9 Virtual Social Activities to Stay Connected

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated 1 December 2022

Published 30 June 2020

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Companies in Singapore have been forced to ask their employees to work from home time and time again over the last few years, due to occasional spikes in the number of COVID-19 infections on the island. Building and maintaining relationships with your colleagues has become much more difficult, but in these trying times, it is more important than ever to nourish these social connections.

In this article, we'll discuss what virtual social activities are and why they’re important.

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What are virtual social activities?

Any activity that promotes social interaction but is performed online is known as a virtual social activity. With technologies such as online chat platforms and video conferencing readily available these days, you and your colleagues can continue having meetings, celebrations and water cooler conversations as you weather the impact of COVID-19.

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Why are online social activities important?

Online social activities can help reduce stress levels, which is especially important during this uncertain and challenging time.

Fun virtual social activities

Here are nine virtual social activities that you can try:

1. Set up a virtual lunch date with your coworkers

You might be used to lunching with your colleagues when you were all working in the office - the good news is that working from home doesn’t have to disrupt that. Make a habit of scheduling a video call during lunch hours to interact with your work buddies as you used to in your office break room or cafeteria.

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2. Throw a party

Give yourself and your officemates something to look forward to by celebrating special events together over a video call. It could be anything from a coworker's birthday or a work anniversary to a national holiday. Make things more fun by encouraging party attendees to create a festive screen background, and bringing drinks and snacks so everyone can feast virtually together.

3. Schedule a 'happy hour' virtual drink session

Drinking together at a bar has been a standard way of building relationships with colleagues since the beginning of time. Consider keeping this tradition alive by scheduling a weekly 'happy hour' video call with your teammates, where everyone brings an alcoholic beverage of choice to the meeting.

4. Start a virtual pet showcase

Create an online chat channel or group dedicated just to employee pets, and invite colleagues in (or leave it open so they can opt in themselves). As everyone works from home and is in close proximity to their pets, being able to show them off could be a fun way to bond and learn more about each other. Schedule a day for each team member to post a picture of their pet with a creative or funny caption.

5. Create a virtual channel for sharing positive news

Staying positive is helpful during this challenging time. Make an effort to highlight joyful news by starting a 'good-news' channel on any virtual chat platform. You and your coworkers can share hopeful and uplifting news articles/stories that help you stay motivated and optimistic.

6. Create a fitness group

Working out and staying fit is now more important than ever, but it is understandably difficult to stick to an exercise regime alone at home. Give your mental and physical health a much-needed boost by scheduling virtual group workout sessions with your colleagues. Decide on a series of at-home exercises that can be performed with minimal equipment, then set up a webinar-style video conference call so everyone can see each other and communicate as they work out together.

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7. Start a virtual book club

Now that there's a lot more quiet time at home you may find that you have more time to read. Consider creating a virtual book club with colleagues with similar interests, and choose 1 book per month to read together. You can then set up a bi-weekly or monthly video call to discuss the book.

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8. Host a digital viewing party

Watching a movie together with your colleagues is another great way to bond. Though you may not be able to go to the cinema together right now, you could always put on the same movie at home and see it whilst on a video call together.

9. Play virtual games

With game apps like Psych, Head's Up, House Party and Evil Apples now readily available, it is easier than ever to play virtual games as a group.

By providing opportunities for your team to connect through these virtual social activities, you can help ensure they remain positive and productive as they work from home.

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