How to Write an Assistant Manager Resume Objective

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Published 10 June 2022

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If you're applying for the position of an assistant manager, it's important to craft a resume objective as the first section of your resume. Your resume objective summarises your key skills, experience and accomplishments that relate to the role. Learning how to craft a resume objective can help you to attract hiring managers and encourage them to find out more about you by reading the rest of your resume. In this article, we define what an assistant manager's resume objective is, discuss the steps to write one and provide samples to guide you.

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What is an assistant manager resume objective?

If you're crafting a resume for an assistant manager position, you might wonder what an assistant manager resume objective is. It's a one to four sentence-long statement below your contact information that highlights your strengths, skills and career goals. This statement demonstrates why you're an ideal candidate for the position and tells hiring managers what they can expect.

It can also include details like your current job title, reasons you're applying for the job and prior management or leadership experience. You can talk about how you can help the organisation meet their goals. This section is useful for professionals who are switching career paths, returning to the workforce after some time away or applying for their first jobs. It gives hiring managers an overview of what you can offer to the organisation and indicates if your career goals align with the organisational goals.

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How to write an assistant manager resume objective

Here are the six steps you can follow to craft your resume objective:

1. Write your resume

Before you start writing your resume objective, it can be helpful to craft your resume first. This enables you to compare the job description with your resume and highlight details that enhance your application. Focus on your strengths and work experiences and identify how they fit with the job responsibilities. Take note if the position requires some work experience or a specific skill set. You can consider including your years of experience and accomplishments. Use data and numbers to quantify your achievements and make your resume objective more attractive.

2. Review the job posting

Review job postings to understand the specific requirements of the position. You can highlight the duties, skills and qualifications each position requires. Reading the job post also enables you to understand the job duties and relate them to your work experiences. Take note of the language and style of the job post and incorporate it into your own resume so that hiring managers can easily identify how your skills match the job description to increase your chances of getting an interview.

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3. State the position that you're applying for

If you're applying for different jobs, ensure that you customise your resume objective by stating the exact position and company name for each application. This showcases your sincerity and dedication to the job application. It also shows hiring managers that you did your research and aren't using the same resume objective for all your applications. It can also be helpful to include a sentence on a job-specific skill or knowledge to demonstrate your suitability for the role. For example, you can write: Results-oriented leader seeking assistant manager position with Poppy Retail.

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4. Talk about your relevant skills

Start your resume objective with a strong trait to describe yourself or your work ethic. You can consider using phrases like goal-oriented, productivity-focused, passionate or dedicated. After that, choose two or three of your skills or qualifications that relate to the job description. Hiring managers usually want assistant managers with leadership skills, managerial experience and an ability to work independently and in a team. You can talk about your management style in your resume objective to give hiring managers an idea of how you lead teams.

Assistant managers require a mix of hard and soft skills to perform well in their jobs. Hard skills enable them to guide their team members in key business processes and soft skills ensure they can handle different personality types and communicate with the senior leadership team. Some skills you can consider including are:

  • interpersonal skills

  • budgeting

  • attention to detail

  • self-motivated

  • organised

  • conflict resolution

  • presentation skills

  • negotiation skills

  • mathematical skills

  • technical skills

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5. Demonstrate your value

Consider your professional goals and how the role helps you to attain them. Research the organisations you're applying to by browsing their websites and social media accounts. This can give you an idea of the workplace culture and company goals. Compare the organisational goals with your own and identify any overlaps.

It's important to highlight how you can benefit the company by helping them to meet its objectives. Review any of their past projects and highlight the necessary skills and experience to excel in the position.

Example: Possesses more than a decade of managerial experience at a fashion company and proven leadership experience by increasing the team's overall sales revenue by 35% in half a year

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6. Use action verbs

Using action verbs can make your resume objective more impactful. Action verbs are words that demonstrate your abilities in a short and powerful way. You can review your resume again to ensure that you use action verbs to start most of your sentences, especially in the work experience section. For example, you can replace a word like worked with collaborated. They have the same meaning but collaborated sounds more impactful and less generic. Some action verbs you can consider using for this position include:

  • managed

  • planned

  • directed

  • improved

  • executed

  • facilitated

  • guided

  • operated

  • encouraged

  • accomplished

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Assistant manager resume objective samples

It can be helpful to refer to sample resume objectives to guide you in writing your own. You can follow a similar format and use phrases that relate to your skill set and experience. Here are some samples to help you:

  • Passionate retail associate with more than a decade of working experience at a reputable luxury fashion company. Efficient, productivity-focused and results-oriented. Seeking assistant manager position at Uptown Fashion to enhance customer service experience and increase overall sales revenue by applying excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Goal-oriented business administration graduate seeking assistant manager position with Townsend Corporations to enhance existing leadership skills. Experienced in using financial software, ideating business plans and developing new solutions to improve existing systems. Reliable team player who enjoys overcoming challenges and meeting organisational goals.

  • Motivated professional with half a decade of experience in the F&B industry seeking an assistant manager position with Lolly Foods Pte. Ltd. Increased overall customer retention rate by 45% in the previous position and aims to produce similar results. Resourceful and creative in formulating business solutions and improving system operations.

  • Motivational shift leader with strong communication and interpersonal skills seeks assistant manager opening at Joe's Bar to further F&B career in a challenging but rewarding role. Awarded the top employee of the month award three times in a row because of exceptional customer service. Increased overall sales revenue by 35% in six months.

  • Seasoned business development professional seeking assistant manager position at Tenor Agency to apply business strategy skills to service clients and improve company profits. Aspires to lead a team of business executives to secure and manage clients. Possesses a high client retention rate and ability to maintain long-term client relationships.

  • Detail-oriented retail associate talented at multi-tasking and managing stock and store layout seeks to improve sales and customer satisfaction as assistant store manager at Brooks Clothing Store. Possesses strong communication and organisational skills. Awarded the best employee of the month five times in a row due to exceptional customer service.

  • A forward-thinking individual with excellent marketing and sales skills, seeking assistant manager role at Gilford Industries to streamline operations with project management and multitasking abilities. Aims to implement innovative marketing campaigns to drive revenue growth and increase sales by 30% within a year. Capable team member and self-motivated.

  • Natural leader with stellar organisational and time management skills. Possesses knowledge of computer management systems and seeks assistant manager position at Rosyth Technologies to enhance existing computer systems and implement digitalisation for efficient systems. Detail-oriented and value teamwork.

  • Energetic and friendly associate with seven years of retail experience interested in the assistant manager role at Wilbur Systems. Bringing excellent team-building, customer service and inventory management skills to ensure efficient operations. Seeks to achieve higher sales revenue and client retention rate.

  • Confident sales professional with the ability to manage a large team seeking assistant manager position at The Canary Company to further develop leadership skills and managerial experience. Bringing six years of sales and business development experience. Goal-oriented and hope to boost the team's productivity and customer engagement.

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