40 Short Professional Bio Examples and How To Write Your Own

Updated 31 January 2023

Writing a short professional bio is a great way to build your online presence. Your profile has the potential to help you make positive impressions that enhance your professional development and success. If you're interested in learning to write an effective biographical statement, it's important to know what to include and what a good example looks like. In this article, we discuss the purpose and format of a short bio, review steps on how to write one and provide some short bio examples.

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What is a short professional bio?

Short professional bios are concise paragraphs that summarise a person's professional background. They usually describe the person's current occupation, past work experiences, significant accomplishments, skills, interests and career goals. People typically put this information on social media profiles, personal websites and company team directories to introduce themselves to potential employers, colleagues and clients. They can even use their short bio as an answer to one of the most common interview questions, "Tell me about yourself." As a person's bio can reach recruiters and help them build their professional network, it's important that it's accurate, informative and memorable.

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40 short professional bio examples

There are many things you could include in your bio, including jobs, certifications, awards, skills, goals and accomplishments. Here are 40 two-sentence short professional bio examples to help you write your own:

  1. "I'm Jane Hong, and I recently graduated with an advanced diploma from Smith secondary school. I'm seeking an internship where I can apply my skills in content creation and increase my experience in digital marketing."

  2. "I'm John Grayson, and I'm a recent college graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Web Design. I'm seeking a full-time opportunity where I can employ my programming skills."

  3. "I'm Mathias Yeo, and I'm passionate about writing engaging content for businesses. I specialise in topics like technology, travel and food."

  4. "I'm Oliver Tan, and I'm passionate about social justice. I'm currently working as an assistant for Martin Law."

  5. "I'm Ava Lee, and I graduated from State University in May 2020. I'm interning as a grant writer and practising research and writing every day."

  6. "I'm Pamela Tay, and I'm a farmer. I'm passionate about community-supported agriculture and sustainability."

  7. "I'm Marcin Lim, and I manage a small cafe. I'm passionate about making delicious food for others."

  8. "I'm Simon Low, and I'm seeking a position as an architect. I have extensive experience in civil engineering and computer-aided design."

  9. "I'm Clara Thomas, and I love helping people start their own businesses. I work as a business consultant at Rosewood Consulting."

  10. "I'm Aaliyah Yeoh, and I can help you with all your information technology needs. I'm certified in cybersecurity and networks."

  11. "I'm Felix Loh, and I'm an experienced nurse. I'm currently seeking a travel nursing role where I can apply my skills."

  12. "I'm Josephina, and I'm a high school librarian. I'm passionate about helping people read."

  13. "I'm Davis, and I manage an excellent team at Lavender Marketing. I'm enthusiastic about promoting products and services for your business."

  14. "I'm Emma Ho, and I teach second grade. My passion is accessible learning."

  15. "I'm Charlotte Mei, and I'm a food service employee. I'm looking to apply my customer service skills to a more challenging role."

  16. "I'm Nur Elijah, and I have extensive experience in retail and service. I'm known for my friendliness and enthusiasm about my work."

  17. "I'm Mei Ying, and I'm a customer service representative. I make it my mission to address and solve customer questions efficiently."

  18. "I'm Benjamin, and I teach high school English. I'm passionate about helping my students succeed."

  19. "I'm Henry Lee, a professor at Stone University. I've written a book and journal article on the topics of Paleolithic history."

  20. "I'm Sophia Goh, and I'm a published author. After my book Sailing Wind, I'm currently working on another."

  21. "Jacob Garcia is the founder and CEO of Garcia Consulting. He's passionate about helping companies thrive."

  22. "Juan Flores is a human resource professional. He has extensive experience in payroll and administration."

  23. "Mary Han is an administrative assistant with eight years of experience. She's responsible for educating other employees on using progressive systems and applications."

  24. "Alex Heng is a Junior Web Developer for Oswald Technologies. He's an accomplished programmer and enjoys using his skills to contribute to the exciting work of Oswald Tech."

  25. "Graciela Rodriguez collects and analyses data to offer well-informed suggestions to businesses. She's seeking a full-time job to apply her extensive data science skills."

  26. "Anton Ho is an experienced accountant. He's an expert in helping individuals and businesses manage their finances."

  27. "Mohamed Fasih has worked on over 30 engineering projects. He's currently seeking a management position."

  28. "Tamar Hee is passionate about travel and exploration. He's currently a truck driver, where he's gained experiences in 45 places."

  29. "Vanessa is passionate about cultural artefacts and education. She's a curator at the Museum of Art."

  30. "Zoey is an experienced electrician for Paul's Electric. She can fix any of your electrical issues."

  31. "Marta is an award-winning chef and has written three cookbooks. She is currently working on creating her own cooking channel."

  32. "Diego Torres is a lawyer for Bison Law. He's passionate about providing legal services for those in need."

  33. "Evelyn Yong paints whimsical portraits for individuals, couples and families. She would love to paint you!"

  34. "Noah Tan is highly skilled in graphic design software. He's designed 10 logos and worked on over five marketing campaigns."

  35. "Denise Tay's a care worker for Garden Health. She's passionate about providing excellent care to their elderly guests."

  36. "Ethan's a registered nurse at County Hospital. He's looking to become a head nurse to apply his leadership skills."

  37. "Amelia Nguyen is a physician at Sunny Medical. She specialises in pregnancy care."

  38. "Lucas Hill's a project manager. He's skilled in taking a project from concept to reality."

  39. "Sarah Kuan is the senior marketing director for Blooming Creative. She's passionate about creating beautiful, engaging content."

  40. "Chloe Nelson is a sales representative skilled in solving customer service issues. She's been working at her company for 10 years and counting."

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The content and format of a short professional bio

A professional online bio can be most impactful if it's a short paragraph, about two to five sentences. This allows readers to gain a broad understanding of your professional qualifications in a very short amount of time. It also enables you to present more personal information than your resume and highlight your most important and impressive skills and experience.

The exact length and tone of your bio depends on where you're placing it. For example, if your coworkers all have a more formal bio, you might want to follow a similar style if you submit yours for the business directory. In contrast, a social media bio may have a character limit and be more casual. Here are a few things you might feature in your bio:

  • Your name

  • Your current job title

  • Your company name or personal brand statement

  • Your hometown

  • Your alma mater

  • Your personal and professional goals

  • A relevant professional accomplishment

  • Your hobbies

  • Your skills and areas of expertise

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How to write a short professional bio

While a bio needs to be formal in some settings, a short bio is typically more conversational and readable. It outlines your most impressive achievements and pressing goals. Here are four steps for how to write one:

1. Mention your name and current occupation

To start a professional biography, you can state your name and write about your current or most recent occupation. If you're a recent college graduate, you could mention the month and year you graduated, your school name and your major and concentration. Include your brand name if you do freelance work.

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2. Highlight your skills

Take opportunities to highlight your skills, especially if you have a specific certification. You could summarise your most impressive work experiences by referencing areas you've worked in, such as education or marketing. You can also include a professional accomplishment or award. Emphasise proof of your skills and evidence that you're a valuable investment for an employer. Highlight what makes you stand out from the competition.

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3. Mention your current goals

Reference your most current, pressing career goal. If you're looking for a job, you could mention that you're seeking a full-time opportunity to employ your skills. If you don't have a clear career goal, focus on your current occupation.

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4. Consider describing your relevant interests

Consider mentioning causes you're passionate about. This can make your bio more personable and engaging and help you connect with others. You might describe how you care about:

  • Helping people

  • Social justice

  • Education

  • The environment

  • Art

  • Family

  • Travelling

  • Music

  • Sports

  • A side job

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Short professional bio templates

Your bio can be short or long, depending on its purpose. Here are two bio templates:


"My name is [Your name], and I'm passionate about [Interest], [Interest] and [Interest]. I'm currently working as a [Your current job title] where I practise [Relevant skill] and [Relevant skill] every day."


"[Your name] works as a [Your current job title] for [Your company], where they regularly practise their [Relevant skill] and [Relevant skill] skills. With extensive experience in [Career field], they're passionate about [Interest] and [Interest]."

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