Common Technical Interview Questions (Including Examples)

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Updated 22 January 2023

Published 13 December 2021

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If you're interested in a career in the technical industry, it may be helpful to prepare for a technical interview. Interviews for a tech company may differ from usual job interviews because the hiring managers may ask you situational, behavioural and problem-solving questions to test your knowledge and technical capability.

Knowing what kind of technical interview questions interviewers may ask you during an interview can help you prepare your answers with thought to present your experience and skills to the company. In this article, we explore common technical interview questions and provide tips and example answers for them.

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What is a technical interview?

A technical interview refers to a job interview for any job role or position in the tech industry. These positions may include those like information technology, technical support, technical analysts or software developers. Most technical interviews usually take place physically in person, but in recent times, many of them may switch to online interviews over video calls. Tech interviews may also comprise traditional interview questions, problem-solving questions, technical proficiency tests or personality assessments.

During the technical interview, the hiring manager or interviewer may test your technical knowledge, skills and abilities related to what you may require doing in the job role you're applying for. Along with testing your technical skills and knowledge, the hiring manager and interview may also want to find out how you solve problems during test situations and what your thought process is when solving these issues. Some interviewers may also want to know more about your personality to see if you fit into the company's culture and environment.


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Common technical interview questions

When you attend a technical interview, some common technical interview questions may include:

General interview questions

Interviewers usually begin most technical interviews with general interview questions to find out more about your personality and character. These questions can be to assess if you're able to fit into the company culture. Before your interview with any tech company, it's best to conduct some research about the company and its culture to find out what the company is like and what they may look for in an employee. That way, you can tailor your answers accordingly. Here are some common general interview questions an interviewer may ask you during a technical interview:

  • Tell me about yourself.

  • Why do you want to work for our company?

  • What were your roles and responsibilities in your previous company?

  • Do you usually work alone or within a team?

  • What is one project you're proud of? Tell us about how you contributed to it.

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Interview questions about your educational experience

When a hiring manager asks you questions about your education and what you've learnt in school, they may want to find out more about what kind of technical education and training you have and how you can apply that knowledge to the role you're interviewing for. If an interviewer asks you this question, you can mention any training, coursework or special mentions or certifications you have. You can also include any accomplishments you have that apply to the role you're applying for. Here are some interview questions that interviewers may ask you regarding your education:

  • What is your major in school, and how can you apply it to this position?

  • How do you think your education has prepared you for this role?

  • What kind of technical certifications do you have?

  • How do you improve yourself and stay up-to-date with the knowledge you've got from your technical certifications?


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Situational interview questions

After asking about your educational experience, the hiring manager may start to give you some hypothetical situations and scenarios to find out how you can solve the issue or respond to the scenario. Interviewers usually ask you these questions to find out how well you can adapt and respond to challenges in the workplace. To answer these questions, you can use the STAR technique and apply them to similar situations and issues you've experienced in your previous roles. Some common situational interview questions may include:

  • Have you ever had to perform a technical task but didn't know how to solve it? How did you resolve it?

  • Is there a time when you excelled in a certain task and gave your employer more than what they asked for?

  • Have you ever had to work with a colleague that wouldn't cooperate with you on a team project? How did you deal with it?

  • Tell me about the biggest challenge you've faced in your previous jobs.

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Interview questions about your technical experience and knowledge

After finding out about your character, personality, education and how you may respond to different situations in a company, a hiring manager usually moves on to asking you more questions about your technical skills, knowledge and experience. Interviewers usually ask you such questions to find out more about your depth of knowledge on technical projects on which the company may work. It's important to show your strengths in communicating complicated technical concepts in clear and concise ways. Technical questions can vary based on what the role requires. Here are some common technical questions interviewers may ask:

  • What kind of coding languages do you know and work with?

  • When is an appropriate time to denormalise any database design?

  • What is a SAN and how do you use it?

  • What is clickjacking?

  • What are some differences between null and undefined?

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Sample interview questions with example answers

When preparing for an interview, it's always important to prepare beforehand so you may know what to expect. Here are some sample interview questions with example answers you can refer to when preparing for a technical interview:

Why do you want to work for this company?

Interviewers usually ask you this question to find out how much knowledge you have about the company and your interests in it. This question can also help interviewers assess your behaviour to see if you would fit in the company well. To answer this question, always do ample research beforehand and bring up any technical skills you know the company may expect.

Example: 'I'm interested in joining XtoZ company due to all the interesting projects they create for consumers while keeping up with the latest tech trends and designs. I've always wanted to work as a programmer for XtoZ company since I'm interested in the products the company has. I also feel that my skills can help me grow in this field and I can contribute to the company while developing myself further.'

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What is a challenging or exciting project you've worked on in your previous jobs or personally?

Showcasing your work can be a good way to excel in any technical interview. Interviewers may want to see your creativity and innovation and what you're passionate about. To answer this question, you can bring up a project you're passionate about and proud of and explain your processes.

Example: 'I have a passion for video games and play them often, especially in 8-bit and pixel games. One of my personal projects is developing a C++ emulator for a game, so I can practise my skills in these old but gold games while working on my technical skills. At the same time, this helps me apply my C++ skills and knowledge to personal use while improving on them for professional projects.'

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What advantages does JavaScript have?

Interviewers may ask you technical questions like this to truly access your knowledge in the technology sector. These questions may also be for interviewers to find out if you have the technical skills the company is looking for in their projects. To prepare for these questions, you can go through your technical skills and knowledge and make sure you know them inside out.

Example: 'JavaScript is a programming language that I work with often in my previous roles. In my experience with JavaScript, I feel that there are many advantages to this programming language. First, it requires less server interaction and you can validate any user input before sending the page into the server, which means less load on your server. Second, you don't require waiting for your page to reload with JavaScript since it gives you immediate feedback, helping you save time. Last, JavaScript is very interactive, helping you create interfaces that can react with users and making it more engaging.'

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