11 Advertisement Careers (With Salary Expectations)

Updated 13 February 2023

Given the prevalence of promotional campaigns in many industries, graduates with degrees in advertising have numerous options for professional employment. Students who study advertising have transferable abilities that they can apply in various fields. If you're an advertising student, understanding the career options open to you can help you decide which one is most suitable. In this article, we define advertising careers, explore what you may anticipate from a career in this field and identify 11 careers you can pursue.

What are advertisement careers?

Advertisement careers include a wide range of occupations that try to increase public interest in a service, product, brand, project or organisation while strengthening the connections between a corporation and its customer base. This is a field where professionals often collaborate across departments to develop and implement comprehensive marketing strategies, including both written and visual content. Advertisements come in various formats, ranging from conventional channels such as radio, television and outdoor advertising to digital marketing strategies such as search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media marketing.

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What to expect from an advertising career

Advertising jobs are fast-paced and creative. Regardless of the job title, advertising typically entails researching, planning and creating commercials or marketing campaigns. Occupations in this industry typically necessitate working on tight deadlines. Increasingly, businesses are turning to niche forms of marketing, such as digital or Internet ads.

Essential skills for advertisement careers

Advertising careers often require creative, technical and interpersonal abilities to successfully research, create, plan and execute campaigns and other revenue-generating efforts. The following are some of the fundamental skills needed for many advertising careers:


Strong written and verbal communication skills are necessary for many jobs in the advertising industry. A company often provides detailed information on the objectives and requirements of a project, and the accurate execution of a concept or idea requires clear communication. Advertising careers are highly collaborative, and being able to communicate clearly within and across teams may boost creativity and expedite operations.

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Many advertising jobs require individuals to have a high level of creativity. Many specialists in this industry translate abstract concepts into captivating content and products. To consistently imagine novel approaches to marketing, conceive engaging campaigns and create exciting content, advertising professionals need a creative mind.

Organisation and time management

Advertising is a deadline-driven, fast-paced business. Depending on your job role, you may work on many projects with tight deadlines simultaneously. Effective time management is essential for meeting project goals and staying within a project's budget.

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Analytical skills

Understanding how to evaluate and understand data is essential in advertising since it often informs decision-making and strategy. For instance, web analytics provides a wealth of data about a target audience. Using analytical skills can help identify the most relevant information in the data set to achieve the project's targets and efficiently extract actionable insights to help direct decision-making.

Excellent digital skills

The required degree of technical proficiency varies significantly by industry and position. Many organisations now need candidates with a basic understanding of HTML, coding and SEO. Knowledge of content management systems is particularly advantageous since professionals use them in the workplace to communicate with other creatives, store online content and manage projects.

11 advertisement careers

Advertising offers a variety of job options. Some advertising positions emphasise creativity and research, while for others, management skills are more important. Within the sector, there are also various technical occupations, and those who work in these careers collaborate to manage various aspects and combinations of the advertising process. Here are some advertisement careers to consider:

1. Marketing coordinator

Find marketing coordinator jobs

National average salary: $40,810 per year

Primary duties: Marketing coordinators help the marketing team in many activities. They create plans and strategies based on the organisation's goals and cooperate across many teams and departments to manage campaigns, product launches, events and partnerships. Coordinators in this field are responsible for various activities, including keeping abreast of marketing and industry developments, writing reports, developing and coordinating content, monitoring campaign performance and fostering key partnerships.

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2. Graphic designer

Find graphic designer jobs

National average salary: $40,954 per year

Primary duties: Graphic designers are essential in assisting organisations in meeting their marketing and advertising goals and designing the visual components of advertising. They produce designs, logos and other visual ideas to convey a company's tone and critical message to its intended audience. Graphic designers are typically highly skilled in using photo editing tools, layout software and digital illustration, which they use to generate their designs.

3. Account executive

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National average salary: $41,341 per year

Primary duties: An advertising account executive's job includes business development and client relationships. At an advertising agency, they act as a liaison between the client and the creative team, relaying essential information about budgets, target audiences and market competition to the relevant teams and providing correct interpretations of a client's aims and objectives. They also serve as liaisons between different departments within a company to facilitate their customers' success.

4. Marketing representative

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National average salary: $42,236 per year

Primary duties: A marketing representative raises awareness and interest in a company's products or services to attract new customers and sales. Depending on the company, a marketing representative's role in advertising may encompass strategic campaign planning and the creation of targeted individual ads. Marketing professionals may also help analyse advertisement performance data to understand and improve future efforts.

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5. Event planner

Find event planner jobs

National average salary: $43,662 per year

Primary duties: An event planner coordinates the logistics of an event, usually taking on a managerial position and supervising a team of employees or independent contractors. An event planner's responsibilities may include adhering to the company's advertising and branding guidelines wherever possible while organising corporate events. A successful integration strategy enables an event planner to combine the essential parts of a company's marketing goals into an event, maximising the return on investment.

6. Social media coordinator

Find social media coordinator jobs

National average salary: $50,401 per year

Primary duties: A social media coordinator oversees all online interactions with a brand and develops and executes the brand's online strategy. They design, develop and distribute written and visual content that embodies a brand's tone and appeals to its target audience. Planning is a common practice for social media coordinators who want to keep up a regular flow of content and high levels of interaction with their followers. They often have an up-to-date awareness of developing trends to capitalise on them successfully.

7. Copywriter

Find copywriter jobs

National average: $52,737 per year

Primary duties: Advertising companies frequently hire copywriters to develop written material to promote and sell different products and services. Promotional emails, product descriptions and slogans are examples of copywriting in both short and long formats. Copywriters attempt to understand their clients' ideas and transform them into appealing and convincing copy that fulfils tone and message standards. Copywriters also provide material for a company's social media platforms and other digital outlets, such as websites and blogs.

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8. Web designer

Find web designer jobs

National average salary: $57,229 per year

Primary duties: Web designers conceptualise, design and develop new web pages and websites. To create user-friendly websites that meet any design standards and criteria the organisation sets, they need a clear understanding of design principles and an appreciation of the user experience. Web designers have an essential part to play in branding, the growth of web traffic and the development of client acquisition strategies. They also keep websites updated and running smoothly.

9. Market researcher

Find market researcher jobs

National average salary: $63,544 per year

Primary duties: Market research analysts play an essential role in helping businesses determine their target audience, promote their products and services and focus on key market trends. They use numerous approaches to collect data about customers, competitors and trends to steer a company's marketing strategy. Analysts in market research employ data-driven insights to help them discover prospects.

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10. Public relations manager

Find public relations manager jobs

National average salary: $66,904 per year

Primary duties: A public relation manager's job is to keep the public informed about the company by fielding media enquiries and handling any significant issues that may affect the company's reputation. A public relations manager also issues statements on urgent situations or important events. A public relations manager may also collaborate with the marketing and advertising departments to develop campaigns and advertising materials that correspond with the company's messaging objectives.

11. Production manager

Find production manager jobs

National average salary: $77,844 per year

Primary duties: The role of an advertising production manager is to coordinate the many activities required for making advertisements and related media. Core tasks include planning, developing and delivering all marketing and advertising content on time. They're also in charge of networking with contractors that provide freelancing or contract work. Production managers know how to run efficient campaigns on a budget.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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