How To Write a Promotion Announcement (With Template)

By Indeed Editorial Team

5 August 2021

When a professional develops their skills and excels in their role over time, they may advance their position in a company by earning a promotion. If you're a manager or company leader, you may select a team member for a promotion and notify other employees about this change. Learning how to effectively announce a promotion can help you notify your team professionally and effectively. In this article, we explain what a promotion announcement is, show how you can announce a promotion in your company and provide a template and sample you can use as a reference.

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What is a promotion announcement?

An employee promotion announcement is a message company leaders send to notify others about an employee's new position in the company. Most often, leaders send this announcement to other employees to notify them about an internal promotion. This announcement can celebrate a professional's achievements and encourage colleagues to congratulate them on the new role. The company may also send external clients an announcement about an employee's promotion if it's someone they may work with.

Managers or team leaders typically announce a promotion formally and professionally in an email or an internal memo, but they may also choose to share the news verbally at a meeting. When they use a physical document, professionals may use the term job promotion email, announcement or letter interchangeably.

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How to announce an employee promotion

Here are the steps you can take when announcing an employee's promotion in your company:

1. Choose a format

When announcing a promotion, you can choose from a variety of delivery formats. Consider the size of your company, your company's culture and your communication preferences when selecting a format. Here are the common formats you may select:

  • Email: Using an email to announce a promotion may be the best option if your company is large and employs people across several departments. You may also consider this option if you also want to inform external clients about the promotion, or you want to ensure everyone has an official record of the announcement.

  • Memo: You may consider this method if you have a company-wide message board to post announcements for your entire team. You may also post a brief memo in the company newsletter to employees and invested external parties.

  • Letter: This method may be appropriate for larger companies who want to more formally announce the promotion. You can use this for all team members, or reserve this formal format for promotions in executive or leadership positions.

  • Speech: This method may be best for a small company where everyone works in the same office, attends a weekly team meeting or if you want to maintain your organisation's informal culture while also being professional.

  • Online announcement: If you have a company website, social media page or another online portal to display public messages, consider a mass announcement in this method. You may also combine this with any of the other methods that may reach certain people.

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2. Address your audience

Whether you decide to write or verbally announce the promotion to your team, be sure that the message encompasses everyone. When writing, you may use a salutation like “Dear All” or “Dear [Company Name] Staff” to address a large team. If you're writing to a particular team or department, you may customise your message by stating the group's name or title.

In the event you announce the promotion of your colleague in person, try to gather the entire team in a centralised location for the announcement. You can address the group directly before sharing your announcement. Consider sending a memo or email after the meeting reviewing the key points for those who couldn't attend. This can help ensure everyone hears about the promotion.

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3. Introduce the promoted employee

After you address the audience, begin your announcement by introducing the employee with their full name, current job title and new job title. Consider saying that you're “pleased,” “honoured” or “excited” to announce the employee's promotion. Using these polite and positive words can show your appreciation for the employee's hard work.

Consider detailing how long the employee has worked for the company and the department. This information can provide the necessary context to those who may not be familiar with the employee, and it illustrates the employee's history with the company.

4. Explain the reason for the promotion

Next, you may showcase the employee's past accomplishments and summarise their achievements, major projects and important changes they have helped bring to your company. Consider adding specific performance metrics, such as sales numbers or client satisfaction rates, to provide a better understanding of how they earned the promotion. These details prove the employee's hard work and are also other reasons to celebrate their success.

This is also helpful if you have other team members who applied for the same role. When companies offer an internal position, multiple people may apply, and showing why you chose a person can help create a more positive experience for others who applied.

5. Detail the employee's new duties

After discussing their previous contributions, you may provide more details on what the employee may do in their new position. Consider outlining some upcoming projects, specific tasks they may be handling now or any other relevant information on their updated responsibilities. This information can show the employee's progression to advanced work. It can also help inform other team members who may work or communicate with the employee in their new role.

6. Congratulate the employee

At the end of your announcement, you can formally congratulate the employee for their new advanced role. You may also thank them for their years of service to the company and the hard work put in to improve the team. When planning this section, try to create a short, positive sentence that shows your support. This can help give the employee confidence to begin their new role, and knowing they have encouragement from upper management may boost their morale.

7. End on a call to action

After your congratulatory message, you may encourage other team members to join you in wishing them the best of luck for their future success. It's crucial for a team to support their promoted colleague because the team's success may depend on this new leadership role. In person, you might lead a round of applause or other celebration. In a letter, you might write a sentence encouraging team members to congratulate the employee when they see them around the office.

Promotion email template

If you want to write a promotion announcement email, here's a template you can use as a guide:

Dear [Staff, All or team name],

It is my honour to announce the promotion of [employee first and last name] from the role of [old job title] to [new job title]. [Employee's first name] has been with [company name] for [amount of time] and [brief sentence recognising the employee's accomplishments].

During [employee's first name]'s time with us, they have [short list of major projects and specific achievements].

In their new role, they will [list of new primary duties].

[Employee's first name], on behalf of [the management or leadership team], we wish you the best in your new role and thank you for all you've done!

Please join me in congratulating [employee's first name] on their new role.

[Sincerely, best or warm regards],

[Your name]

Sample promotion email

Here's a sample email announcing a promotion for you to reference:

Dear Tech World Staff,

It is my honour to announce the promotion of Ryan Ong from the role of marketing manager to marketing director. Ryan has been with Tech World for over six years, and he's been an essential part of our marketing team's success.

During Ryan's time with us, he has helped lead 23 client campaigns, generating over $800,000 in client revenue. Internally, he worked to redesign our website and social media pages. He's been an invaluable part of improving our audience reach.

In this new role, he will help redesign our internal marketing efforts. He will build strategic long-term plans for our advertising campaigns and our company brand. He will oversee the marketing department and serve on the executive board.

Ryan, on behalf of the executive team here at Tech World, we wish you the best in your new role and thank you for all you've done so far to improve our efficiency and reach.

Team, I hope you will join me in congratulating Ryan on his new role!

Anna Chua
CEO Tech World