18 Best Jobs for Introverts (With Duties and Salary)

By Indeed Editorial Team

3 January 2022

While both introverts and extroverts may be successful in any career, some roles draw introverts more than others. Many introverts may find success in occupations that require particular skills. Learning about the jobs that are more suitable for persons with introverted dispositions can help you to find an ideal job. In this article, we outline 18 top jobs for introverts, along with the national average salaries and main responsibilities to assist you in your job search.

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What should you look for in jobs for introverts?

An introvert isn't necessarily shy and quiet. In truth, introverts may be quite sociable and have exceptional interpersonal abilities. While introverts can do the same responsibilities as extroverts, they're usually happier working in jobs that allow them to use their strengths and core skills. As such, the best jobs for introverts have the following characteristics:

  • prioritise individual work over big group collaboration sessions

  • provide quiet locations for working alone rather than loud, open workspaces

  • allow the individual to focus on one activity or project at a time

  • require more one-on-one interaction than public speaking

Good jobs for introverts

Outlined below are some of the most suitable jobs for introverts, along with the national average salary for each role:

1. Animal trainer

**National average salary:** $1,940 per month

Primary duties: An animal trainer works with service animals and household pets to teach them house training, basic obedience and tricks. They may also train the animals for performance and competition, or to protect and assist people with disabilities. Animal trainers are usually in charge of studying animal behaviour, instructing canines in security and search skills, teaching pets etiquette, leading training sessions and caring for animals, depending on the animals they train and their specialities. These individuals can work in shelters, entertainment production firms, kennels, police enforcement training organisations or their own small enterprises.

2. Bookkeeper

National average salary: $2,119 per month

Primary duties: A bookkeeper keeps a company's financial records, collects money from customers and pays staff. They may work with other financial professionals, such as accountants or they may work alone to process payroll, handle cash and cheques, manage invoices, run expenditure reports, audit records. They do their best to ensure that there are no errors and authorise payments to other parties, such as credit agencies and suppliers. Their main duties include utilising bookkeeping or accounting software to run reports, expediting procedures, managing data and automating payments.

3. Photographer

National average salary: $2,458 per month

Primary duties: A photographer uses camera equipment to capture images of various subjects and environments. They can work individually and sell their images or they can execute a commissioned or freelance job for a client, work for a firm or work at a studio capturing shots of people. They utilise editing software after capturing pictures to improve the aspects of the images, such as correcting colour, adding special effects or eliminating unwanted objects.

4. Mechanic

National average salary: $2,667 per month

Primary duties: Mechanics are responsible for the inspection, repair and maintenance of motor vehicles. Mechanics conduct work activities using a range of equipment and technology and may specialise in certain systems or vehicle types. Also known as service technicians, mechanics may also monitor inventory and assemble mechanical components.

5. Graphic designer

National average salary: $2,857 per month

Primary duties: Graphic designers are responsible for creating visual text and imagery concepts. Graphic designers utilise software to generate personalised images that communicate ideas, add aesthetic appeal and improve information flow. They usually work with digital assets such as websites and applications or print assets such as magazines, sales brochures and posters.

6. Behavioural therapist

National average salary: $3,163 per month

Primary duties: Behavioural therapists work with individuals suffering from mental diseases and disorders like anxiety, depression, eating disorders and addiction. They also work with those suffering from autism, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Behavioural therapists listen to their clients' concerns and challenges and work with them to alter and improve their behaviours.

7. Landscape designer

National average salary: $3,103 per month

Primary duties: Landscape designers are in charge of enhancing the beauty of outdoor areas. They use their creativity and horticultural expertise to pick plants, establish landscaping plans and other elements such as ponds, pathways and water fountains. They may also be responsible for planning the locations of roads, walkways and buildings within these environments.

8. Paralegal

National average salary: $3,587 per month

Primary duties: Paralegals assist attorneys with presentation preparation by doing case research and conducting client interviews. Paralegals are also in charge of creating and submitting legal papers, aiding attorneys with case research and attending hearings, depositions and trials. Other duties include summarising interrogatories and testimony, drafting legal correspondence and documents and conducting legal research.

9. Librarian

National average salary: $4,403 per month

Primary duties: Librarians assist library visitors in their search for books and information. They also prepare and classify books, journals and other resources. Librarians may also oversee library events and activities, manage library finances and supervise younger staff employees.

  1. Social media manager

National average salary: $4,282 per month

Primary duties: Social media managers plan, design and implement social media marketing initiatives. They also curate social media material and monitor and assess the performance of various social activities. Social media managers respond to queries or complaints from followers and ensure that all social media content follows best practices and brand rules.

11. Editor

National average salary: $4,333 per month

Primary duties: An editor reviews prepared material for grammatical, spelling and stylistic issues and rectifies inaccuracies before publishing. They may also modify written content submitted by writers and develop ideas independently. Editors may also fact check material and verify that all written content generated by an organisation adheres to the company's style guide.

12. Technical writer

National average salary: $4,599 per month

Primary duties: Technical writers translate difficult knowledge into an easy-to-read language to create user-friendly how-to guides, instruction manuals, articles, procedural papers and other resources. Technical writers may also be in charge of editing and publishing the content they create. Other duties include gathering and analysing product and technical information from various sources to keep track of new or changing product functionality.

13. Software engineer

National average salary: $5,307 per month

Primary duties: Software engineers focus on applying engineering principles to the development and design of the software. Software engineers build, test and constantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of software applications using computer programming languages. Networks, applications, operating systems and databases are some of the areas software engineers may specialise in.

14. Accounting manager

National average salary: $5,825 per month

Primary duties: Accounting managers oversee and manage the day-to-day operations of an accounting department, including financial report creation, data analysis and the development of organisational accounting policy. Accounting managers may also be in charge of directing and supervising the work of subordinate accounting staff. Additionally, accounting managers are in charge of establishing and enforcing proper accounting methods and principles.

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15. Content manager

National average salary: $6,066 per month

Primary duties: Content managers monitor an organisation's content production and strategy development. Common responsibilities entail developing an editorial schedule, managing content publication and ensuring that all material adheres to corporate brand requirements and business goals. Content managers frequently supervise content authors and strategists.

16. Executive chef

National average salary: $6,121 per month

Primary duties: Executive chefs are essentially in charge of ensuring the successful management of a kitchen. The executive chef is responsible for supervising all food preparation and training and leading kitchen employees. They also plan menus, create kitchen budgets, evaluate food orders and ensure that the food meets quality requirements in a restaurant kitchen.

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17. IT manager

National average salary: $6,398 per month

Primary duties: An IT manager organises an organisation's information systems' security and functioning. These professionals manage the server and network infrastructure of a company. As an IT manager, you can expect to handle software and hardware updates, manage the technology budget, lead junior IT workers and respond to or delegate helpdesk issues.

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18. Research scientist

National average salary: $6,726 per month

Primary duties: Research scientists carry out laboratory tests and experiments and evaluate data to determine outcomes. Other responsibilities entail writing research papers and reports, recording and assessing data and undertaking fieldwork. A research scientist may work for the government, educational institutions, environmental organisations or a for-profit business.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed at the time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.