What To Wear for a Video Interview (With 12 Helpful Tips)

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Updated 29 September 2022

Published 4 October 2021

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An interview is often the first impression that employers have of you, so it's important to wear an outfit that displays your professionalism. Wearing the proper business attire for a video interview may help you feel well-prepared and confident. Learning what to wear for a video interview may help you demonstrate to hiring managers that you're a qualified candidate for the position. In this article, we discuss the proper attire to wear for a video interview and provide a list of tips to help you choose a professional and neat outfit.

What to wear for a video interview

When preparing for a video interview, it's important to decide on an outfit that displays professionalism. You can use your outfit as a way of showing that you put thought into the interview and prepared beforehand. You may also demonstrate your close attention to detail and motivation to secure the position. Treat the video interview like it's a standard job interview. It's best to wear an outfit in a video interview that you can also wear in an in-person interview.

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What is a video interview?

A video interview is a job interview that the hiring manager conducts using a videoconferencing platform. This type of interview allows a candidate and interviewer to meet virtually, rather than meeting in person to discuss a position. You may participate in a video interview for a remote position or an in-person position, depending on the employer's interviewing preferences and protocols. Hiring managers may ask you about your experience, skills and qualifications to better understand your background and determine if you're a good fit for a position.

In a video interview, both parties use webcams that allow for visual communication. Since hiring managers can see you throughout the interview, it's important to dress in a professional manner.

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Types of clothing to wear to your video interview

Research the company culture to determine the type of clothing that you can wear to the interview. If the company has a relaxed dress code, then you may choose from the following items:

  • Khaki slacks

  • Cotton slacks

  • Polo shirts

  • Knee-length skirts

  • Neutral tops

If the work environment uses a more formal dress code, then consider choosing from the following types of clothing:

  • Dress slacks

  • Button-down tops

  • Knee-length dresses

  • Ties

  • Formal suit

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12 tips for choosing what to wear

Here are some tips to help you decide what to wear for your interview:

1. Use the proper camera angle

It's important to use the proper camera angle when setting up your video interview. Using the right angle causes interviewers to see your head, neck and upper chest, which typically allows them to see the top part of your shirt. Be sure to set up your webcam or camera so that it's eye-level with you, which makes appear like you and the interviewer are communicating face to face.

Since the interviewer can only see your shirt, you can decide if you want to wear professional pants or not. Some candidates may choose to wear casual pants, like jeans or sweatpants, to feel more comfortable. Wearing formal pants may help you feel more professional and confident during the interview.

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2. Prepare the night before

Prepare your outfit the night before your interview. This can ensure that you have a sufficient amount of time to decide on an outfit that works best for you. It may also lower the amount of stress that you feel on the day of the interview.

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3. Pick something that you're comfortable in

In order to feel more relaxed during your interview, be sure to decide on an outfit that you feel comfortable in. Try on the outfit before your interview, and try sitting down in it to ensure that it fits properly. Wearing an outfit that you're comfortable in may help boost your confidence, which the hiring manager may notice.

4. Avoid distracting colours

Try to avoid choosing an outfit that contains distracting colours. This may include vibrant colours or distracting patterns. It's important that the key focus of the interview is about your qualifications, along with learning about the position's duties and requirements. Wearing neutral patterns or colours may promote focus from interviewers on your strengths as a candidate rather than your outfit.

5. Limit jewellery or accessories

It's important to limit the amount of jewellery or accessories that you wear for your video interview. Some examples of accessories include earrings, hats and necklaces. Sparkly or vibrant accessories may reflect light into the camera, which can cause a glare that can make it challenging for the interviewer to see you in the video. Try wearing subtle accessories to limit distractions during your interview.

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6. Choose basic clothing

It's best to choose basic clothing, rather than choosing an outfit with an image or saying on it. Try deciding on something that has one to two colours, and doesn't contain graphics, like a message or picture. Choosing a neutral outfit can help the interviewer better focus on your answers, rather than reading a saying on your shirt or looking at a picture on your jacket.

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7. Ensure that your clothes are well-maintained

Be sure to choose clothing that is well-maintained for your interview. This includes clothing that is clean or free from wrinkles or stains. This can help you appear organised and shows that you take good care of your items. Be sure to take the proper actions to maintain your clothes before the interview, which may include washing, ironing or steaming your clothing.

8. Keep your background in mind

It's important to keep your background in mind when deciding on your outfit for the video interview. If you wear an outfit that contains colours similar to your background's colours, you may blend into your background, which can make it harder for interviewers to identify you.

This can also make it challenging if the quality of the video is lower, which can make the screen blurry. It's important to wear colours that are different from your background colour. If you do have an outfit on that is similar to your background's colours, try moving your computer or conducting the interview from a different room or setting.

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9. Record yourself beforehand

Before starting your video interview, try recording yourself beforehand to see how your outfit looks, and to ensure that it doesn't blend in with your background. You may record yourself using the camera feature on your phone or the webcam feature on your computer. If you notice that your outfit has an issue, like it doesn't appear professional enough or it's too vibrant on camera, then you can modify it to fix any problems.

It's common for interviewers to request that you perform a test run before starting the interview to ensure that your webcam and microphone work properly. You can use the test run to ensure that your outfit looks clean and professional.

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10. Ask for feedback

Consider asking for feedback from your friends or family on the outfit that you picked out. Ask them if the outfit appears professional, and get their opinion of parts of the outfit that may be too distracting or vibrant. After receiving their feedback, you can modify your outfit according to their comments. For example, if a friend tells you that your outfit has too many distracting designs, then you can decide on an outfit that has more neutral patterns.

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11. Communicate with other professionals about business attire

Consider communicating with other professionals in your field to understand the business attire that they wear during interviews. This can expand your ideas for interview apparel and help you identify specific clothing or business attire that meets your needs and fit your style. Try reaching out to individuals within your network to discuss business attire.

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12. Choose several options

It may be helpful to choose several options when deciding what to wear for your video interview. It's best to have numerous clothing choices to choose from so that you don't feel limited when picking your outfit. You can narrow your choices depending on professionalism and comfortability. Once you have several outfits picked out, choose the one that works best for you.

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