12 Marketing Careers With Salary and Job Duty Expectations

Updated 1 April 2023

Professionals who work in marketing are experts in content creations, customer relationships and sales strategies. There are various roles in the marketing department, enabling marketers to specialise in a marketing task or subject, such as customer engagement or writing marketing content. Learning about the roles a company may hire for on their marketing team helps determine a career path and develop specialised knowledge for the role. In this article, we provide a list of marketing careers, including salaries and jobs duties, with a list of the types of marketing.

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12 marketing careers

There are a variety of marketing careers you may consider. The marketing department in a company plans, develops and publishes strategy and content to promote products, services and the company brand. There are many roles in the marketing department so that professionals can specialise in areas such as marketing strategy, content creation, customer relations and brand management. Each role on the marketing team contributes to the success of the company, including increasing revenue, expanding the customer base and growing the company. If you have an interest in working in marketing, here are 12 marketing careers to consider:

1. Social media specialist

National average salary: $46,212 per year

Primary duties: A social media specialist is a professional who creates content for social media platforms. They're responsible for engaging with social media users to help build a customer base. These interactions also help build a brand and influence customer loyalty. Social media specialists have other job duties, including formatting content for different platforms, monitoring social media metrics and curating designs for content and social media layouts.

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2. Marketing representative

National average salary: $47,175 per year

Primary duties: A marketing representative is a marketing and sales professional who writes and designs content for company products. They write product descriptions and create promotional materials to inform consumers about the product. Other job duties include creating brand messaging, identifying target audiences and representing the brand at events. The marketing representative collaborates with the marketing and sales team to develop the company brand and ensure that all content and products align with its message.

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3. Content writer

National average salary: $49,773 per year

Primary duties: A content writer is a professional who develops copy and written materials for a client. In marketing, a content writer may write sales copy, advertisements, website content, social media posts and product descriptions. They follow style guides to ensure consistency with the brand and meet the client's requirements. Content writers also research for their content and make revisions as needed.

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4. Digital marketer

National average salary: $50,629 per year

Primary duties: A digital marketer manages online content for a company or brand. They plan online marketing campaigns for email, SEO and social media. Digital marketers also create social media accounts and may manage them for some clients. They monitor metrics such as conversation rate, click rate and impressions of a post or advertisement, which helps evaluate and improve digital marketing campaigns.

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5. Marketing specialist

National average salary: $55,958 per year

Primary duties: A marketing specialist helps plan, implement and manage marketing campaigns for multiple sales channels, such as television, print media and digital media. They perform market research to better target consumers and determine how to best advertise a product or service. Marketing specialists also analyse and follow market trends to inform the company marketing strategies. They may evaluate marketing strategies for effectiveness and recommend how marketing teams can improve.

6. Content marketer

National average salary: $56,937 per year

Primary duties: A content marketer is a professional who grows the customer base of a company through developing strategies to reach consumers and build relationships with them. Content marketers create plans to create and market the content. Other duties include editing and revising content, SEO, publishing content and monitoring the performance of marketing content with consumers. By planning strategies to build customer relationships and maintain them, they increase the company's customer base and may help increase sales.

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7. Marketing manager

National average salary: $76,373 per year

Primary duties: Marketing managers are executives in marketing who oversee marketing departments and help manage teams. They develop marketing strategies including content creation, customer acquisitions and engagements, budgeting and pricing for products or services. Their main goals are to optimise marketing strategy and increase the number of customers and revenue for the company.

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8. Content manager

National average salary: $86,067 per year

Primary duties: A content manager is a marketing and sales professional who produces and publishes content. They may work for a variety of companies that publish content in print or digital media. A content manager may perform duties such as developing plans to better engage with the target audience, proofreading and publishing content from writers, checking that all content is consistent with the brand and communicating with writers and other content creators about content strategy. They may monitor the performance of members on the content team and assign them job tasks.

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9. Brand manager

National average salary: $89,167 per year

Primary duties: A brand manager is a marketing specialist who develops a company brand and plans strategies for establishing and maintaining the brand. They help grow a brand and expand businesses by increasing brand visibility with consumers. To develop a brand, a brand manager determines the voice, aesthetic and core beliefs that the company may convey with its products. Brand managers also perform market research, monitor competitors' products, analyse trends, evaluate brand campaign strategies, oversee content creation and train marketers on how to be consistent with the brand.

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10. Head of marketing

National average salary: $144,074 per year

Primary duties: Head of marketing is a senior-level executive in the marketing department who manages marketing teams, advertising teams, communications and digital campaigns. They approve content and marketing strategies and determine the goals of the marketing and advertising departments. The head of marketing also helps develop strategies for operations and campaigns for marketing. Sometimes they monitor progress on goals and adjust their strategies so that the marketing and advertising departments may be more successful.

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11. Director of marketing

National average salary: $153,856 per year

Primary duties: The director of marketing manages marketing that focuses on increasing sales and brand awareness. They collaborate with brand managers on how to make the brand more visible and connect with consumers to boost sales. The director of marketing develops marketing plans for the marketing department to implement and execute. They also get final approval on marketing campaigns and content before publishing.

12. Director of communications

National average salary: $170,087 per year

Primary duties: A director of communications is a marketing or communications expert that manages all internal and external communication for a business. They manage public relations and approve press releases or messages for brand representatives. The director of communications oversees marketing strategies and content to ensure consistency in how the business communicates with consumers. This is also the professional the media contacts when necessary.

Types of marketing

Here are nine types of marketing you may specialise in if you join a marketing department:

  • Social media marketing: This type involves creating and monitoring digital content for social media platforms. Social media marketers have technical and interpersonal skills to interpret social media analytics and use the results to interact with social media users and increase customer loyalty.

  • Email marketing: This is a form of marketing where marketers use email as a sales channel to communicate and maintain relationships with customers. Email marketers develop campaigns, content and email lists to contact consumers about new products, exclusive offers and company news.

  • Product marketing: Product marketers become experts in a company's products and its market to determine pricing, advertising strategy and the target market. Product marketing requires an understanding of market demand so marketers can learn to increase the demand for their products.

  • Partner marketing: This is when a brand collaborates with another brand to promote its products and reach a larger audience. Marketers who work in partnering identify brands that can benefit them and research intersecting target audiences.

  • Market research: This type of research is important to inform all marketing strategies and campaigns. Market researchers study target audience demographics, consumer activity and analyse market trends.

  • Marketing communications: Marketing communications specialists manage messaging and public relations. The communications team in a marketing department handle press releases, external communications and create strategies to better relate to consumers.

  • Digital marketing: This includes all online marketing channels, such as SEO, social media, websites and online advertisements. Digital marketers create content specifically for each digital channel and are experts in analysing data reports for the performance of each channel regarding customer activity.

  • Content marketing: This type involves developing content strategy and media to advertise the products, brand and company. Content marketers are digital designers, writers and analysts who collaborate to create content that resonates with consumers and influences them to make purchases.

  • Brand marketing: This involves making consumers aware of the company brand and developing strategies to maintain brand consistency. Brand marketers develop brand messaging and review marketing content to ensure they align with the brand.

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Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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