5 Product Manager Interview Questions (With Sample Responses)

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Updated 23 January 2023

Published 27 September 2021

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An interview is a very important and integral part of the hiring process, and it's crucial to prepare ahead to impress your potential employer for a better chance of being chosen for the job. While each interview can be different, there is usually a standard set of common questions that interviewers may ask you depending on your role. If you're interested in becoming a product manager, learning about common questions in your field can help you prepare for an interview better.

In this article, we provide tips to help you prepare for your next interview, and we list some common product manager interview questions and answers you can refer to during your preparation.

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Tips for preparing for a product manager interview

To prepare for your product manager interview, it's important for you to have an understanding of the company's products or services. Here are some tips you can follow to prepare:

  • Research the company, as the hiring manager may ask you questions related to the organisation and its products.

  • Review your resume and past accomplishments as a product manager because a hiring manager may ask about your experience and achievements.

  • Practise asking yourself interview questions so that you can get confidence in answering them during the interview.

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Product manager interview questions

If you're attending an interview for the position of product manager, the hiring manager may ask you various questions to understand your experience and capabilities in the role. Your responses can help you get the job, and it's always important to prepare good responses ahead of the interview. Here are some common product manager interview questions:

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General interview questions

Hiring managers usually ask a series of broad questions to get a better idea of your personality and interests, such as:

  • Tell me more about yourself.

  • What are some of your strengths and weaknesses?

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?

  • Why do you want to join our company?

  • Why do you want to leave your current job?

  • What is your present remuneration, and what is your expected salary?

  • What is an instance in your career that you are proud of?

  • Tell me about a challenge that you faced in work before and how you overcame it.

  • What are your interests outside of work?

Interview questions about your work experience and background

After finding out more about you, the hiring manager might start asking questions about your work experience as a product manager. This gives them a better understanding of how you work and what you're capable of. Some questions include:

  • Why are you interested in being a product manager?

  • Describe one of your most successful products as a product manager.

  • What makes a product well-designed?

  • What do you think of our product, and what changes would you make to it?

  • Do you do any customer research?

  • What are some of the product strategies you have come up with?

  • Tell me about how you manage a product from conception to launch.

  • How do you measure your success in product launches?

  • How do you fit new features into an existing product roadmap?

  • How do you know if users are happy with your product?

  • How do you analyse your launch and gather feedback afterwards?

  • What are some of the tools you use for your research?

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Technical interview questions about being a product manager

Finally, the hiring manager may assess your ability to be part of the company. They may test you on more in-depth questions about being a product manager. These questions can give you the chance to demonstrate your product managing knowledge and demonstrate your ability to take on the role. Some questions you may expect are:

  • What would you say is a good market opportunity in a business plan?

  • What do you use to build your product roadmap?

  • What is a product you regularly use? Tell us how you would improve it.

  • Can you bring us through a technical solution you worked on for a product you have managed and launched previously?

  • Do you have any experience in C++ or Java?

  • Bring us through a competitive analysis of a product.

  • What is machine learning like for you as a product manager?

  • Tell us about a product idea that did not work out. What happened, and what would you have done differently?

  • Tell us about a scenario where you had a reject a product.

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5 product manager interview questions with sample answers

These sample answers to some common product manager interview questions may help you with rehearsing for your interview, and can give you an advantage:

1. How would you describe our product to someone?

The hiring manager may usually ask this question to find out if you understand their products and services. This also helps them find out the pros and cons of their own product from a third party. You can consider discussing the pros and cons that you have found of the company's product in your answer.

Example: 'To describe a product effectively, it is important to communicate relevant information about the product, and to make sure it is done with a user-centric approach. This will help people relate to the product more. I would first identify the target audience for this product, then choose how I can share the background and context about this product, and share how the product is innovated in a way that is relevant to the target audience. I will also share the vision behind this product, and how this product will benefit the user greatly.'

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2. What is a product that you use regularly? How would you improve it?

Hiring managers ask this question to assess your product awareness, as well as how well you can think quickly. In your answer, you can discuss a product that you're very familiar with since you know the product well.

Example: 'One of the products that I regularly use in my daily life is this phone. To improve a product, I must first understand how this product is used, and how useful it is in my daily life. I use my phone primarily to make business calls. Next, I would assess the efficiency of the product, and if it's a good product that can be improved. In this case, my phone functions correctly, but I would adjust the screen size to make it easier to share and review files.'

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3. How would you come up with a product development strategy and communicate it?

The hiring manager may ask this question to assess your technical abilities. Being a product manager involves coming up with different strategies for various products, and interviewers usually check if you're able to think of a strategy for products. In your answer, you can discuss the strategy of a product that you have developed before.

Example: 'A product development strategy should include the current business situation, market demand, a competitor's analyst, technological capabilities of a product and its design and target market. To communicate it well, I will need to include certain factors in my strategies, such as the emerging market and technologies that can accommodate customers, business goals and how I plan to generate my revenue and the return on investment, factors that may affect the customer's budget and choice and a study on the current market's customer behaviour.'

4. How would you measure the success of a product?

The hiring manager may want to know if you understand your products and can assess them. In your answer, consider discussing what you know about the success of your product to show your knowledge of a product's success.

Example: 'The success of a product is measured on these factors, the product awareness, usage of the product, frequency of use, depth of product and efficiency of the product. It is important to check on the number of people who know about the product and how many people are using the product. Similarly, knowing how frequently the product is used can help me to measure the success of the product as well.

If used often, we can safely say that the product is successful at what it does. Features of the product will also be analysed to find out if it is being used well. Finally, the product is also analysed to find out if it is meeting the needs of the consumer.'

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5. What do you think makes a good product?

Interviewers may use this question to see if your vision fits with theirs. While everyone has a different definition of good design, your hiring manager may want to find out if your priorities align with theirs as a company. You can research more about the company's mission and values, and then discuss your views on a good product while aligning with the company's vision.

Example: 'Everyone has a different idea of what to defines a good product, but for me, a good product will be something easy for the customers to use. The product should also deliver on its promise to its users. Being able to set the product up also makes good design, since it makes life easier for the customers.'

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