What Does a Service Delivery Manager Do? (With Salary Info)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 8 November 2021

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A service delivery manager is responsible for ensuring the excellent quality and delivery of services for clients. They're often in charge of leading project teams, solving any service issues and managing budgets. Learning more about what a service delivery manager is can help you decide if it's the right career path for you. In this article, we answer the question, "What does a service delivery manager do?", describe what skills, education and experience they require and share the average salary expectations for this role.

What does a service delivery manager do?

When asking, "What does a service delivery manager do?" you can first consider their main function. A service delivery manager primarily identifies the needs of a client and oversees any service delivery to ensure that customer service is cost effective and high quality. They manage project KPIs and ensure that there is a proper delivery of services by their company's professionals. Some of the common duties a service delivery manager has include:

  • managing inventory checks and analysing supply chain processes

  • troubleshooting issues

  • building meaningful relationships with their team members

  • providing and managing a service plan for one or more companies

  • leading the service delivery team to ensure processes and tasks are efficient

  • monitoring and managing desktop support and VIP functions to ensure quality service

  • recommending ways to improve and implementing them to ensure service delivery upgrades

  • providing constant reports to management on service delivery performance

  • building strong relationships with stakeholders

  • managing finances and budgets of the service delivery team projects

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What skills do a service delivery manager require?

Service delivery managers have good communication and customer service skills because they liaise with their team and clients regularly. Here are some skills you can improve or develop to become a successful service delivery manager:


Service delivery managers require strong leadership skills because they're in charge of managing a team's key performance indicators (KPI) and projects. Strong leadership skills ensure that they're able to lead their team effectively while motivating them to conduct their tasks successfully. Service delivery managers are also in charge of teaching junior staff new skills and equipping them with the knowledge to perform their jobs well.

Service delivery managers also oversee employees in all stages of the delivery process, even if they're not their direct supervisor. Because they hold the employees accountable for their different tasks to provide good customer service, they require strong leadership skills so that the employees are able to look to them for guidance, even if the service delivery manager is not their direct manager.

Communication skills

Communication skills are important to have as a service delivery manager. They require strong communication skills to provide their team with clear instructions to carry out their roles. This position also includes customer and client management to ensure that great customer service is always being provided. As service delivery managers meet with clients and manage their expectations, good communication skills are essential.

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Technology skills

Service delivery managers handle a lot of administrative tasks, so good computer skills are beneficial to analyse data and create reports. Service delivery managers are also in charge of creating cost-effective systems for their team, which includes managing different software and IT processes to make the service delivery process more seamless. Managing inventory checks and desktop support may require different IT software as well, so strong IT skills can come in handy to make a service delivery manager's job easier.

Attention to detail

Having a keen eye for detail is important for a service delivery manager because they establish and manage service delivery processes to ensure that all their clients receive good service and satisfaction. To achieve that, they benefit from attention to detail so they can identify client wants and needs. Sometimes, a service delivery manager may handle sensitive or confidential information. Being detailed in their reports can ensure that they keep this information confidential and communicate the reports clearly.

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Organisational skills

Service delivery managers may handle different projects and clients at once, so being organised is important for them to ensure that they can handle different timelines and clients effectively. Service delivery managers may also manage project budgets and finances. Being organised can help handle several different project budgets at once.

Education and experience requirements

There are some academic requirements to become a successful service delivery manager, and most employers prefer candidates with some years of experience. Here's what you can expect when pursuing this career path:


If you're interested in becoming a service recovery manager, you may consider pursuing a bachelor's degree in business administration or business studies. The coursework you learn during your studies can equip you with the knowledge for managing your team and various clients during service delivery. You can also consider pursuing a master's degree in business administration, which may make you an even more employable candidate when you're applying for jobs as a service delivery manager. This course can also prepare you for advanced business relations and management skills.

You can also consider learning another language. In the service delivery industry, you are likely to manage clients from all over the world and from diverse backgrounds. Learning an additional language can be useful because it can provide more opportunities for roles with international clients or more diverse groups of customers locally. Listing another language on your resume can make you a more unique and appealing candidate.


When developing your career to become a service delivery manager, you can typically start in an entry-level retail outlet as a customer relations officer before becoming a customer relations manager. After gaining some experience in this role, you may start applying for jobs as a service delivery manager. You can begin yourself after accumulating ample experience by managing customers, clients and your service teams in your previous roles.

Prior retail or sales experience can also be beneficial because you may have gotten experience from managing and building relationships with customers and clients. Getting a job as a service delivery manager typically takes about five years of work experience.

How much does a service delivery manager earn?

The national average salary of a service delivery manager is $7,433 per month. This salary can vary significantly by industry and the services they provide. With enough experience, you can negotiate a higher salary when you've gained more skills and knowledge in the workplace.

Service delivery manager example job description

If you're looking to start a career as a service delivery manager, you may come across certain job ads looking for candidates. Here is an example of a service delivery manager job description:

Challenger IT & Software Inc. is looking for an experienced service delivery manager who can coordinate, manage and guide teams to hit KPIs for our tech clients and personnel. The successful candidate will be reporting to the Service Director and should be a highly motivated individual who can work independently in a fast-paced environment.

Job duties:

  • Connect with clients and form meaningful client relationships with them to ensure good service quality

  • Lead interactions with customers on service-related issues and ensure issues are promptly resolved within the deadline

  • Understand our business values and missions and ensure our clients experience what we stand for

  • Fully understand the services the company provides to each client

  • Provide monthly reports on clients' requests and issues

  • Lead and manage technical teams for updates on clients' requests and keep them on track for deliverables

  • Manage meeting minutes to ensure actions are completely on time

  • Ensure job duties and tasks are being completed effectively

  • Manage client projects and requests to ensure completion of service delivery


  • At least five years of experience in leading and managing a customer relations team, preferably in the IT industry

  • A bachelor's degree in business administration or higher qualification

  • In-depth knowledge of the current service delivery management best practices and standards

  • Familiar with IT software and IT business analysis software

  • Self-motivated with good verbal and written communication skills

  • Able to lead a team and manage relationships with others

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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