How to Tell if a Job Interview Went Well (12 Positive Signs)

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Updated 3 November 2022 | Published 15 November 2021

Updated 3 November 2022

Published 15 November 2021

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Going for a job interview is exciting since it may help you start a new career if your application is successful. After the interview, it may take a while to get feedback from the recruiter. During this time, you may wonder how your interview went and whether you were successful in your application. In this article, we examine how to tell if a job interview went well and describe what you can do after a successful interview.

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How to tell if a job interview went well

After an interview, you may wonder how to tell if a job interview went well. You typically won't know whether your job application was successful until you get feedback from the recruiter after an interview. There are some signs that an interview went well and that you may have left a positive impression during your interview. Remember, these positive interview signs are no guarantee that an interview went well. Here are several successful interview signs:

1. Your interview was longer than expected

If your interview went over its time limit, it might show that your interviewer was especially interested in your responses to their questions. For example, if the interviewer asks more questions than the standard screening questions, they may think you're the perfect candidate for the position. Be ready to share more information about your work experience, skills relevant to the job and any other projects you worked on, showing them how you contributed in your previous roles.

It's a positive sign when an interview flows like a normal conversation between acquaintances. The interviewer may engage in small talk with you. When this happens, it may indicate that they feel comfortable talking with you. Some companies have structured interviews with a fixed list of interview questions to ensure that they assess each candidate on a standardised basis. Don't feel discouraged if your interviewer appears to follow scripted questions.

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2. You met more people than expected

After your initial phone screening call, the recruiter may invite you to an in-person interview and describe what you can expect. They may inform you who they may introduce you to and who the members of their team are. If they introduce you to all these people at the interview, they may have wanted to see how you get along with the team. If you meet people not initially mentioned by the recruiter, it could be a sign that you made a positive impression.

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3. They ask how soon you can start

It may be a good sign if your interviewer asks you how soon you can start. If they asked this at the end of the interview, it might show that they're seriously considering you as a potential employee. They may phrase the question in different ways, including 'How quickly can you leave your current role?' or 'How soon can you start working for us?' When they ask you these questions, it may mean that they're considering making an offer to you. In this case, be honest and explain how long your notice period with your current employer is.

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4. They mention you seem like a great fit

During a phone interview, it may be challenging to determine if the interview's going well as you can't see their facial expressions in reaction to your answers. You can consider their tone and their response to your answers to gauge their reactions. Some recruiters may mention you sound like a good fit. They may say that your skills and qualifications excited them or mention the next steps in the recruitment process. In these cases, they may mention forwarding your resume to the hiring manager or explain that you can expect an interview with the next person in the hiring process. These are signs of a successful interview.

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5. They ask if you're considering other opportunities

Some recruiters may ask how your job search is going and whether you've been interviewing at other companies. This question may show that they're considering the next steps to avoid losing you to a competitor. They may want to determine if they're facing competition in choosing you.

The timing of the question may influence the interviewer's intention with the question. If they ask it early on, it may be a standard question on their list of interview questions. If they ask this question towards the end of the process, they may want to determine how quickly they need to act to offer you the role.

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6. The interviewer looks excited

If the interviewer appears to be in a good mood or displays positive body language, such as maintaining eye contact with you, it may show that the interview is going well. If they remain engaged with what you're saying during the interview and lean in to hear your responses to their questions, they may consider you as a possible asset to the company. If they share personal information, they may be trying to get to know you better to see if you could fit their team.

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7. They talk about their team

If the interviewer stops asking questions and starts describing the role in more detail, it may be a positive sign. They may talk about the team members you'd work with if your application is successful. When they do this, it may help them decide whether you'd fit in as a member of their team.

8. They conclude with specific details

It's critical to notice how the interview ends. If the interviewer finishes the meeting by providing you with a date by which they'll give you feedback, you can expect to hear from them by this date. The interviewer may also end the interview by providing you with more details about the company.

9. The interviewer wants to speak with you again

If your interviewer concludes the interview by saying they'd like for you to come back to meet more people, it's a positive sign. They may ask how quickly you can come back to meet key people in the company or whether you may be available for another interview. You can see this as a positive sign as it shows their intention to decide soon.

10. You receive a quick response to your follow-up email

After an interview, send a friendly and personalised email to the interviewer to thank them for interviewing you. If you receive a quick response to this email to thank you for your time and that they'll be in touch soon, it may be a sign that your interview went well, and it could show that they want to engage more with you and will keep you informed about the progress of your application.

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11. The interviewer asks you follow-up questions

When an interviewer is interested in you for a role, they may ask more detailed questions about your responses to their questions. Consider this a positive sign, but also assess how they're asking you these follow-up questions. If they're restating your responses, it may show that you've not given sufficient information in your initial response to their questions.

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12. The interviewer gave positive feedback to the recruiter

It's important to follow up with the recruiter after your interview. They may confirm that the interviewer has given them good feedback about your interview. Such positive feedback may imply that the interviewer considered you a strong candidate for the position. The recruiter may give you tips to help you improve for your next interview while waiting for the results of your interview.

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What to do after a successful job interview

If you find several of these signs showing you've had a successful job interview, you may feel confident that the company plans to offer you the role. Here are some things to do after a successful job interview:

  • Take a deep breath and celebrate your successful interview. Remember how hard you've worked to have a successful interview.

  • Send a thank-you email to the interviewer, if you haven't already.

  • Make some notes about the information you learned about the company and the role. If you move to the next steps in the recruitment process, you may find this information useful.

  • Remain realistic until the recruiter confirms your application has been successful or you're moving to the next step of the recruitment process. Remember to thank the recruiter for their help in getting you your new job.

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