20 Retirement Job Opportunities in Singapore (Salaries and Duties)

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Updated 23 November 2022 | Published 27 September 2021

Updated 23 November 2022

Published 27 September 2021

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Retirees in Singapore may be interested in getting retirement jobs, which are usually jobs with lower stress and fewer hours than their original careers. Retirees search for these opportunities for many reasons, such as earning an income during retirement. If you're interested in getting a retirement job, you can explore a variety of options for different skills and interests. In this article, we explain what retirement jobs are, show why they're important and provide a list of the 20 common jobs for retirees with the average salaries and typical duties for each role.

What are retirement jobs?

Retirement jobs are jobs that people can get during retirement. These roles are usually part-time, low-stress positions, but this can vary for different individuals. People may search for jobs after retiring for many reasons. For example, some want to earn extra money during retirement or to stay busy.

Why do people look for retirement job opportunities?

Retirees in Singapore often choose to look for retirement job opportunities after retiring for many reasons, including:

  • Lifestyle: Some retirees continue to work after retirement because they desire to be physically and mentally stimulated or are excited to try a new field of work. They are making a lifestyle choice that usually has some anticipated impact on long-term health and well-being.

  • Finances: Financial reasons may include desiring extra income or health insurance. Returning to the workforce may become necessary in certain situations, for example, if a retiree were to lose the significant value of their investments.

  • Phased retirement: Other retirees choose to phase retirement. In a phased retirement, you remain working for the same employer, but the terms of work have changed to a part-time or contract basis, and their position could change, too.

What jobs can you get after retirement?

Retirees in Singapore can pursue a range of jobs according to their skills and backgrounds. Many retirees search for jobs that involve activities they enjoy or topics that interest them. Often, retirees value jobs with lower stress levels and fewer hours than their previous careers.

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How can you find a retirement job?

You can find a retirement job by searching job posting websites, using keywords like retirement or senior. You can also use your professional network to inquire about job positions. If you would like, you can also pursue a part-time position with your current company.

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20 common jobs for retired professionals

Here is a list of the 20 common jobs that you can explore after retiring:

1. Substitute teacher

National average salary: $1,373 per month

Primary duties: Substitute teachers are responsible for filling in for full-time teachers when they're sick or otherwise absent for the day. They can fill in for several teaching disciplines, including specialised positions. They perform duties like taking attendance, teaching daily curriculum or providing students with activities while the teacher is away.

2. Freelance photographer

National average salary: $1,744 per month

Primary duties: Freelance photographers are creative professionals who photograph people, animals and objects. They use high-quality cameras, photography software and other equipment to perform their jobs. They can also be responsible for editing photos.

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3. Housekeeper

National average salary: $1,789 per month

Primary duties: Housekeepers are responsible for a variety of tasks related to cleaning and maintaining a home. They use cleaning equipment and chemicals to tidy and sanitise spaces. They're often self-employed, but they can also work on behalf of a company.

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4. Author

National average salary: $1,796 per month

Primary duties: Authors are responsible for writing content for books, magazines, newspapers and other media. Typically, authors are self-employed. They may work on a freelance or contract basis. Retirees who choose to become authors often write about their areas of expertise.

5. Pet sitter

National average salary: $1,887 per month

Primary duties: Pet sitters are responsible for caring for pets while their owners are away. They can specialise in taking care of a specific type of pet. Their duties can include feeding pets, administering medications and taking pets on walks.

6. Retail associate

National average salary: $1,924 per month

Primary duties: Retail associates are responsible for greeting customers and helping them decide what to buy. They can work at the front of the store as a greeter, in a designated customer service area like gift-wrapping or on the sales floor assisting customers as they shop. Retail associates often work on a part-time or seasonal basis.

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7. Event staff

National average salary: $19.63 per hour

Primary duties: Event staffers are responsible for helping run events. They can work the door, manage concessions or facilitate other activities at events. People who work in an event staff role usually work for a specific venue or festival, but some concession vendors work for themselves. Event staff provides services to event attendees like checking them in, answering questions, providing security and first aid and more.

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8. Bookkeeper

National average salary: $2,071 per month

Primary duties: Bookkeepers are responsible for a variety of tasks related to managing finances. Their job duties can include processing payroll, tracking financial data and handling transactions. Retirees who work as bookkeepers can often work from home or enjoy flexible hours.

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9. Delivery person

National average salary: $2,079 per month

Primary duties: Delivery drivers are responsible for delivering orders, such as restaurant food, to customers. They can work for a specific business or contract with multiple clients through a delivery service. This job is often well-suited for retirees who enjoy driving and communicating with customers.


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10. Concierge

National average salary: $2,498 per month

Primary duties: A hotel concierge is a hospitality professional who operates the front desk of a hotel. These are part-time professionals who often have excellent customer service and administrative skills. They inform guests of check-in and checkout times, operate phones, check in hotel guests and offer other concierge services.

11. Driver

National average salary: $2,541 per month

Primary duties: Drivers are responsible for the safe travel of their customers. They often work for taxi companies or ride-share services as transportation professionals. They are people who are highly familiar with the local area, have sharp operational skills when it comes to driving and prioritise safety.

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12. Landscaper

National average salary: $2,692 per month

Primary duties: Landscapers are responsible for maintaining outdoor spaces like gardens. They can also develop landscape designs for their clients. Often, they're responsible for using landscaping equipment, and they typically have knowledge of plants.

13. Freelance writer

National average salary: $742 per week

Primary duties: Freelance writers are writing professionals who work independently with a variety of clients. Clients can include corporations, individuals, online sellers and media agencies. Freelance writers typically have to meet deadlines and content style requirements. They are also highly skilled in the art of writing and familiar with conventional spelling and grammar.

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14. Tutor

National average salary: $2,982 per month

Primary duties: Tutors are responsible for helping students learn academic material and perform well in school. They often specialise in tutoring a specific subject like math or writing. The job duties of tutors can include helping students create study plans and teaching students how to complete their coursework.

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15. Caregiver

National average salary: $3,206 per month

Primary duties: Caregivers are responsible for caring for people who may require assistance. They can take care of children, the elderly and other individuals. Caregivers often work in the homes of the people that they care for.

16. Real estate agent

National average salary: $3,488 per month

Primary duties: Real estate agents are responsible for working as the primary point of contact for buyers and sellers during the transaction process. Real estate agents seek out new business by networking and advertising, then they assist customers by providing guidance on the buying or selling process. They make a commission from the houses they sell.

17. Accountant

National average salary: $3,779 per month

Primary duties: Accountants are finance professionals who create and analyse financial records. They often use math, technology and financial knowledge to perform their job duties. Retirees can also work as freelance accountants, allowing them to enjoy flexibility.

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18. Artist

National average salary: $4,198 per month

Primary duties: Artists are creative professionals who make and sell works of art. They can specialise in a medium like painting, sculpting or drawing. Artists are often self-employed or freelance professionals.

19. Tax preparer

National average salary: $4,667 per month

Primary duties: Tax preparers are responsible for helping customers prepare their taxes and submit them to the government. Tax preparers can work year-round but are most busy during tax periods. During this time, many tax companies hire part-time or contract workers for temporary positions.

20. Freelance consultant

National average salary: $6,012 per month

Primary duties: Freelance consultants are responsible for providing consulting services to their clients. Consultants can work in several fields, and retirees often phase into retirement by consulting in the field they used to work in. Consulting duties include spending time with clients, presenting them with options that meet a specific need, analyzing data and coming up with solutions.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at the time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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