5 Steps for Writing a Construction Manager Resume Objective

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 9 May 2022

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If you're a professional seeking a position as a construction manager, you may find it beneficial to include an effective objective in your resume that highlights your suitability for the role. An objective can help gain the attention of a hiring manager and encourage them to read the rest of the document. Learning how to write an effective objective may increase the chance of an employer noticing your resume and offering you an opportunity to interview. In this article, we discuss what a construction manager resume objective is, share five steps you can follow to write your own and provide some examples to use as references.

What is a construction manager resume objective?

A resume objective is two to three sentences at the top of your resume that summarise why you're suitable for the role of a construction manager. When you're writing your summary, select a few strong skills to describe who you are as a professional and include the number of years of experience you have in the industry. A well-written resume objective can differentiate you from other professionals who have similar backgrounds and may encourage the hiring manager to continue reading the rest of your document.

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How to write a construction management resume objective in 5 steps

Here are the steps you can take to write a construction management resume objective:

1. Consider your career goals

Assess what you want from your career so that you can pursue a role that matches your values. For example, if you desire a position where you can take on leadership responsibilities, that might be a good detail to include in your objective. Consider making a list of your most important career goals and skills and strategise ways to translate them into resume objectives.

Sharing your career goals on your resume communicates your intentions with hiring managers. It can also show them you're dedicated to your profession and understand how this position can help you, while also helping the company achieve its goals.

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2. Review the job description

Once you find a position you want to apply for, read the job description carefully. This allows you to learn as much as you can about what the company is looking for in candidates and the preferred qualifications. You may assess whether the role matches your abilities and professional goals. Pay attention to the qualities the company is looking for and consider how you can match them. You can also highlight keywords in the listing that you know you can address in your application materials and interview.

If there isn't a description in the job post, contact the company to ask for further details of the role. It may also be beneficial to visit a company's website to learn more about its goals and determine how you align with them. When your goals and skills align with a company, it may increase your job satisfaction and motivation if you were to get the job.

3. Determine your word choice

Using the list of your skills, prior duties, career goals and keywords from the job listing, choose which qualification you want to highlight. This can also include determining the order you desire to place the words in the sentences. Describe your experiences that show the qualities the hiring manager requests. For example, if a listing says a company requires a construction manager who has strong leadership skills, use words that highlight your ability to lead, such as motivated, delegated or supervised to describe your previous duties.

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4. Craft your sentences

You can create strong, concise sentences by using active verbs and unique descriptors. Place your strongest skills at the beginning of your sentences and include the experience that is most relevant to the role you're applying for.

It may also help you read your work out loud so you can hear how it flows or where you might be able to improve it. Asking a friend or family member to read through your objective can also help you with your sentence structure.

5. Review your work

Before submitting your application materials, it's important to check the spelling, grammar and format of your resume. Make sure your resume objective is free of errors. Consider asking a friend to read it and give you feedback. You may also find it beneficial to read your objective aloud to ensure it flows while also sounding logical. Submitting an error-free document shows the hiring manager you take pride in your work and pay attention to detail.

Reviewing your document is also helpful when you're submitting several applications during your job search. As it's important to curate your objective for each position you're applying for, it's essential to ensure the role and company match with the application that you're sending.

20 examples of construction management resume objectives

Here are some examples of ways you can include construction management objectives on your resume:

  1. Seeking a construction management position at Solved Builders Business to use my extensive experience with construction procedures and leadership. Passionate about using charts and graphs to maintain the organisation with team members, project deadlines, financial documents and budgets.

  2. Enthusiastic construction professional with 11 years of expertise in managing construction budgets and developing project goals. Ready to expand my skill set and practical construction experience as the construction manager at Super Construction company.

  3. A recent engineering graduate aiming to apply my skills to managing construction projects as the lead construction manager at Turbo Construction. Excellent negotiator with a proven track record in my former roles in customer service.

  4. Looking to obtain the construction manager position at Universal Construction where I can utilise my architecture skills to supervise projects and surpass clients' expectations. Organised professional ready to apply my industry knowledge to help the company succeed.

  5. Hard-working construction professional who managed a team of subcontractors for seven years looking to obtain the construction manager position at Advocate Construction Builders. Successfully completed over 200 projects with positive reviews from clients.

  6. A former site inspector of five years seeking a position as a construction manager at Life Construction. Looking to use what I've learned to ensure safe and successful construction projects and satisfied clients.

  7. Individual with strong project management, leadership and analytical skills. Excited to apply my years of experience and education to a career I'm passionate about as a construction manager at Influence Builders.

  8. Pursuing the construction manager role at Affordable Buildings, where I can put my strong interpersonal and goal-oriented qualities to use. 10 years of experience working as a construction manager and successfully leading a team with minimal accidents each year.

  9. Driven team leader who's passionate about helping team members reach their full potential. Previously worked for a cost estimator firm for five years, where I reviewed employee performance, conducted hiring interviews and improved staff performance every quarter. Looking to obtain a construction manager position at Backbone Construction.

  10. Former civil engineer of seven years ready to collaborate with engineers and architects to plan and implement projects. Seeking a role as construction manager at All-Out-Construction to help lead team members efficiently and effectively.

  11. Industrious entry-level construction professional looking to gain experience and start my career at Flawless Construction. Earned a degree in construction management and one year of experience interning at a municipal pipe fitter agency.

  12. Interested in the role of construction manager at Super Builders because of my enthusiasm for restoring historical landmarks to preserve local history. Bringing 13 years of experience in restoration, including independent projects and fundraising.

  13. Experienced manager in the civil engineering industry for 10 years, looking to bring my leadership philosophy to the construction manager position at First Construction. Passionate about using risk management tools to ensure the safety of the team members and increase profit for a company.

  14. Fast-learning carpentry professional, eager for an opportunity to apply my expertise to a management role at Blink Construction. Ability to lead a team with determination and organisation while performing under the pressure of tight deadlines.

  15. A recent construction science graduate looking to apply my skills and passion to a role where I can oversee construction projects to build successful structures. Looking to attain the construction manager position at Super Builders to develop my skills further.

  16. Team player with proven financial skills and industry knowledge and a bachelor's degree in construction management. Seeking the position as a construction manager at Prime Construction. With 10 years of construction project management experience, I'm eager to apply my experience reviewing sketches, budgets and building specs.

  17. Experienced construction manager with 20 years of experience seeking the role at Arrow Construction. Looking to bring innovative ideas to improve the workflow process and increase team member motivation.

  18. Former construction site worker with two years of experience and a bachelor's degree in business management. Analytical-minded to help improve financial budgets and increase revenue as a construction manager at Vine Builders.

  19. Finance and team member-oriented professional with eight years of experience in the industry seeking the position as a construction manager at Crafty Builders. Bringing mathematical skills and reliability to the work environment to ensure team members accomplish their duties and meet deadlines.

  20. Certified construction pipefitter with three years of experience and a bachelor's degree in engineering seeking the role of construction manager at Handy Construction Company. Bringing excellent communication skills with a hands-on approach to leadership and collaboration with team members.

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