22 Most In-Demand Jobs in Singapore (Including Salaries)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 15 November 2022

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Employers and clients have varying needs, which may influence the demand for different jobs. Jobs in demand have great potential for career growth with better income and job security than less popular jobs. Learning about the in-demand jobs may help you plan your career effectively and develop the skill set to succeed in the field you want to pursue. In this article, we outline the most in-demand jobs in Singapore, explain their primary duties and national average salaries and provide links to current opportunities to help you choose a career path.

22 most in-demand jobs in Singapore

Here's a list of some of the most in-demand jobs in Singapore:

1. Customer service representative

National average salary: $2,569 per month

Primary duties: A customer service representative helps build and maintain good customer relationships by answering customers' questions and offering guidance on various aspects of the company's products or services. Many companies may hire customer service representatives because they're usually the first point of contact between the business and the customer. Some of their responsibilities include generating sales leads, answering phone calls, maintaining records of customer interactions and observing communication guidelines and policies.

2. E-commerce specialist

National average salary: $2,878 per month

Primary duties: E-commerce specialists manage companies' online sales activities and performance. They monitor daily online transactions and activities, collect and analyse data to identify areas to improve and develop solutions to improve the company's online operations. E-commerce specialists also manage online marketing campaigns and research new business opportunities.

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3. Teacher

National average salary: $2,998 per month

Primary duties: A teacher is an educational professional responsible for educating students at different levels. Teachers supervise classes, organise supplies and resources for classes and collaborate with parents and other teachers to help students. They prepare lesson plans, issue assignment grade tests and document each student's progress.

4. Sales executive

National average salary: $3,013 per month

Primary duties: A sales executive is responsible for promoting a business's products or services to clients. Sales executives also introduce new products, answer customer queries and offer advice. They may also negotiate contracts to help maximise profits.

5. Human resources specialist

National average salary: $3,083 per month

Primary duties: A human resources specialist is an expert who manages the human resources functions of a company. Human resource departments may have multiple professionals who focus on maintaining employee records for performance reviews. A human resources specialist may also recruit, train and support business employees.

6. Digital marketer

National average salary: $3,415 per month

Primary duties: Digital marketers are responsible for promoting a brand's online presence and sales through marketing campaigns. They conduct market research, create content for marketing campaigns and partner with other professionals to create strategies and execute them. Digital marketers can promote a business's products or services through various channels, such as email, social media websites and search engine optimisation.

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7. Administrative specialist

National average salary: $3,520 per month

Primary duties: Administrative specialists perform various administrative and personal assistant tasks. They may research, prepare reports, organise correspondence, plan meetings, maintain schedules and calendars and make travel arrangements. Administrative specialists may also assist human resources departments in managing personnel databases or payroll.

8. Copywriter

National average salary: $3,720 per month

Primary duties: A copywriter is a writing professional who produces content for various purposes, such as marketing or educating. Copywriters collaborate with marketing and public relations departments to develop marketing materials. Copywriters also meet with clients to determine their target audience's brand voice and message.

9. Accountant

National average salary: $4,055 per month

Primary duties: Accountants are financial professionals who inspect, organise and maintain financial documents. They record transactions, compute taxes, assist with financial forecasting and budgets, perform audits and report the findings to communicate the financial position of a business. There are various accountant jobs available, such as accounting specialist and accounting assistant, which may require different certifications, qualifications and skills.

10. Clinical specialist

National average salary: $4,222 per month

Primary duties: A clinical specialist is a professional in the healthcare field whose primary responsibility may be maintaining knowledge of specific medical devices and selling them to health care providers. Clinical specialists collaborate with internal teams, including technicians and supervisors, to develop policies and analyse medical equipment to manage risk and promote patient safety. They also develop customer networks, sign contracts and maintain sales records.

11. Robotics engineer

National average salary: $4,534 per month

Primary duties: Robotics engineers design and build prototypes for machines and design and maintain software for controlling machines. Robotics engineers research cost-efficient and safe processes to develop robotics systems. They also troubleshoot defects and monitor updates on advancements in relevant fields, including robotics.

12. User experience or UX designer

National average salary: $5,194 per month

Primary duties: User experience designers are responsible for improving the usability of a system. They may focus on different aspects, such as aesthetics and website navigation. UX designers collaborate with UI designers to develop digital products that fulfil user needs while providing a pleasant experience.

13. Cyber security specialist

National average salary: $5,503 per month

Primary duties: Cyber security specialists are information technology security professionals who protect network software and applications from external threats, such as hackers. They conduct periodic audits to identify security inefficiencies and violations and upgrade infrastructure and network systems. Cybersecurity specialists also evaluate trends to expect security requirements and prepare performance reports to communicate system status.

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14. Project manager

National average salary: $6,040 per month

Primary duties: Project managers are professionals in charge of entire projects. They plan activities and resources for the project, organise and motivate a team, control time management, focus on customer satisfaction, analyse project risk and monitor progress. Project managers also generate reports to inform stakeholders of the project's progress.

15. Business analyst

National average salary: $6,185 per month

Primary duties: Business analysts identify challenges and propose solutions to help businesses grow. They integrate this function with data analytics to assess the requirements and provide stakeholder recommendations and reports. Business analysts also develop projects to help a business grow and monitor project performance.

16. Full stack developer

National average salary: $6,701 per month

Primary duties: A full stack developer is a software engineer who designs, tests and implements various applications, software and web services. Full stack developers write low-level and high-level code, develop and maintain internal software tools and identify bottlenecks to improve software efficiency. They can develop both the front end and back end of an application.

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17. Product manager

National average salary: $6,806 per month

Primary duties: A product manager is a marketing professional who manages a product's life cycle. Product managers identify customer or market requirements, define product strategy and partner with engineering, marketing, sales and support teams to improve product performance and customer satisfaction. Companies that sell many products may employ product managers to manage an entire catalogue or specific products to improve their chances of success in the market.

18. Communications manager

National average salary: $6,836 per month

Primary duties: Communications managers supervise all internal and external communications for a business to ensure consistent communication and availability, which can improve brand image. They educate staff on communication systems and practices and consult with management when developing communication policies and procedures. They also draft speeches, press releases, letters and interdepartmental memos.

19. Data engineer

National average salary: $6,953 per month

Primary duties: A data engineer is a data expert who uses the knowledge and skills in data programming and engineering to develop systems to collect, manage and convert data into information for analysts. Data engineers evaluate the needs and objectives of a business to determine the type of system necessary. They also identify opportunities for data acquisition and quality enhancement.

20. Back-end developer

National average salary: $7,146 per month

Primary duties: A back-end developer programmes components and features of an application or system on the server side or back end. Users of the application or system access these features from the front end or user interface. Back-end developers create, maintain, test and debug the whole back-end structure.

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21. DevOps engineer

National average salary: $7,367 per month

Primary duties: DevOps engineers build, test and maintain software infrastructure and tools to facilitate a system's fast development and release. They also support the users of the tools and help protect the infrastructure from viruses and hackers. DevOps engineers also help automate various processes and integrate technology to achieve specific goals.

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22. Data scientist

National average salary: $7,406 per month

Primary duties: A data scientist is an expert who uses statistical programming and analytical skills to collect, analyse and interpret large datasets. Data scientists use various data visualisation techniques to present information. They suggest or develop solutions based on data analysis.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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