Customer Success Manager Resume: Template, Example and Tips

Updated 18 August 2023

A resume can be essential either for changing careers or when searching for newer opportunities in the same field, as it highlights your skills and abilities to recruiters. For a customer success manager, a resume outlines their capabilities in sales and customer service. Learning the basics of drafting a resume can help you include all the essential components that highlight your abilities efficiently. In this article, we define a customer success manager resume, provide a list of steps on how to write one with a template and example and discuss tips you can use to draft your own.

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What's a customer success manager resume?

A customer success manager resume is a document that outlines your qualifications, skills and capabilities. You can use this document to apply for jobs by presenting your resume to potential employers and recruiters. A customer success manager is an individual who enhances the communication between consumers and staff who handle customer success in a company. They assist customers and ensure they have all they require from a service or product that a company provides. Here are the additional roles of a customer success manager:

Promoting a product's value

A product's value is the benefit that a customer can get from the good. The customer success manager can help customers identify the values of a product by discussing how it can meet and eventually exceed their expectations. The manager can improve customer retention in this way, which can help increase company profits by improving sales.

Assisting in making training courses

The customer success career can include training programmes that can equip individuals with knowledge and skills. Customer success managers can create these courses and administer them to prospects. They can also train customers in maximising the company's goods and services. This process can include scheduling conference calls or in-person meetings with customers to pass on information about the available resources.

Analysing customer requirements

One of the duties of a customer success manager can be to evaluate how a product meets customers' requirements, which can be essential in monitoring the progress of a business. They can note areas for improvement and suggest newer strategies the company can implement to enhance customer satisfaction. A manager can gather feedback from customers on their experience using a product and their level of satisfaction.

Optimising customer retention

Customer retention is the ability to have consumers who repeatedly purchase products from a specific entity. Loyal customers can ensure a company maintains a sufficient profit margin. A customer success manager can encourage customers to remain faithful to the company by occasionally reaching out to the clients either via email or phone calls and inquiring about the services and products the company provides.

Bringing in new clients

Attracting new clients to a business can result in the provision of more services and an increase in sales. Educating potential clients on the company's products and services can be an important way to gain newer customers. Managers can also discuss new projects the company aims to implement or launch and any necessary and unique features the company provides that can benefit the customer.

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How to write a customer success manager resume

Here's a list of six steps to help you write your resume:

1. Identify a format

A format is the layout of a resume. Using a clear structure and setting it out clearly can help present all the essential components to effectively highlight your qualifications and skills. In some instances, some recruiters or potential employers may request the use of a specific format, so be sure to check whether there is a preferred layout before submitting the document for consideration.

2. Include your contact information

Contact information allows the recruiter or potential employer to contact you if they have updates or require any additional information. The points can comprise your name, telephone number and email address. A location or a lesson can be essential in confirming your current position with the recruiter.

3. Include a professional summary

A professional summary is a brief statement that gives the recruiter an idea of your overall qualifications and capabilities. You can include these aspects in a sentence or two. The summary can include your work experience, relevant skills, educational background and any achievements relevant to the job you're applying for.

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4. Add your educational background

Your academic background is the educational certifications and qualifications you have achieved throughout your life. Use a reverse chronological order, with the most recent qualification first, to outline this information and highlight the qualifications you have that are relevant to the job. You can include the name of the degree, master's or doctorate, the year of completion and the name of the institution.

5. Include relevant skills

Skills can be hard skills, such as technical or mathematics, or soft skills, such as communication or attention to detail. Including skills relevant to the specific role you're applying for can show your value to the recruiter or potential employer. You can separate the two types of skills into sections to present your information more clearly.

6. Add your work experience

In the work experience section, include the duration you spent in previous jobs and highlight the knowledge and skills you acquired and used to perform the role's duties. Use a reverse chronological order in this section, outlining your most recent work first using bullet points to detail tasks and responsibilities that are relevant to the job you're currently applying for. For the most recent role, aim to highlight at least five positions to provide sufficient information.

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Template of a resume

Here's a template to help you draft your resume:

[First name] [Last name] (Degree or certification, if available)
[Phone number] [Email address]

Professional Summary
[Two or three sentences that concisely highlight your years of work experience, academic qualifications or achievements and relevant skills as a professional.]


  • [skill]

  • [skill]

  • [skill]

  • [skill]

  • [skill]

[Degree or major]
[Name of school or university]

[Certificate name] [Host organisation] [Year completed or expiration date]

Work Experience
[Job title] (Employment dates)
[Company name] (City or state)

  • [job duty]

  • [job duty]

  • [job duty]

  • [job duty]

  • [job duty]

[Job title] (Employment dates)
[Company name] (City or state)

  • [job duty]

  • [job duty]

  • [job duty]

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Example of a customer success manager's resume

Here's an example of a resume:

Andre Wang
+65 8901 2345
Woodlands, Singapore

Professional Summary
I am a driven customer success manager with five years of work experience in various organisations around the city, and I have helped increase customer appreciation via feedback data we analysed in my previous job by 48%. I have a bachelor's in business administration with skills in providing attentive service and am dedicated to enhancing more substantial client and staff relationships.

Education background
Bachelor of Business Administration, May 2017
National University of Singapore


  • computer skills

  • customer relationship software

  • organisation

  • verbal and written communication

  • attention to detail

  • customer service

Work Experience
Customer success manager, July 2019–current
Mercury solutions, Woodlands, Singapore

  • manage a team with over 20 personnel in the customer success department

  • assist customers with service-related issues

  • collect customer feedback to determine satisfaction

  • increase customer retention by 45% in two years

  • collaborate with customers to ensure the fulfilment of services

Customer success associate, June 2017–July 2019

  • managed customer accounts through the CRM software

  • assisted in data collection using customer feedback to determine customer satisfaction

  • collaborated with 15 team members to enhance departmental communication

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Tips for writing a resume

Here are valuable tips to use when drafting your resume:

  • Keep it brief. Keeping your summary and document concise and including only the necessary information allows recruiters to review your resume quickly and efficiently obtain the necessary information.

  • Use templates for reference. Before writing a resume, research the format that the company you're applying for requires. Using templates and examples from various sources can help ensure you include all the necessary information.

  • Include relevant information. The recruiter's goal is to find the best candidate for the position. Including skills, certifications or experience relevant to the job and explaining how these can enhance the company can help make your application successful.

  • Use simple words. Simple words or phrases can make your resume more readable and help you highlight your qualifications more efficiently.

  • Update your resume. When you acquire a new skill or certification, update your resume with this further information. When you present it to potential employers, they can review all your qualifications and consider you for the job.

The model shown is for illustration purposes only, and may require additional formatting to meet accepted standards.

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