What Does a Beauty Advisor Do? (Plus How-To Guide and Skills)

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Published 9 May 2022

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Beauty advisors may work directly with clients to market and sell goods from across the beauty industry. You may pursue a career in beauty consulting with various educational backgrounds and experiences. Understanding what beauty consultants do and what skills to develop to become one can help you make a more informed career choice. In this article, we explore what a beauty advisor does, discuss how to find a beauty advisor position and provide information about the salary and skills of the position.

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What does a beauty advisor do?

A beauty advisor, or consultant, specialises in the financial and material exchange of skincare and cosmetic products between clients and companies. They may also be interested in securing sales for their goods rather than just providing opinions. A beauty advisor often fulfil the following responsibilities:

Answering customers' questions

Beauty advisors may spend a significant amount of time answering questions from customers concerning the various products or brands. Customers may frequently ask questions concerning the side effects or effectiveness of multiple products. They may then use their extensive product knowledge to answer the clients' queries and make personalised recommendations for customers.

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Demonstrating product usage

The beauty advisor may be responsible for product demonstrations. They can highlight the value of a brand or product to potential clients. They may also show the usage in front of an audience or through online presentations. For example, they may host a webinar to discuss applying a skincare product to potential clients and highlight its best features.

Making sales

A beauty advisor may sell skincare and cosmetics products. They can perform a salesperson's function, which may mean marketing the products at retail stores. They may also aim to meet the sales targets of particular beauty products. Their persuasion skills may help them perform this task with ease.

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Maintaining store displays

The store's appearance is vital to selling the brand's image. Beauty consultants ensure that the store display is clean and attractive to clients. They may restock the products, clean them if they're dusty and display them correctly to make it easy for clients to access them.

Collaborating with managers

The work description of a beauty advisor may entail collaborating with managers in identifying new trends, opportunities and stock requirements. They may typically work with individual clients to identify their beauty requirements and goals. This information can help them inform the manager's decision on the beauty products to stock in the stores.

How to find a job as a beauty advisor

You may follow these steps to find a job as a beauty advisor:

1. Complete secondary school

It's essential to complete secondary school and pass your N-level or O-level examinations to find a job as a beauty advisor. If possible, you can consider participating in a joint secondary school and vocational school cosmetology programme to develop knowledge and skills concerning the beauty industry. You can also volunteer as a makeup artist during school functions, such as drama competitions, to practise your skills and gain experience.

2. Earn relevant certifications

Some beauty advisor positions may require candidates to get specific certifications from qualified cosmetology or makeup schools. You can look up relevant courses and programmes offered at vocational schools and technical colleges. Consider earning certifications in eyelash extension, beauty therapy, body massage and facial electrical treatments.

4. Get a cosmetology licence

You may also consider getting a cosmetology licence to practise services on potential customers. Depending on the product and company, having a licence can be critical for product demonstrations. To get a cosmetology licence, you can complete a vocational certification programme, pass practical and written tests and record experience hours.

3. Develop sales experience

Consider developing sales experience in retail or other related fields to assist you in getting a job as a beauty advisor. This can help you hone your persuasion skills and understand different business duties like checking the inventory, handling various customers and using a cash register. You can then add this experience to your resume and detail your responsibilities and achievements.

4. Create a portfolio

Create a portfolio with video clips, images, tutorials and other media to showcase your knowledge and experience in the beauty industry. You can highlight before and after outcomes or talk about particular products you may use and provide reasons. You may also customise your portfolio to fit the specifications of a particular job advertisement and illustrate your most marketable skills.

5. Network for more opportunities

You may find new job opportunities through networking. By attempting to meet unique individuals, you can see that they can recommend you to various positions. You may begin by attending upcoming networking events. Identify if there may be any professional organisations in your field that you can join. Most of these organisations may schedule many events that you can attend. Attempt to exchange contact information with individuals during these events. You can also discuss your career and get advice from them.

6. Update your resume

Writing a resume that gets the attention of hiring managers is an essential step in finding a job as a beauty advisor. You may tailor your resume to the beauty advisor role. You can save time by having a primary copy of your complete resume and making a copy of it every time you apply for the job. This makes it easy for you to edit and tailor your resume to fit the role without changing your primary copy.

7. Apply for jobs

You can check for the job advertisements related to the beauty advisor's role on the various platforms and apply for them. You can also begin by doing internships and advancing to a senior position in the organisation. Job shadowing may also help you learn from those in the beauty industry and assist you in getting a job as a beauty advisor.

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Skills for a beauty advisor

The following are the skills that may be important in your career as a beauty advisor:

Artistic ability

Beauty consultants work with hair care, nail or makeup products, so an artistic ability is essential. Understanding colour design, theory or other creative concepts can be helpful when working in the beauty and cosmetology industries. It can help you meet and even exceed the client's expectations.

Excellent communication skills

You may spend a significant part of your time as a beauty advisor contacting business agents, communicating with customers and sharing information. You can benefit from developing written communication skills or even practising public speaking. This may help you in delivering messages to your clients more effectively.

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Customer service

As an agent for a product, brand or organisation, you can be the client's primary point of contact with the company. Typically, you may offer client service by receiving feedback, answering questions, making exchanges and accepting returns. Learning client service best practices may make these parts of the job much easier.

Mathematical knowledge

Beauty advisors may count product orders, determine sales tally, give change for cash transactions, take inventory and make orders for stock. Each of these duties entails a basic knowledge of maths. You may improve your maths skills to assist you with these job duties.


When working in sales, you may benefit from learning how to persuade clients to make a sale. Persuasion skills may be vital to increasing sales. You can consider developing these skills by researching how to convince an individual to make a specific choice and practising those techniques with friends and family.

Product knowledge

Clients may trust you as an expert on particular brands or products as a beauty advisor. Knowing about the ingredients of products and their benefits, application methods, related products within the same brand and other details may assist you to best respond to questions and advise clients towards their desired product. Reading about the various products or brands can help you develop product knowledge.

Beauty advisor's salary

Beauty advisors can either be freelance or contract professionals. The national average salary for a beauty consultant is $2,841 per month. This can vary depending on the consultant's specialities, employer, skill and experience level. The salary can also depend on whether the beauty advisor is a freelancer, contract professional or an organisation's employee.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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