achieve a certain purpose or goal. If you have an interest in learning how to code or want to enter the technology industry, you can consider attending this programme.

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Marketing course certifications

Marketing is an excellent way to reach out to new clients via the Internet to expand and gain brand recognition and reputation. Here are some key courses:

The Complete MailChimp Email Marketing Course

If you are hoping to help your company grow an email subscriber list for your email marketing campaigns, you may wish to try out the Complete MailChimp Email Marketing Course offered on Udemy. This course teaches you how to effectively use the MailChimp email marketing platform to reach your customer base and expand your contact list.

Search Engine Optimisation (Synchronous e-learning)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a popular topic among professionals in the marketing industry about how to best capture the online attention of new and existing clients. By optimising your company's search engine, it may help to significantly increase visibility of your company's services and products. You can consider attending this course to obtain a WSQ certificate. You can learn how to make informed decisions in formulating SEO plans, conduct on-site and off-site SEO audits and use tools such as Google Analytics to gather data to further optimise your company's website.

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Business course certifications

A business course certification may be general enough for you to gain a basic understanding of business insights. Informative business classes can be helpful in the workplace and your personal life. Gain new insights into the business process with these popular courses:

Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

The University of Michigan offers this course on Coursera. Its purpose is to teach attendees important skills and assets to negotiate in the workplace. Successful negotiation requires certain techniques and practice, which you can acquire by attending this course. Beginners may want to join this course to learn how to navigate discussion topics, such as salary and other staff welfare benefits. This course may also be suitable for mid- and senior-level individuals who wish to refresh their understanding of negotiation techniques.

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Project Management Professional (PMP) (Synchronous e-learning)

If you're looking to upgrade your project management abilities, you may consider PMI's Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential, which is one of the industry's recognised certifications for project managers. This course includes examination preparation to help you pass the required examinations.

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Education course certifications

Staying abreast of the best practices in education is vital to proving value in the workplace. Here are some classes that approach educational theory in alternative ways:

Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities in the Inclusive Classroom

Advancement Courses, a division of Wiley's educational services, offers this course. It provides an overview of the best practices in serving students with learning disabilities in the classroom and may be useful for educators who wish to refresh their understanding of inclusive education. You can consider joining this course to gain foundational knowledge on how to work with a diverse range of students and improve your teaching abilities.

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Virtual Teacher Specialisation

This course by the UCI Division of Continuing Education, in partnership with Coursera, provides learners with the information they require to teach effectively online. Beginning teachers or those shifting to an online-first classroom format might benefit from this course, which may be particularly useful in a time when many classes are online and students learn remotely from their homes instead of physically in classrooms.

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