12 Account Manager Resume Objective Examples (With How-to)

Updated 14 January 2023

When searching for a new job as an account manager, it's helpful to include a resume objective to highlight your qualifications. This serves as a summary of why a company would find it beneficial to hire you. Learning how to write an effective objective may help you experience a more successful job search. In this article, we discuss what an account manager resume objective is, show how to write one in five steps and list 12 examples you can use as a reference.

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What is an account manager resume objective?

An account manager resume objective is a one- to two-sentence summary that describes your professional goals, experience and interest in an open job position. Objectives are typically placed at the beginning of the resume and offer hiring managers insight into who you are as a candidate and what you're looking for in the position. Your objective can be a great place to highlight previous management experience, encouraging a prospective employer to continue learning about your experience and qualifications.

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How to write a resume objective for an account manager role

Here are five steps for writing a successful resume objective for an account manager position:

1. Refer to the job description

Job descriptions contain important information about what employers are looking for in a candidate. This can make them effective guides for writing your resume objective. Identify keywords, like personality traits or goals. For example, the employer might want a creative candidate who has previous management experience, or who knows how to handle specific types of accounts. By recognising what a company requires, you can frame yourself as the ideal candidate.

Using the language you see in the job description offers an added benefit. Most companies post their job openings online and use scanning software to sort through applications. The scanning software uses the employer's set criteria to filter resumes. For example, the employer might specify that they only want resumes from candidates with three years of management experience. As the information they look for is often in the job description, you can increase your chances of meeting the scanning software's set criteria by using it to write your objective.

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2. Outline your ideas

With the job description as a guide, determine where your experience, goals and personality align with the company you desire to work for. Try to identify the specific attributes you think they may seek from a candidate. Being thoughtful in your objective can help you design a statement that resonates with employers and makes them excited to read more.

When writing your objective, it's also helpful to include the name of the company and the role you're applying for. This can help you keep track of your objectives and applications if you're conducting a sizeable job search. The hiring managers might also appreciate this, especially if they have several open positions.

3. Condense your ideas

Try to keep your resume objective under three sentences. You can expand on your content and experience descriptions later in your resume. Focus on creating a clear, concise summary of what you offer and what you want from the role. Make the objective attention-grabbing and relevant, so that a prospective employer who's reviewing many resumes notices yours above the others. This can also encourage the hiring manager to read the rest of your document.

Try to keep your resume restricted to about a page. Condensing your objective allows you to make room for your other content. For example, you might eliminate the third sentence of your objective to contain your resume's length to a page.

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4. List what you can offer

Sharing your career goals and what a position can do for you is helpful to hiring managers, but it's also crucial to share what you can offer a company. This can include listing your skills, years of experience, or how you plan to help a company achieve its goals. To learn more about the company, aside from what you've learned about them in the job description, visit their website. There, you can learn more about its goals, missions and achievements. This is how you can relate your talents to helping with its goals.

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5. Edit the objective for clarity, spelling and grammar

When you're finished with your two-to-three-sentence summary, edit it to ensure it's easy to understand and free from any grammatical or spelling errors. Consider returning to your resume objective at a later time, so you can review it from a different perspective. You can also ask a friend or someone you trust to help revise your objective. They can confirm if your writing is clear and easily understood.

Account manager resume objective examples

Here are 12 example resume objectives for an account manager role:

  1. Experienced account manager with a strong work ethic and excellent communication skills seeks employment opportunity at Grow Financial Partners. Bringing seven years of experience to help the company create and maintain more long-term partner relationships.

  2. Seeking career opportunity at Graybelle Relocation to use three years' experience and passion for creating customer satisfaction in an account management role. Willing to learn the new computer software required for this position.

  3. Eager candidate with five years of experience seeks account management opportunity at The Haver Group. Looking for a job that offers growth, customer-facing responsibilities and diverse marketing-focused assignments.

  4. Passionate and driven individual with two years of experience seeking the account manager role at The Mitt Company to help improve communication throughout the organisation. With a bachelor's degree in business administration and highly skilled in negotiating and strategic thinking. Background in leadership skills as a former retail manager.

  5. Recent graduate with a bachelor's degree in sales and three years of customer service experience. Looking to develop my skills further as an account manager at Trust Agency and improve the work process of the company.

  6. Flexible professional with 10 years of experience seeking the position of account manager at The Central Agency Company with a master's degree in business. Looking to bring my strong technical and analytical skills to help the sales team identify new business opportunities and further expand the company.

  7. Dedicated and self-motivated individual seeking looking to earn the role of account manager at Day Miller Corporations to help expand its sales team and increase revenue. Experienced in this role with six years of experience, a bachelor's degree in sales and several certifications. Strong communication and negotiation skills with the ability to lead a team.

  8. Seeking account manager position at The Executive Agency with a passion for leading individuals and strong listening and interpersonal communication skills. With a master's degree in business administration and an account manager certification, I can help to grow the company's success and reputation.

  9. Business-oriented recent graduate with a bachelor's degree in operation management seeking a role as an account manager at Denny Mae Company. Fast learner and passionate about this industry, looking to develop my communication and technical skills further in this role to enhance customer and partner relationships.

  10. Experienced junior account executive looking to move my career forward and earn an account manager position at ADM Corporation. With a bachelor's degree in business and pursuing my master's degree in sales, I'm passionate about increasing my skills and leading the company to higher success with my analytical and problem-solver skills.

  11. Experienced account manager with 20 years of experience seeking the account manager role at Plant and Company. Bringing a master's degree in business, account manager certifications and strong leadership skills. Looking to help the team meet its sales target goals and increase the company's revenue.

  12. Highly organised and numbers-driven professional with four years of experience as an assistant account manager. Seeking the account manager role at Company Consult to improve my skills and help the company achieve its sales goals.

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