35 Sales Rep Interview Questions (With Sample Answers)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 11 July 2022

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A sales representative sells products and services to customers based on their interests and needs. If you're interviewing for a sales representative role, a hiring manager may ask questions about your sales experience, communication skills and industry knowledge. Reviewing potential sales rep interview questions can help you prepare your answers to show that you're a qualified candidate. In this article, we list 35 sales rep interview questions and provide five sample answers to help you prepare for your interview.

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10 general sales rep interview questions

Interviewers may ask you some general sales rep interview questions to determine your interpersonal skills and interests. Here are 10 general interview questions:

  1. Why did you apply for this role?

  2. What communication methods do you prefer?

  3. What's your strongest skill?

  4. What's your favourite aspect of sales?

  5. Where do you see your career in five years?

  6. What interests do you have outside of work?

  7. What are your career goals?

  8. What communication and teamwork skills do you have?

  9. What type of work environment do you prefer?

  10. What experience do you have working on a team?

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10 questions about experience and background

It's important that interviewers ask questions about your sales experience and professional background to determine whether you're a good fit for the role. Here are 10 questions that relate to your work experience in sales:

  1. What experience do you have working in sales?

  2. Describe a challenge that you've faced while working in sales. How did you overcome it?

  3. In what industry do you have experience performing sales?

  4. Was there a time when you exceeded your sales quota?

  5. Can you give an example of when you closed an important sale?

  6. Describe a time when you didn't close a sale. What did you learn from the experience?

  7. Provide an example of when you were underperforming. How did you improve your sales performance?

  8. What sales software do you have experience using?

  9. What products and services do you have experience selling?

  10. When have you had a measurable impact on a company?


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10 in-depth sales rep interview questions

Interviewers ask in-depth sales interview questions to determine your skills, experience and knowledge of sales techniques. The following are 10 in-depth questions that a hiring manager may ask you:

  1. Why did you pursue a career in sales?

  2. Can you describe three sales strategies?

  3. How would you engage with a customer who isn't eager to purchase our products?

  4. How would you close a sale?

  5. How do you track your sales performance?

  6. How do you plan to develop your sales skills?

  7. What are your career goals in sales?

  8. How do you plan to stay up to date with new sales software and strategies?

  9. Can you describe the sales process from beginning to end?

  10. How would you train a new sales representative to deliver an excellent performance?

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5 interview questions with sample answers

Before your sales representative interview, it's important to prepare your answers. This ensures that you arrive at the interview with well-prepared, thoughtful and professional answers to demonstrate that you're an excellent candidate. The following are five interview questions with examples of answers to help you prepare your own:

1. What sales strategy do you prefer to use and why?

This question allows hiring managers to understand your knowledge and experience in sales. They may look for sales representatives who use successful strategies to make sales and connect with customers. In your answer, describe a sales strategy that you prefer to use. Describe the steps you take to recognise a customer's needs, engage with them and make the sale.

Example: 'The sales strategy that I prefer to use involves providing a demonstration of how to use a product. I believe that this allows consumers to see how a product can benefit them. They may also develop a better understanding of how to correctly use the product, which may encourage them to purchase it. In my last role as a technology sales representative, I often sent videos to consumers that demonstrated how to use a technology product. This encouraged them to buy the product, for they could understand the product's usability and benefits.'

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2. Can you describe the time when you closed your biggest sale?

This question allows you to demonstrate your success in your career. Interviewers may want to understand your success in closing sales so that they can determine how you may benefit their company. While answering, describe the details of when you closed your biggest sale. Mention the products or services you sold and explain how you completed the sale.

Example: ‘I previously worked as a software sales representative selling new software to enhance systems' performances. During this time, I worked with a tech client who wasn't sure if they wanted to purchase from us. I spoke with them for three hours to try to close the deal. When they put their manager on the phone, I mentioned some statistics regarding how our software products led to 20 testimonials from clients and redirected them to our website.

While I was on the phone, they read the testimonial aloud per my request. The manager noticed that my name was in the testimonial. I told them that they can always contact me if they encountered any issues while using the software. Because of my persistence and dedication to showing them the quality of our products, they decided to purchase them for their entire company.'

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3. What experience makes you a qualified sales rep?

Interviewers ask this question to understand your sales experience. In your answer, explain two or three key aspects of your success with your current employer and describe how you can contribute to the new company. Provide details about the sales duties you completed in your current or previous roles. This may include communicating with clients or closing sales.

Example: 'In my current position as a sales representative, I typically make 50 cold calls per day to prospective clients to determine their buying behaviours, interests and needs. I recently exceeded my target quota by closing a minimum of five sales per day. In this role, I also collaborate with the sales team to determine effective sales strategies, find new leads and retain existing customers. I plan to use my experience communicating with customers and working in a team to help your company maintain a high standard of customer assistance.'

4. How do you ensure that you meet your sales quota?

It's common for employers to provide sales representatives with a quota to meet within a certain day, week, month or sales quarter. Interviewers may want to know what steps you take to ensure that you meet your quota. This can help them understand whether you can fulfil the role. In your answer, mention two or three activities that you perform to ensure that you meet your sales quota.

Example: 'To ensure that I'm on track to meet my quota, I track each sale that I make and check in with my manager. I use sales software to record the time and date of each sale, the products I sold and the client's information. This helps me track each sale and check that I can meet my quota. I also message my manager once per day to ensure that our sales numbers align and that I'm not falling behind. I feel that these two activities help me to maintain my daily sales performance and ensure that I meet my quota.'

5. What are your long-term goals for your sales career?

Sales representatives may advance to a management role once they gain enough industry experience. Interviewers may ask this question to determine your motivation to advance your career and grow your sales skills. In your answer, describe your career goals and the steps you plan to take to achieve them.

Example: 'My long-term career goals involve securing a sales manager position. I would like to manage a sales team and encourage my team members to achieve their quotas, grow their skills and provide excellent customer service. I believe that working as a sales rep gives me the skills and knowledge to build my leadership and technical abilities. As a sales rep, I plan to look for leadership opportunities in which I can help my teammates enhance their performance. This can help me develop my management skills and prepare for a sales manager position.'

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