Everything To Know About Different Careers by Industry

Updated 25 August 2023

When you know what career alternatives are available to you, it's easier to choose a professional route. Knowing about the numerous industries can enable you to select the best employment for you based on your skills, education and interests. Identifying the sort of industry you want requires both time and investigation. In this article, we discuss what are professional career fields and discuss different careers by industry you may consider pursuing.


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Different careers by industry

Career sectors are methods of classifying various sorts of employment based on similarities. These categories assist people in narrowing down their job options so that they may select a specific route that suits them. Each job sector has its own set of criteria and responsibilities. When seeking a new position, be mindful to think about what professional route you want to take and specialise in. The ideal industry to work in depends on your personal work style and interests. Outlined below are some typical career fields and samples of different careers by industry:

1. Engineering and architecture

Architecture and planning professionals are in charge of developing new structures or constructing functional, aesthetically attractive and structurally sound settings. Engineers and architects develop structures such as roads, buildings and infrastructure. Many professions in this field need a bachelor's or master's degree. If you're interested in designing or building structures, you might consider pursuing a career in one of the following fields:

  • Architect

  • Landscape architect

  • Civil engineer

  • Biomedical engineer

  • Sustainable designer

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2. Arts and entertainment

This sector focuses on improving people's lives via the sharing of arts, culture and self-expression. The arts and entertainment business comprises a diverse variety of establishments that offer entertainment, cultural and recreational services to consumers. These establishments might range from museums, galleries, amusement parks, theatres to sports stadiums. These professions include official training programmes, but they also include self-taught individuals with inherent aptitude. Listed below are some examples of the profession in the industry:

  • Singer

  • Sound engineer

  • Composer

  • Songwriter

  • Animator

  • Art curator

  • Producer

  • Actor

  • Filmmaker

  • Graphic designer

  • Clothing designer

  • Videographer

  • Photographer


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3. Business management and administration

Business management and administration careers are ideal for people who enjoy working with others and are good communicators. They work to carry out different processes that ask for the operation of enterprises. The majority of jobs in this field include analysing, controlling and directing activities to increase efficiency and generate productive results. It generally entails working in an office setting. Here are some of the jobs available in this field:

  • Human resources manager

  • Chief executive officer

  • Entrepreneur

  • Marketing assistant

  • Accountant

  • Secretary

  • Marketing manager

  • Real estate agent

  • Training and development specialist

  • Business development manager

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4. Communications

The field of communication encompasses a wide range of businesses, from public relations, publishing, advertising, digital media to education and research. Those who work in this industry, regardless of their specialisations, engage in similar tasks. They collect and process information and produce and distribute messages. Mastering the skill of conveying a tailored message to various groups of people is important to the communications industry. Here are some of the jobs available in this industry for you to explore:

  • Journalist

  • Public speaker

  • Copywriter

  • Film producer

  • Content creator

  • Communications manager

  • Writer

  • Public relations specialist

  • Editor

  • Brand advisor

5. Social and community services

The social and community services jobs in the career category include those that provide concrete assistance to individuals and communities to improve people's lives. The community services sector's main goal is to aid individuals with disabilities, elderly persons and vulnerable children and ensure they have the chance to fully engage in the community. This career path is for those who wish to enhance social institutions and services and stand on the values of social justice and equality. Here are some careers in this industry for you to consider:

  • School counsellor

  • Mental health advocate

  • Speech pathologist

  • Health educator

  • Rehabilitation counsellor

  • Family therapist

  • Clinical social worker

  • Child welfare social worker

  • Probation officer

  • Hospice care worker

  • Career advisor


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6. Education

The area of education commits to the skilled dissemination of knowledge and information to people. The education sector consists of establishments whose major goal is to deliver education. These establishments might be public, private, non-profit or for-profit. They include kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, universities and educational ministries or departments. Teachers are the most visible employment in this sector, but it's not restricted to that. Administrative, management and board member positions are also available. Here are some examples of employment available in this field:

  • Special education teacher

  • Instructional coordinator

  • School principal

  • Assistant principal

  • Dean

  • Online educator

  • Superintendent

  • Education administrator

  • Guidance counsellor

  • University professor

  • Librarian

  • Curriculum developer

  • Substitute teacher

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7. Science and technology

Science and technology is a broad professional sector that entails the scientific study and the creation of novel technologies that improve the everyday lives of people. Scientific occupations frequently require a bachelor's or master's degree and an advanced understanding of computer science and mathematics. This career field includes the following occupations:

  • Software engineer

  • Medical scientist

  • Laboratory technician

  • Computer hardware engineer

  • Microbiologist

  • Biochemist

  • Physicist

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8. Installation, repair and maintenance

The installation, repair and maintenance profession sector focuses on assisting clients in the operation of sophisticated machinery, equipment and other products to working order. Workers in this profession have a thorough understanding of their craft. They assist in the installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of a wide range of contemporary goods to avert unnecessary breakdowns and repairs. Among the positions available in this field are:

  • Automotive mechanic

  • Aircraft technician

  • Landscaper

  • Electronics installer

  • General maintenance staff

  • Wind turbine technician

  • Diesel mechanics

  • Plumber

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9. Agriculture, fishing and forestry

People who like the outdoors may enjoy careers in fishing, agriculture and forestry. This professional sector is an important component of society since it provides food and essentials for people. These occupations deal directly with ecosystems and manage them in a variety of ways. People may get up and personal with wildlife and the environment. Producing crops, rearing animals, growing and harvesting plants and fish farming all fall under the sector's purview. Among the positions available in this field are:

  • Agricultural worker

  • Farmer

  • Animal breeder

  • Farm labour contractor

  • Nursery worker

  • Farm supervisor

  • Forest and conservation worker

  • Logging worker

  • Fisher

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10. Government

Jobs in the government sector involve working directly with government organisations to improve the well-being of citizens in the country. It's a varied career sector with a wide range of jobs. Listed below are some examples of positions in the government sector:

  • Call centre officer

  • National park ranger

  • Pharmacy technician

  • Minister

  • Research executive officer

  • Human resources and workforce planner

  • Receptionist


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11. Health and medicine

The healthcare business is a conglomeration and integration of economic sectors that supply goods and services to patients for curative, preventative, rehabilitative and palliative care. This job path entails providing healthcare services to individuals. The major sectors of the healthcare business may be generally divided into sub-segments, namely: manufacturers of medical devices and equipment, services and facilities for healthcare, pharmaceuticals and medical insurance, medical services and managed care. Health professionals play an important role in our society. This job frequently necessitates specific training and certification. Listed below are some examples of jobs in the health and medicine industry:

  • Anaesthesiologist

  • General physician

  • Dental assistant

  • Dentist

  • Nurse

  • Pharmacist

  • Veterinarian

  • Psychologist

  • Physiotherapist


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12. Public policy and law

The public policy encompasses a system of laws, courses of action, regulatory measures and financial priorities addressing a certain issue established by a governmental institution or its representatives. Criminal justice, political lobbying and public policy advocacy are just a few of the jobs available in the law and public policy sector. This career sector covers nearly all job areas. You can work in government, non-profits, think tanks and major for-profit corporations. Listed below are some examples of employment in this field:

  • Government relations manager

  • Public administrator

  • Corporate communicator

  • Paralegal

  • Consultant

  • Barrister

  • Lawyer

  • Labour relations specialist

13. Sales

Choosing a profession in sales entails selling products or services to individuals and corporations. It's important for those in the sales industry to be well-versed in the products they offer. This is a customer service-oriented industry; therefore, having strong interpersonal skills is generally advantageous. Among the jobs available in this field are:

  • Sales associate

  • Business development associate