Interview Question: "Why Do You Want to Work Here?"

July 30, 2021

When interviewing for a job, your interviewer may ask why you're interested in their company over their competitors. They can phrase this question in a few different ways, but the point of these questions is to determine if you stay informed of developments in the industry and if your values align with those of the company. You can prepare beforehand to ensure you deliver a powerful answer. In this article, we discuss how to answer "why do you want to work here," and give 10 examples of potential answers.

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How to answer "Why do you want to work here?"

Here are some steps that you can follow to answer the interview question, "Why do you want to work here?":

1. Research the company website

Your interviewer may ask why you want to work at their company to see how much you know about their industry or their company. Being informed about the company shows that you pay attention to detail and gives you a chance to identify with the company's core values. When preparing for the interview, you can research the company website to showcase these attributes as a candidate. Usually, you can find important information about a company on its website, including its history, brand story, range of products and company mission.

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2. Review the social media accounts and product reviews

For additional information about the company, you can research its social media or common websites that provide employee feedback about companies. These sites can show you what the company culture is like from an objective source. Company culture can be a benefit of working for a company that may influence your desire to work there.

You can also read product reviews to understand what the company's reputation is within the industry. If it has a strong product or provides a service that you believe in, that's a reason to work for the company.

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3. Study the job description

You may also want to tailor your answer to your specific position. If the job is prestigious, or if you are excited about specific responsibilities within the job description, you can use those aspects of the description as reasons you're excited to work for the interviewer's company. The job posting can also reveal important information that you can use as reasons you want to join your prospective employer.

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4. Make a list of your favourite things about the position

Once you've done your research, you can use the information you've found to compile a list of things that excite you about the position. Focus on ways that this position could further your career goals. Preparing a list beforehand can give you an easy reference when this question comes up in an interview.

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5. Relate to your core values

In addition to your career goals, you can also relate aspects of the company's brand story and stated purpose to your own personal values. You can present yourself as aligned with the culture of the company to appear better suited as a candidate. To find out what your core values are, think about the following questions:

  • What kind of work culture do you want to work in?
  • What qualities are important to you in a business relationship?
  • What qualities do you look for in a role model?
  • What motivates you?

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Example answers for "Why do you want to work here?"

Here are some examples of answers you can give for this interview question:

Example 1

"I know from doing some research that this company is going through a period of growth, which is very exciting to me because that means there may be opportunities to work on projects I wouldn't have been able to otherwise. That experience can help me learn more about the industry. I saw that one of your core values is perseverance, and I identify with that value because I believe in working through problems and addressing them directly, as opposed to a more hierarchical structure."

Example 2

"When I saw this job posting, I was excited because I've used this product for years, and I love the consistency and quality that this brand has brought to the industry. The most recent campaign that promoted different beauty standards for women really inspired me because diversity in the beauty industry is something that I'm passionate about. As a fan of the makeup brand, the job posting intrigued me and I find that this description falls in line with my career goals, because I'm looking to take on more responsibilities in leadership roles, and this is a managerial position."

Example 3

"I've seen your company consistently listed as one of the most collaborative and enjoyable software companies to work at. I wanted to do some research to understand the company culture, and your employee testimonials were positive and encouraging. It's important to me to work for a company that has a positive environment because I want to build my career at a company that I can be happy working with long term, and I believe a positive environment can provide the support and space for innovation that I'm looking for."

Example 4

"A friend of mine who works in your accounting department recommended me for the position because they thought the position lined up with my skill set, and when I saw the job description, I agreed. I wanted to apply because my friend has told me how much they enjoy the collaborative structure of the company and its departments. I know that she has also taken part in the company's continuing education opportunities, which have helped her improve her skills and learn more about the industry. When I heard about the support and growth opportunities that she was experiencing at your company, it inspired me to apply."

Example 5

"The reputation this company has for innovation is unparalleled. Throughout my career, I've followed the work of your team because you're consistently producing industry-leading ideas. This team has been an inspiration in my work, so it was a straightforward decision for me to apply to your team. I've enjoyed learning and growing at other companies in the industries, but I believe that to be at your company is to be in a place of leadership in the industry and to be involved in the newest and most impactful products."

Example 6

"My previous experience is with design agencies, but I want to grow into a creative direction role, which had widened my job search when I came across your company website. On your website, I saw your values of learning, boldness and accountability aligned with my personal values. I feel that this company can appreciate the boldness that it takes to make a career shift and create space for learning when taking on new tasks and growing in your position. I also believe that accountability is necessary for growth. These values showed me this company supports career growth."

Example 7

"I'm passionate about giving back to the community, and I'm always looking for companies that share my values. I found your company as a consumer through advertising of your company's mission, and I've been a fan of your brand since. As someone who has experience working with the one-to-one donation business model, I also know your company is an innovator in that business model. My professional goals and my personal values align with the work that this team is producing. I know that working in this team would give me the experience I couldn't get anywhere else."

Example 8

"Since I was in school for lighting and set design, I've admired this director's work. I saw one of her productions two years ago, and the fresh perspective of the set design reinvigorated the show and inspired me. Since then, it has been my dream to work with her. When I saw she was working on this project and was looking for a lighting specialist, I had to apply. I know the production is going to be incredible because it has so much potential, and I would love the opportunity to be a part of the team executing the director's vision."

Example 9

"I read an article written by your CEO emphasising the importance of respect in the workplace, and it really resonated with me. I work best in a collaborative environment with direct feedback and open channels of communication. Some sales teams prioritise individual sales and competition over teamwork, so it's refreshing to read your CEO's opinion on how to foster team relationships to increase sales. This insight into your company culture inspired me to reach out to you about the sales position. I believe I'm a good fit for your sales department."

Example 10

"I follow your social media accounts and I really connected with the visual style your brand has adopted. As a web designer, I'm interested in how to incorporate those design elements into a larger project and across different interfaces. The brand's visual style was inspiring and fresh, which showed me that your team is talented and that there was a creative environment that was producing exciting assets. My ideal work environment inspires passion in the work and facilitates innovation. That's why I was excited about the opportunity to join the team on this project."


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