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Updated 9 November 2022

During the interview process, hiring managers often ask what your desired pay is. Providing a guide like a salary range that matches the position you're applying for can show the hiring manager you've done your research and improve your chances of being compensated fairly. If you're looking for a new job or preparing to negotiate your salary, you may be interested in learning what a good salary is. In this article, we explore what a good salary is in Singapore, answer some frequently asked questions about income and list a variety of high-paying jobs in different industries.

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Salary guide for Singapore: What's a good salary in Singapore?

For a comprehensive view of the salary guide for Singapore, you can start by looking at the median gross monthly income for full-time employees. That's at $4,535, according to the Ministry of Manpower. This includes Central Provident Funds (CPF) contributions from both the employer and the employee. Your salary may vary based on the industry you work in, your job title and your skill set. Your education level, certifications and other qualifications may also impact how much you earn.

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What is gross monthly income?

Gross monthly income refers to your basic monthly salary before employee CPF contributions and personal income taxes are deducted. Also known as your gross monthly salary, it includes additional wages you may earn throughout the month. Examples include overtime pay, bonuses, tips, commissions and other allowances you're entitled to under your contract of service.

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What's the difference between gross salary and median salary?

Your gross monthly salary is the amount of money you earn for one month of work. However, the median monthly salary uses data from every individual who has the same occupation by listing their salaries from lowest to highest and selecting the salary that falls in the middle to represent how much these professionals typically earn. This means that half the people with the same job title earn less than the median monthly salary and half of them earn more.

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Is there a minimum wage in Singapore?

There's not a minimum wage, but the Ministry of Manpower provides support for low-wage workers through a programme called Workfare. To be eligible to receive support through Workfare, you must be a Singapore citizen. You also must be at least 35 years old and have a gross monthly income that's less than $2,300.

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Jobs in finance and accounting

Here are a few jobs in the finance and accounting industry you may be interested in:

1. Accounts receivable manager

Average base salary: $96,158 per year

Job duties: An accounts receivable manager collects payments from clients or customers for the company they work for. They also oversee the accounts receivable department and other financial staff within the organisation. Accounts receivable managers manage financial transactions, conduct credit checks and develop financial forecasts.

2. Director of finance

Average base salary: $161,538 per year

Job duties: A director of finance oversees all of a company's financial activities. They develop budgets for each department, set goals to improve revenue margins and analyse market trends. A director of finance may also mitigate investment risks and oversee financial audits.

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3. Chief financial officer

Average base salary: $162,140 per year

Job duties: A chief financial officer (CFO) manages financial managers within the company and oversees the financial actions of an entire organisation. They are responsible for assessing financial risks and developing accurate financial reports. A CFO also works with other finance team members to develop budgets and forecast finances.

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Jobs in technology

Here are a few jobs in the technology industry you may be interested in:

1. Data analyst

Average base salary: $70,208 per year

Job duties: A data analyst gathers and analyses data to identify patterns and inconsistencies. They use this information to develop reports that help business leaders make smart decisions. Data analysts often use software programs and computer applications to process large amounts of data quickly.

2. IT security specialist

Average base salary: $84,461 per year

Job duties: IT security specialists implement new systems and protocols to protect a company's data from hackers, spammers and industrial espionage. They may train other staff members to handle data properly and manage files. IT security specialists also perform routine maintenance and grant users access to the company's network according to their job role.

3. IT project manager

Average base salary: $91,465 per year

Job duties: An IT project manager oversees teams and develops strategic plans for projects. They are in charge of developing budgets and allocating resources for multiple teams. IT project managers may also assess each phase of a project, track key performance indicators and create a schedule to ensure their team meets deadlines.

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Jobs in healthcare

Here are a few jobs in the healthcare industry you may be interested in:

1. Nurse manager

Average base salary: $84,552 per year

Job duties: A nurse manager oversees a nursing unit. They work with other nurses and managers on their team to implement new protocols that can improve patient care. They may also hire and train nurses, create shift schedules and enforce compliance with regulatory standards.

2. Dentist

Average base salary: $96,362 per year

Job duties: A dentist is a medical professional who cares for patients' teeth. They work with other dental professionals to diagnose and treat oral diseases and recommend oral hygiene regimes. Dentists can also perform surgical procedures, such as extractions and root canal work.

3. Physician

Average base salary: $104,978 per year

Job duties: Physicians care for the overall health of their patients. They diagnose diseases and injuries, develop treatment plans and discuss potential health concerns. Physicians work with a team of medical professionals, including family and general practitioners, anaesthesiologists, nurses and surgeons.

Jobs in sales and marketing

Here are a few jobs in the sales and marketing industry:

1. Sales manager

Average base salary: $72,747 per year

Job duties: A sales manager is responsible for selling products or services for an organisation. They hire and train team members to help the organisation reach its sales goals and improve its revenue margins. Sales managers may travel to meet with customers, dealers and distributors depending on the company they work for.

2. Director of marketing

Average base salary: $145,649 per year

Job duties: A director of marketing oversees an organisation's marketing team and develops marketing strategies to meet the company's goals. They may host promotional events, trade shows and company conferences to help build brand awareness. A director of marketing also maintains budgets, allocates resources, conducts market research and tracks the progress of each advertising campaign.

3. Commercial director

Average base salary: $197,046 per year

Job duties: A commercial director oversees the performance and growth of the company they work for. They use their knowledge of industry trends and the economy to develop strategic suggestions for leaders within the company. Commercial directors also collaborate with the marketing, sales and customer service teams to manage client relationships and attract new customers.

Jobs in business and human resources

Here are a few jobs in the business and human resources industry:

1. Human resources manager

Average base salary: $73,772 per year

Job duties: A human resources manager is in charge of an employer's entire hiring process. They also ensure the company they work for follows all the regulatory policies regarding their workforce. Human resource managers may help train new employees, oversee wages and maintain employee relations.

2. Business development manager

Average base salary: $74,713 per year

Job duties: A business development manager implements different strategies to help a company achieve its goals. They evaluate market opportunities, plan new marketing initiatives and research customer trends. Business development managers may also train sales team members and manage the organisation's finances.

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3. Recruitment manager

Average base salary: $89,466 per year

Job duties: A recruitment manager oversees a company's hiring process. They develop marketing and recruitment campaigns that attract top talent, interview candidates and train new hires. Recruitment managers may also implement policies that increase employee diversity and improve employee retention.

Jobs in manufacturing

Here are a few jobs in manufacturing you may be interested in:

1. Supply chain manager

Average base salary: $71,441 per year

Job duties: A supply chain manager is responsible for overseeing every phase of production. They track their team's progress to ensure each product is made correctly and on time. Supply chain managers also manage the import of raw materials and the shipment of products.

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2. Operations manager

Average base salary: $78,332 per year

Job duties: An operations manager oversees all the operations and productions within an organisation. They make strategic decisions that improve the hiring process, productivity and work culture of the company they work for. An operations manager often acts as a liaison between a company's workforce and its managers.

3. Engineering manager

Average base salary: $119,679 per year

Job duties: An engineering manager directs, plans and coordinates each phase of an engineering project. They supervise teams of technicians, scientists and other engineers and communicate with management to share the progress of each project. Engineering managers also develop budgets, create timelines, delegate tasks and allocate resources to ensure each team has everything they require to be successful.

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Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Please note that none of the companies, institutions or organisations mentioned in this article are affiliated with Indeed.

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