What Does a Retail Assistant Manager Do? (With Skills)

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Updated 16 January 2023

Published 9 May 2022

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Retail assistant managers are typically in charge of numerous managerial tasks in stores. Working in this role can be a stepping stone to excelling in the retail industry. Learning about the job responsibilities of a retail assistant manager can help you decide if you want to pursue this career path. In this article, we discuss what a retail assistant manager does, the skills required for the job and how much you can earn in the role.

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What does a retail assistant manager do?

A retail assistant manager is responsible for performing managerial tasks in support of the head manager or filling in for them when they're absent. The daily duties of a retail assistant manager may vary depending on the type of product the store sells, the number of employees they work with and the size of their store. Here are some of the responsibilities that a retail assistant manager typically fulfil:

Perform store procedures

Most people working as retail assistant managers are in charge of multiple store procedures, including opening and closing their stores. As such, they may be present when the store opens and closes. Some can also choose to delegate the responsibility to their team members.

Maintain store appearance

Retail assistant managers are also in charge of maintaining a store's appearance. This includes making sure that it stays organised and clean. They may also create modifications to make their store more appealing to customers.

Manage staff

One of the primary responsibilities of a retail assistant manager is managing staff. A retail assistant manager is typically in charge of managing team members, which includes supervising, delegating tasks, solving problems, evaluating their performance and constructing schedules. A retail assistant manager may also be responsible for hiring new employees.

Manage inventory

A retail assistant manager usually possesses a good knowledge of the products available. This is important to help them fulfil the role of managing their store's inventory. A retail assistant manager may do so by tracking and ordering supplies. In most stores, a retail assistant manager is also in charge of scanning items into their inventory system and putting on price tags when new supplies arrive.

Interact and help customers

Another job description that a retail assistant manager typically fulfils is interacting and helping customers. A retail assistant manager often greets customers, assists them in the payment procedure or responds to phone calls. When a customer comes with a complaint, team members typically seek guidance from a retail assistant manager, who can provide a solution.

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Encourage team members

As a supervisor, retail assistant managers are also responsible for encouraging their team members. A retail assistant manager can do this by interacting with them, offering words of encouragement and setting up plans outside working hours for bonding purposes. By doing so, team members can develop high morale and enhance their retail skills.

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Report the performance of their store

A retail assistant manager is also in charge of creating reports of the store's performance. After that, they're required to send them to senior management, such as the retail manager. These reports typically include updates on target fulfilment, sales and issues the store encounter over a certain period.

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What skills does a retail assistant manager typically have?

To become a retail assistant manager, you may develop a combination of several hard skills and soft skills. These are the skills that a retail assistant manager usually has:


A retail assistant manager typically displays strong communication and interpersonal skills. These skills are essential as they spend most of their time interacting with other people such as customers, employees and members of the senior management. Retail assistant managers who show strong communication and interpersonal skills are more likely to fulfil their responsibilities successfully.


Leadership skills are important for a retail assistant manager to have. This includes inspiring employees, creating an effective communication system and delegating responsibilities. Being a good leader also allows a retail assistant manager to create a team of employees that can achieve targets.

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Besides leadership, a retail assistant manager typically displays salesmanship on the job. Possessing salesmanship entails having the appropriate skills and methods to sell products to customers. Experienced retail assistant managers can creatively strategise ways to increase sales.

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A retail assistant manager often faces challenges and difficulties. An example of a common issue a retail assistant manager encounters is customer complaints. With problem-solving skills, retail assistant managers can gather information, analyse the problem and provide solutions. This skill is essential to have as it may affect customers' satisfaction.

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Basic mathematics

A retail assistant manager utilises basic mathematical skills on a day-to-day basis. They use this skill on several occasions, such as when operating the cash register, calculating customers' payments and sorting through the inventory. Having basic mathematical skills helps retail assistant managers to complete tasks efficiently.

Computer skills

Most companies require their retail assistant manager to be familiar with using computers and other forms of technology. This requirement is especially prominent in retail stores that use programs for tracking sales and recording inventory. With this skill, some retail assistant managers can also help other employees when they face difficulties using the computer.

Attention to detail

Paying attention to details is an important skill for a retail assistant manager. To fulfil their daily duties, they may use this skill when taking care of a store's appearance and organising products. Failure to pay attention to details may lead to more unsatisfied customers.

Physical stamina

Being a retail assistant manager is a physically demanding task. Retail assistant managers spend most of their time walking, standing and lifting products in their stores. With this, the job of a retail assistant manager usually demands stamina and strength.

How much does a retail assistant manager make?

The salary of retail assistant managers varies according to different factors. Some of the more significant factors include geographic location, the company you're working for and experience level. On average, retail assistant managers earn $3,309 per month. This number excludes bonuses and incentives that a company may give their retail assistant manager.

How to become a retail assistant manager

Other than displaying the skills you need as a retail assistant manager, there are several steps you may want to take to become one. These are the typical steps that retail assistant managers take before getting the job:

1. Pursue an education

Most employers require a GCE 'O' level certificate or polytechnic diploma when recruiting a retail assistant manager. A bachelor's degree in business, business management or similar fields may be compulsory in some other companies. You may also want to perform a search in your area to find out what requirements the retail stores are looking for.

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2. Obtain experience

Since the retail assistant manager is a supervisory role, employers typically prefer at least one year of experience as a sales associate in a retail environment. You may want to spend some time working in a retail position to add to your resume. When hiring a retail assistant manager, some employers may pick the person with more experience over someone with higher formal education.

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3. Acquire certifications

Although this is not a standard requirement among employers, having a retail certification may add value to your resume. Obtaining such certification teaches you various things, including the sales and customer service strategies you need for the job. The Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications System for Retail (Retail WSQ) is a common retail certification that you can acquire.

4. Update your resume

Once you obtain the requirements you need, make sure to update your resume. You can include your highest level of education and certifications in it. You may also want to write about the relevant work experiences you have, including the name of the company, the title you hold, and your responsibilities.

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5. Apply for jobs

Now that you have your resume ready, you can perform a search in your area for job vacancies as a retail assistant manager. Review the available positions and the listed requirements. Then depending on your education, experience and certifications, identify the position you qualify most for. Customise your resume and cover letter for each potential employer and apply for the job.

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