12 Online Executive Coach Certification Programmes

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Published 11 July 2022

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If you enjoy helping others to achieve their professional goals, you can consider pursuing executive coaching as a career. Aspiring executive coaches can benefit from completing certification programmes to improve their people management, communication and coaching skills. Understanding the different types of online certification programmes available helps you to decide the most suitable path to establish yourself as a credible executive coach. In this article, we define what online executive coach certification programmes are, explain their benefits and review the available certifications you can obtain to advance your career as an executive coach.

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What are online executive coach certification programmes?

Before exploring online executive coach certification programmes, it helps to first understand the role of an executive coach. An executive coach works closely with professionals and executives to help them become better leaders and achieve their goals. Normally, executive coach certification programmes are accredited courses offered by institutions of higher learning or special organisations and agencies. Becoming a certified executive coach qualifies you to work with business executives and key authority figures to improve their performance and leadership.

Here are some other roles that an executive coach performs:

  • plan and set goals with clients

  • aid in client's personal development

  • provide professional advice to manage difficult situations

  • guide clients to discover and develop their own leadership style

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Benefits of online certification programmes for executive coaching

It's important to understand what the key benefits of online certification programmes are and how they can help develop your career. When considering these certifications, it's also advisable to look for ICF-accredited programmes. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is an industry-recognised accrediting system for coach training programmes. Here are the major benefits of an ICF accredited executive coach certification:

  • Formally verifies your qualifications: Being certified assures your clients that you're trained and qualified as an executive coach. It builds your reputation as a trusted advisor, which may help to attract more clients.

  • Advances your career: Many corporations prefer certified executive coaches to manage their leadership programmes. Earning a certification can help you access professional opportunities and qualify you for higher-level roles.

  • Expands your professional network: Becoming certified gives you more opportunities to work with senior and high-level executives. They may refer clients such as their peers or fellow alumni to you, which can help to expand your professional network.

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12 online executive coach certification programmes

Here are 12 online executive coach certification programmes that can help develop your career in this field:

1. GoMaster Coach ICF Certification Training Program

The GoMaster Coach ICF Certification Training Program is based on the latest industry research including neuro-linguistic programming techniques, cognitive biases and limiting beliefs techniques. Students have the option to undergo fully online training where they can pick and choose three 90-minute live classes per week. They get free access to a coaching toolbox with over 20+ top tools, group mentoring sessions, a peer coaching network and cheat sheets to prepare for the online exam. GoMaster Coach also offers an Advanced Coaching Certification Program track that can help students to attain their Associate Coach Credential or Professional Coach Credential.

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2. INSEAD Coaching Certificate

As one of the world's leading graduate business schools, the INSEAD Coaching Certificate helps coaches and executives to develop and improve their coaching effectiveness through a blend of professional, personal and coaching skills development. The programme blends face-to-face sessions with virtual coaching, practice, supervision and individual reflection assignments. Applications are confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis and take into account the candidate's level, objectives and diversity of classes. Students are required to attend a minimum of 95% of the programme to earn the certification.

3. Coaching Manager Program

The Collective Change Institute is an ICF-approved coaching institute that offers all-around coaching development for individuals and corporates. They offer a Coaching Manager Program that equips managers with the coaching mindset and skills to become more impactful leaders. Students undergo the seven modules through a mix of on-demand learning videos, 1:1 online coaching and self-work. Students who complete each module receive a digital Coaching Manager Certificate (CMC) and are also awarded ICF-accredited training hours that count towards their professional coach certification.

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4. Transformational Coaching Program

Coach Masters Academy's Transformational Coaching Program is accredited by the ICF and utilises a science-based teaching approach built on empirical research and practical fieldwork. They use their proprietary coaching framework, 'Awareness-Clarity-Choice conversation', that helps aspiring coaches and leaders reflect deeper to gain clarity, awareness and understanding. Students who complete the programme can acquire the transformative coaching skills to shift perspectives and improve their coaching competency. All three levels of training are 100% online and recorded so you can preview them offline if you're unable to attend the virtual class.

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5. Executive Coaching Certificate

The IMD Business school's Executive Coaching Certificate explores coaching's theoretical roots, imparts best practices and teaches students the pyschometric tools to become skilled and high-impact executive coaches. This 10-day programme is available to candidates with prior coaching experience and official hours of coaching practice. Students who complete the programme receive the Executive Coaching Certificate and can transition into a leadership executive coaching role.

6. Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)

The Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL) is the world's most widely known and regarded experiential trainer of organisational coaches. The ACTP is recognised by the ICF and helps to develop key coaching skills such as effective conversation, mentoring, emotional and social intelligence of business leaders and professionals. IECL membership is required for application and the programme is open to experienced professionals with a post-graduate degree or business and management experience. As IECL members, students also enjoy preferential rates and gain access to support, coaching and practice opportunities with peers and a professional network of experienced coaches.

7. Executive Coaching Certification

The Center for Executive Coaching offers a core Executive Coaching Certification that focuses on a practical programme to teach aspiring coaches to bring value and measurable results to their clients. This online programme supports distance learning, with nine one-hour interactive live webinars. Students can gain access to proprietary training manuals and coaching toolkits and network with a cohort of accomplished professionals to improve their coaching knowledge and skills. Graduates go on to work with successful executives, managers, entrepreneurs in companies, agencies and non-profits.

8. Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

Coach Transformation Academy's CPC training course aims to help professional coaches gain a deeper understanding of professional coaching skills and processes. The CPC offers 60 hours of coach training and is accredited by the ICF under the Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) credentialing pathway. After completing this course, coaches gain a heightened sense of awareness and can create self-sustained and motivational action plans to transform clients and help them overcome self-limiting beliefs. To earn the CPC, students are required to complete six days of classroom learning, 16 weeks of online learning, assignments and fieldwork.

9. Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

The Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) has over 25 years of experience in coaching and leadership development. Their CPCC course is a virtual online six-month structured learning programme. Students are required to complete the Co-Active Fundamentals and Co-Active Coach Training before they're eligible for the CPCC. Through this pathway, students first learn about the Co-Active Model. Next, they gain the knowledge to establish a reliable coaching framework and acquire competencies in Co-Active coaching before finally achieving coaching mastery through the CPCC.

10. ICF Accredited Coach Training Program

The College of Executive Coaching offers a 100% distance learning ICF Accredited Coach Training Program that helps to deepen students' coaching competencies and improve their knowledge of effective change and motivation processes in the field. The curriculum also provides intensive case studies and virtual activities to give students the opportunity to practise coaching and receive real-time feedback from the coaching faculty. Furthermore, this fast-track programme meets all the educational requirements for the ICF Associate Coach Credential or Professional Certified Coach Credential.

11. iPEC's Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching offers a coach training programme for students to become a CPC. Students under this programme learn the iPEC's Core Energy Coaching methodology, which helps them to address the root source of their clients' mental blocks and utilise their potential to create real sustainable change. The Core Energy Coaching training is structured around three, three-day modules twelve weeks apart from each other. The modules may be taught virtually or in-person and the qualifying age for application is 18 years old.

12. Executive Coach Master Professional Certificate Course

The International Association of Professions (IAP) Career College offers an Executive Coach Master Professional Certificate Course that aims to increase students' knowledge of executive coaching techniques so that they can successfully complete an executive coaching project of their choice. This course has a completion date of 12 weeks but students can choose to complete the course anywhere from four to 24 weeks. There are a maximum of 15 enrolled students in the course, which helps to ensure that each student receives individual teaching assistance from a faculty member.

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