How to Write a Copywriter Resume: Steps, Tips and Example

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 31 May 2022

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Copywriters produce written content that markets products and services by engaging an audience. A resume for this position usually includes information about a candidate's skills and relevant work experience. If you're seeking a career as a copywriter, learning how to write an effective resume may help you succeed in your job search. In this article, we describe the elements of a copywriter resume, outline tips on how to write one and provide an example.

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What is a copywriter resume?

A copywriter resume is a document that lists a professional's work experience, education, skills, qualifications and accomplishments in copywriting. You may submit your resume to hiring managers when applying for a job or to potential clients when looking for freelance copywriting assignments. Hiring managers often depend on a resume to understand why you're an ideal candidate for the job. An effective resume that reflects your expertise and experience may help you progress to subsequent rounds of the candidate selection process. In addition to your resume, hiring managers may also ask you to submit a cover letter and a work portfolio.

This type of resume is effective when it's informative and reflects your skills, experience and qualifications. It's also important to ensure your resume is easy to read. Here are the key elements that you could include in your resume:

  • contact information

  • professional summary

  • work experience

  • education

  • skills

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How to write a copywriter resume

Here are five steps you can take to write your own effective resume for this career:

1. Provide your contact information

Listing your contact information correctly is important. Include your name, phone number and email address. You may also add a link to an online portfolio of your copywriting work. Reviewing your past work helps hiring managers determine whether you have the necessary experience to excel in the role.

2. Create a professional summary

A professional summary statement briefly highlights your qualifications. It's usually one or two sentences long and may describe how you intend to contribute to the company or project. For instance, if the job relates to online content, you may write that you plan to boost the landing page conversion rate by a certain percentage within a period. Hiring managers can use this to quickly peruse your knowledge and skills.

3. List your work experience

Provide details of your past professional experience. Include the names of your previous employers, the duration you worked for them and your roles and responsibilities. If you're new to the copywriting profession, it's a good idea to highlight the relevance of your experience. For example, if you're transitioning from being an online marketer, a journalist or a public relations professional to being a copywriter, focus on your writing experience from these related roles.

4. Provide details of your education

List the educational institutions you attended and the qualifications you received, including the titles of your degree or diploma and the year of graduation. You may also mention certifications you pursued or courses you attended. If you're a beginner in your career, you can include co-curricular activities that you participated in, especially if they relate to copywriting.

5. Highlight your skills

This section allows hiring managers to assess whether your skills can help you excel in the job. Some important copywriter skills include creativity, communication and teamwork. Provide details and evidence to show how you used these skills in your previous roles to contribute towards organisational goals.

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Tips for writing an outstanding copywriter resume

A resume for this career that's well-written may increase your chances of getting a job interview. Hiring managers may run your resume through automated computer software to shortlist suitable candidates. It's therefore critical that your resume fulfils a hiring manager's selection criteria.

Here are some tips on how to write an outstanding resume for a copywriter role:

Choose the right format

Use a standard format for your resume, such as the reverse-chronological format. Start with your latest or current experience before adding the rest of your work history. If you only have freelance copywriting experience, you may use a functional resume where you focus on transferable experience and skills instead of a chronological work history.

Use common keywords

Keywords for this resume are common themes or topics that relate to copywriting. Including them in your resume may help you advance to the subsequent stages of the hiring process. Some hiring managers use applicant tracking systems (ATS) for collecting and reviewing resumes. They can search for certain keywords. Some examples of these keywords include article writing, marketing campaigns and advertising copy.

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Use action verbs

Action verbs such as boosted, owned and partnered are some ideal choices to show enthusiasm and initiative in your resume. When listing your responsibilities, open each bullet point with an action verb before including a description of your duties and achievements. For instance, to highlight your teamwork skills, you may write the following: Partnered with marketing specialists to develop creative strategy and brand positioning.

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Quantify your achievements

It's easier for hiring managers to grasp your past contributions if you include numbers to support the statements in your resume. Quantifying your achievements means presenting your accomplishments in terms of numbers where possible. Here's an example of how to quantify your achievements: Developed copy for email campaigns that increased consumer awareness scores by 10% and sales by 2% within six months.

Include hard and soft skills

A well-written skills section of your resume allows hiring managers to determine whether you have the right abilities to succeed in the job. It's essential that you have both soft and hard skills along with technical knowledge. Some common soft skills that copywriters require include creativity, teamwork, communication and problem-solving.

Add relevant sections

Adding sections to your resume may show your versatility and highlight your diverse skills. You may add sections such as activities, awards, volunteer work or language skills if what you want to include is relevant to copywriting. For example, if you volunteer as a writer for a charity or a welfare organisation, it may be beneficial to mention it on your resume.

Proofread your resume

As a writing professional, it's especially important that you proofread your resume several times to ensure it's free of errors. Look for grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors. Additionally, check that the file format of your resume matches the job posting requirements.

Attach a cover letter to your resume

A well-crafted cover letter is a suitable writing sample that may help hiring managers understand your writing style better. Use a professional cover letter format and include a strong opening paragraph. Show how your experience and skills can benefit your potential employer. End your letter by asking for a meeting or call.

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Example of a copywriter's resume

Here's an example for you to study:

Jack Chan
+65 8333 7700 | |

Professional Summary
Creative and motivated copywriter with four years of agency and in-house experience in digital content writing. Seeking to help Spin Fashion Group increase brand awareness and improve customer engagement by promoting its products through content creation.

Work Experience
Copywriter, June 2020–Current
Tangerine Sports Apparel

  • produce written content for all marketing collateral

  • create advertising copy for various media channels, including television, print and online

  • generate original concepts and ideas to drive sales and revenue

  • lead a three-person team with the goal of increasing customer engagement by 10% through email campaigns

  • collaborate with other specialists to generate effective online marketing campaigns

Content writer, July 2018–May 2020
Focus Writing Agency

  • produced website articles and marketing copy for agency clients with marketing needs

  • wrote social media and blog posts to drive clients' engagement with their target audience

  • researched audience preferences to develop effective advertising copy as part of a team

Education Bachelor of Arts in Communications
Haven University, 2018

  • completed 45 hours of creative advertising and copywriting coursework

  • participated in marketing communications research as part of final year project requirements

  • editor of the university's newspaper, The Campus Daily


  • technical skills, including SEO editing skills, keyword research, HTML and CSS

  • creativity

  • research

  • critical thinking

  • problem-solving

  • communication

  • teamwork

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