10 Zoom Interview Tips (Plus Extra Advice For Employers)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated 1 November 2022 | Published 27 September 2021

Updated 1 November 2022

Published 27 September 2021

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Virtual job interviews are quickly gaining in popularity, and are especially useful when the interview is for a remote position. Understanding how to manoeuvre this video conferencing software can greatly benefit you. In this article, we explain what a Zoom interview is and provide you with 10 Zoom interview tips.

What is a Zoom interview?

Zoom is an online video conferencing software that companies and private individuals can use for virtual communication. A Zoom interview is essentially a video call that takes place on Zoom, which will serve as a virtual job interview.

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10 Zoom interview tips

These tips will help you have a successful Zoom interview:

1. Follow virtual social etiquette

Even though you're facing a computer, try to maintain the social niceties you would perform when meeting someone in person. Remember to smile and introduce yourself before jumping into the interview.

Keep in mind that communicating virtually is slightly different because many subtle gestures don't translate well on camera. Because context is harder to understand over Zoom, be sure to choose your words carefully and keep your jokes to a minimum so you can avoid awkward misinterpretations.

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2. Dress professionally

It's important to present yourself professionally even though your interview is happening virtually. Appropriate clothing options include blazers, formal shirts, modest dresses and suits. When choosing your outfit, it's important to consider colours and patterns that would present well on camera. Avoid wearing stripes, colours that match your background and loud patterns.

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3. Consider your background

Having a background that's tidy and clean implies professionalism and attention to detail. Set your camera up by a blank wall, or somewhere with a few appropriate decorations. You can also use a virtual background to conceal the room you're in, but do remember to test it out before your interview to ensure that it works properly.

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4. Use a computer

Though Zoom works on most smartphones, it is usually better to use a computer or laptop for your interview. Whichever device you choose to use, be sure to lay it on a flat surface so the camera doesn't shake during your interview.

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5. Remove distractions

During your interview, turn off your phone or put it on silent mode so that no calls or notifications distract you. Do the same on your computer and close anything that might distract you, such as any social media sites. Use the full-screen setting during your interview so that your interviewer is the only thing visible on your screen.

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6. Test your connection

Before your interview begins, make sure that you have a strong and reliable internet connection. Invite a friend to video chat with you on Zoom beforehand so you have a chance to make sure everything works.

7. Find a quiet environment

It's important to choose a quiet area for your Zoom interview. You should also use noise-cancelling headphones or earphones with a built-in microphone, so you can both hear and be heard more clearly.

8. Pay attention to your facial expressions

Because only your head can be seen in a virtual interview, it's important to pay closer attention to your facial expressions and keep them as professional as possible. When your interviewer is speaking, be sure to maintain a good amount of eye contact (by looking directly at your screen) and avoid looking away. You can also show that you're actively listening by nodding and smiling.

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9. Ensure your software and hardware function well

Make sure your Zoom software is updated to the newest edition so you don't fall victim to software bugs. Likewise, ensure that all the devices you are using are fully charged. If possible, have your transmitting device plugged into a power source throughout the entire interview, as Zoom is a very battery-consuming software to run.

10. Use Zoom's tools appropriately

Zoom comes with several helpful tools like muting, screen sharing and video recording. You can use the mute button on your device when the other person is talking for an extended period so that noises on your end don't transmit to their device.

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Zoom interview tips for hiring managers

Here are a few tips for hiring managers and recruiters:

Schedule separate meeting rooms

You're likely interviewing more than one candidate, so be sure to set up separate meeting rooms for each individual. This means that every person has a unique access code they can use to gain entry, which prevents candidates from accidentally entering another person's interview because they're invited to the same online meeting room.

Provide instructions

It's important to remember that the candidate you're interviewing might not be familiar with Zoom, so provide detailed instructions on how to access the platform and meeting room. Email your candidates all the relevant links they will need, as well as a backup phone number or email address they can use to contact you in case they run into problems. Send the relevant information at least three business days before the interview to allow the candidate time to prepare.

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