What Are Web Developer Skills? (Definitions and Examples)

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Updated 6 October 2022

Published 6 December 2021

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Technology occupations provide professionals with the opportunity to work in a wide range of sectors. It's critical to have the correct set of web developer abilities to be successful in this field. Though the specific talents essential for someone in this field may differ depending on the firm, the overall competence web developers require is the same. In this article, we outline web developer skills and offer examples and suggestions for how to improve them.

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What are web developer skills?

Web developer skills are the unique competencies essential to earn a job and succeed in a web development profession. Having and demonstrating these talents can help you stand out from other applicants seeking the same post and in your daily activities. You may improve your abilities as a web developer over time, just like any other employment. The ability to understand design, HTML knowledge and analytical skills are examples of web developer capabilities.

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Examples of skills for web developers

To thrive as a web developer, it's essential to possess and cultivate a combination of hard and soft skills. Outlined below are some of the most prevalent abilities necessary for this position:

HTML/CSS abilities

It's essential to comprehend HTML and CSS if you want to work as a web developer. HTML is the most widely used markup language on the Internet, and web developers use it to generate web pages. Developers utilise CSS to customise the look of the website. It's in charge of the fonts, colours and layout of a website's design. CSS designs a webpage, whereas HTML sets the groundwork for it.

Analytical abilities

To construct a range of effective websites as a web developer, you're going to need strong analytical skills. This includes ensuring that the code is accurate so the website functions properly. It's also critical to understand the needs and wants of your clients. It's important to assess their goals and requirements and be ready to adjust to any modifications they want to see made on the website. The better you understand your client, the better your website may be for them in the long run.

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Responsive design skills

It's critical to understand how responsive design works if you work as a web developer. Because many people see web pages on both desktop and mobile devices, it's important for the websites you design to be responsive to shifting screen sizes. If your website is not responsive, it won't be compatible with either desktop or mobile sites. Your ability to build a responsive design may also influence the number of visits a website receives because most people don't enjoy a website that does not show up correctly.

JavaScript skills

As a web developer, it's important to comprehend JavaScript. JavaScript is a high-level programming language that allows for the implementation of complicated functionality on a website. On a website, this includes features like moving components, movies, search bars and interactive maps. Knowing JavaScript may allow you to satisfy the greater demands of your clients during the web development process.

Using these talents, you can attract more website visitors, as the majority of people prefer interactive web pages that capture their interest. Special features help to engage visitors, and your involvement as a web developer is crucial in seeing them come to life on a digital screen.

Interpersonal abilities

It's necessary to have strong interpersonal skills because you're going to be interacting with a range of clientele. This involves a variety of social skills such as active listening skills, good body language, the capacity to cooperate and a generally positive attitude and work ethic. The more you get along with and communicate with your clients, the easier the web development process may be for both of you.

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Debugging and testing skills

As a web developer, it's critical to know how to test your website for errors regularly. As part of your duty, you also diagnose any problems that emerge. Testing ensures that your code is performing up to standards and might be either functional or unit testing. It's critical in this capacity to test and debug your website on a continuous and effective basis.

Back-end fundamentals

A web developer is familiar with the foundations of back-end web development. This is because you may collaborate with back-end developers or employ these talents yourself. It's important to understand how servers function along with the management of APIs, SQL, cybersecurity and database systems. These are useful abilities to have when dealing with the server-side of a website.

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Search engine optimisation

As a web developer, it's essential to be well-versed in search engine optimisation (SEO). This is because internet traffic is becoming increasingly vital to businesses. By appearing high enough on search engine result pages, a website with effective SEO may attract a bigger number of webpage visitors. Because more and more businesses are seeking effective SEO, it's a valuable skill to have as a web developer.

How to develop your skills as a web developer

There are various methods to polish the abilities essential for a web developer. Here are some pointers to help you improve your web development skills:

1. Experiment with code

The more code you write, the more experienced you would become. This may not only improve your typing abilities but may also help you identify errors you can avoid in the future. You can practise using a variety of free internet applications. You may notice progress as long as you're consistent.

2. Discover a new skill

Consider taking a course in a programming language in which you have no prior knowledge. This can assist you in breaking out of your comfort zone. Doing so may allow you to immerse yourself in a new skill that may complement your present skill set.

3. Take a break

Allowing your mind to rest might provide you with the boost you need when you return to work. If you're continually working, you may become exhausted. Although it sounds counterintuitive, having some time to rest can substantially enhance your stamina and motivation.

4. Work on honing your interpersonal abilities

As a web developer, it's important to cultivate both hard and soft skills. You may enhance your interpersonal skills by being more aware of your body language and how you behave in different circumstances. You may also work on being a better listener. Enhancing your interpersonal abilities can strengthen your workplace relationships.

Web developer skills in the workplace

Though your web developer talents may apply in several situations, here are some examples of how to put them to use in the workplace:

  • Be an attentive listener. When you're at work, it's critical to interact with your clients and fully comprehend their issues and demands.

  • Organise your time. When you can efficiently manage your time, you leave minimal space for coding errors. This prevents you from hurrying through your assignment.

  • Be open to comments. Being open to feedback from your bosses is a good method to develop your abilities. Use the advice and criticism they've given you to become a better web developer.

  • Monitor trends. Web development patterns are going to shift over time. The stronger your ability to adjust and stay on top of your talents, the better.

How to highlight your web developing skills

There are various methods to emphasise these talents to hiring managers as a web developer once you join the job. Here are some pointers to consider throughout the recruiting process:

Highlighting skills on your resume

Your resume is an excellent chance to clearly and effectively express your web development talents and expertise. Make certain that your resume is well-structured and error-free. You can add your web development talents to your resume's skills section.

Highlighting skills on your cover letter

Your cover letter provides a great opportunity to expand upon the skills you highlighted in your resume. This is one of the first impressions the hiring manager may get of you, therefore it's important for your cover letter to be free from error and easy to understand. Keep it brief, tailor it to the job description and include background details regarding your web developer skills.

Highlighting skills in your job interview

During your job interview, you can showcase your interpersonal skills. Make sure you have good body language, are an active listener and that you're effectively communicating with the hiring manager. It's also a good idea to bring in hard copies of your resume and cover letter that highlight your relevant web developing skills. Be ready to answer questions that pertain to the role you're hiring for and how your skills meet the job requirements.

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