50 Teacher Interview Questions (With Sample Answers)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 14 September 2022

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If you're looking for a teaching role, it's vital to know about the different questions interviewers can use the evaluate your qualifications for the position. During an interview for a teaching job, the recruiter can ask general questions to know more about you and more in-depth questions to test your knowledge of the role's duties and responsibilities and teaching skills. Learning about the questions you can expect from the interviewer can help you prepare adequately and deliver a good impression.

In this article, we list 50 teacher interview questions employers can ask you and provide sample answers and tips to help you respond with confidence.

15 general teacher interview questions

Here are general teacher interview questions an interviewer may ask to get to know more about you and your motivations for applying to their role:

  1. How do you learn about the specific learning requirements of each student?

  2. Tell me about your teaching philosophy.

  3. Why are you interested in working for our school?

  4. Do you have experience teaching young students?

  5. How can you help our school achieve its goals?

  6. Describe how you're going to prepare for your first day as a teacher in our school.

  7. What are your core strengths as a teacher?

  8. What are your weaknesses and what steps are you taking to improve them?

  9. Can you design teaching aids to improve the learning environment?

  10. How do you make your class engaging?

  11. How do you evaluate students?

  12. How do you handle the parents of students?

  13. How do you keep students motivated to learn a difficult topic?

  14. How do you plan your day?

  15. What do you know about our school?

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15 questions about experience and background

Here are questions an interviewer can ask to know more about your teaching experience and educational background:

  1. What's your educational background?

  2. Do you have any specialised teacher training?

  3. Tell me about the strategies you use for classroom management.

  4. How do you enforce discipline in the classroom?

  5. Have you ever interacted with an angry parent? How did you manage the situation?

  6. Tell me how you plan your work day to ensure optimal productivity and efficiency.

  7. Do you have any experience creating lesson plans?

  8. Tell me about how you improve your knowledge as a teacher.

  9. What subject do you enjoy teaching most and why?

  10. What's your experience with students that bully other students?

  11. How do you manage your time to ensure you cover the entire syllabus before the end of the session?

  12. What's the average classroom size you can handle effectively?

  13. What are your objectives for the role?

  14. Do you have any experience coordinating PTA meetings?

  15. Besides teaching, do you have any administrative experience?

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15 in-depth questions

A recruiter can also ask you in-depth teacher interview questions to evaluate your ability to resolve problems you might encounter on the job. Examples of such questions include:

  1. How are you going to handle a student that's not making progress academically?

  2. Tell me about a time you collaborated with another member of the teaching staff to solve a problem.

  3. Tell me about a time your recommendation led to positive change in a school.

  4. Walk me through a typical lesson.

  5. How are you going to handle mass failure in your class?

  6. If students can't focus during a lesson, how do you get them engaged?

  7. Tell me about a time you made a difficult decision in the classroom.

  8. What was your worst experience as a teacher? What lessons did you learn from it?

  9. Tell me about a time you received harsh feedback regarding your work. What changes did you make to improve performance?

  10. Have you ever had an argument with a colleague or supervisor? What caused the argument and how did you resolve it?

  11. What are you learning currently?

  12. How do you manage stressful situations at work?

  13. Describe how you can use technology to improve the learning environment

  14. In what ways can technology affect students' learning abilities?

  15. Do you have questions for me?

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5 teacher interview questions and answers

Here are some interview questions and answers you can use as a guide:

1. What's the greatest challenge teachers face today?

This is a general question an interviewer can use to know whether you understand the demands of the teaching profession. Your answer is likely going to depend on your level of experience, so provide a unique response that demonstrates your knowledge and insights from working in the teaching profession.

Example: 'In my opinion, the biggest issue teachers face is managing their workload. They often have to mark homework or prepare lessons during weekday evenings and weekends. This can affect their work-life balance and cause them to feel stressed'.

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2. Why did you become a teacher?

This is a common question that interviewers can use to learn about your motivations for their role. This question allows you to demonstrate your passion for the job and also show your communication skills to the hiring manager. A good answer can combine your motivations for becoming a teacher with your commitment to helping students achieve high academic performance.

Example: 'I became a teacher because I love working with children and I enjoy teaching people new things. Besides, my parents used to be teachers before changing careers. I wanted to emulate them and also have a positive impact on the lives of the younger generation. I've been working as a teacher for the past five years, and I've had the opportunity to build a solid foundation for the children in my classes. This is an achievement that continues to give me joy as a teacher'.

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3. What unique skills can you bring to this role?

This question can help the interviewer know whether you read the instructions in the job ad regarding the specific skills they want for the role. Use the opportunity to show the recruiter you researched the job before applying. You can also mention other competencies that can set you apart from other candidates.

Example: 'I'm fluent in Mandarin, Malay, Thai and Punjabi. With the high number of expatriate children attending your school, I believe my language skills are going to be valuable for effective communication in the classroom. I also think my language proficiencies can improve teacher-parent relationships and make this school more attractive to the expat community'.

4. What are you doing to develop yourself professionally?

Teaching is a highly dynamic profession, and employers may want candidates committed to professional development. An interviewer can ask this question to learn about how you improve your skills as a teacher. Your response can also help them know whether you intend to work as a teacher in the long term. A suitable answer can explain the steps you're taking to grow professionally and your plans for the future.

Example: 'I'm currently taking a course on visual learning so that I can use audio-visual teaching aids to deliver lessons and make the classroom experience more engaging and immersive for students. I'm qualified to teach English as a second language and a friend teaches me how to speak Malay during the weekends. My plan for the future is to qualify for special needs education and become a language instructor. I believe these two credentials can improve my earning potential'.

5. What makes you unique?

An interviewer can use this question to test your creativity and communication skills. There's no definite answer for this question, so think about personal qualities that make you an ideal fit for the role.

Example: 'I have a degree in mathematics education, and that distinguishes me from other candidates. I'm also highly creative and enjoy devising new ways to teach lessons'.

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