20 Digital Marketing Resume Objective Examples (With Steps)

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Updated 29 January 2023

Published 9 May 2022

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Digital marketing focuses on advertising and customer outreach through technology and online interactions. Professionals in this field have specialised skills such as research, social media management and communication, which they highlight on their resumes. If you're applying for one of these positions, it's important to create an effective resume, including a succinct resume objective statement. In this article, we explain what a digital marketing resume objective is and how to write one with a list of 20 examples of effective resume objectives.

What is a digital marketing resume objective?

A digital marketing resume objective is a statement that professionals seeking a marketing career curate and format at the start of their resume. This statement reveals the professional's career intent and highlights some of their primary achievements and skills. Resume objectives for digital marketing professionals often include some of the important skills these professionals have, such as keyword research, search engine optimisation and communication.

These statements are important because they're often the first aspect of your resume that a hiring manager may read. For this reason, it's important for your resume objective to be compelling and accurately display your credentials.

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How to write an objective for your digital marketing resume

If you're planning on applying for a digital marketing position, it's important to tailor your resume for this specific position. One way to do this is by knowing how to write an objective statement effectively. Here are some steps you can take to accomplish this task:

1. Introduce yourself with powerful adjectives

Start by describing your professional identity with one or two adjectives that summarise your top characteristics as a marketing professional. Focus on attributes that relate to the position you want to fill. For example, if you're applying for a job as a content creator, you may focus on adjectives related to creativity. You might also consider choosing adjectives that relate to your experience level or work ethic. Here are some examples of adjectives you may use when writing your objective statement:

  • dedicated

  • experienced

  • creative

  • imaginative

  • innovative

  • detail-oriented

  • analytical

  • communicative

2. Describe your digital marketing goals

Discuss the type of position you're interested in and what you want to accomplish by applying to this digital marketing role. Focus on how you can benefit the employer and how your professional goals align with their mission. You can mention how you want to improve client relationships, increase traffic to their website or develop high-quality campaigns. If you have a specific topic or areas within your field that you like to focus on, such as SEO management or keyword research, you might mention that as well.

3. Explain your main qualifications or skills

Finally, incorporate the most impressive skills and accomplishments you've achieved in your digital marketing career. Choose a few main achievements or characteristics that you feel are most important to your application. Ideally, think of how you can connect those skills and achievements to your digital marketing goals. When selecting which of your qualifications to include, consider what might be most important to the hiring manager. To do this, review the job posting and look for specific requests it may require regarding a candidate's credentials.

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20 examples of digital marketing objectives

It may be helpful to review examples of effective objectives for digital marketing to feel confident in writing one. Here are some examples of objectives you may write depending on the digital marketing job for which you're applying:

Digital marketing intern

Digital marketing interns assist with social media campaigns and support other professionals within the department with their work. If you're applying for this position, here are some examples of what your objective statement may be like:

  1. Recently graduated digital marketing intern who specialises in social media management and research looking to learn more about the industry and start my career with a company at which I can grow and develop my skills. Motivated to discover and utilise current social media trends to maximise the company's exposure and build its customer base.

  2. Goal-oriented marketing major with an interest in SEO and content marketing seeking digital marketing internship opportunity where I can apply my background in market research coursework to support data collection and consumer analysis.

  3. Curious, passionate advertising student interested in utilising design skills during a summer digital marketing internship. Generated a 50% increase in social engagement through posting original designs during a graphic design internship, seeking to apply my knowledge to an advertising and business environment.

  4. Top-of-the-class, second-year university student looking to develop my skills through an internship programme. Highly skilled in content creation and generating innovative ideas for campaigns.

  5. Dedicated digital marketing professional with a 4.0 GPA and a special interest in keyword research. Looking for an opportunity to be a committed member of a marketing team to offer a diverse perspective on campaigns with a young adult target audience.

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Digital marketing assistant

A digital marketing assistant is a professional who performs administrative tasks, manages databases and performs market research. If you're applying for this role, here are some examples of resume objectives you may include:

  1. Focused, flexible digital marketing assistant seeking hands-on role with opportunities to support multiple aspects of client campaigns. Experienced in both content creation and market research for campaigns, helping increase conversions for clients by 15%.

  2. Detail-oriented digital marketing assistant with two years of experience seeking to collaborate on projects at a larger agency environment. Bringing expertise in SEO, keyword search and digital advertising platforms along with excellent organisational and administrative skills.

  3. Innovative and reliable marketing assistant with 18 months' experience in market research and keyword optimisation seeking a position within a diverse and effective digital marketing team. Highly skilled at conducting research and completing data analysis to present to content creation teams.

  4. Motivated digital marketing assistant with a certification in SEO optimisation seeking experience with a mid-size marketing firm. Experienced in database management and content creation and editing, assisting QA teams with improving client approval of content by 70%.

  5. Hard-working digital marketing professionals with two years of experience in administrative roles. Aiming to join a digital marketing team and utilise my skills in research and database management.

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Content creator

Content creators are professionals who create creative and technical media products to generate views and website visits. This content can have secondary purposes, depending on the company for which the professional works. If you're applying for a content creator role, you may consider the following objective examples:

  1. Creative and driven content creator with three years of experience in editing and content creation looking to fill a full-time position in a digital marketing writing team. Detail-oriented writer with an SEO optimisation certification and a special interest in market research.

  2. Strategic content creator interested in developing custom digital campaigns with a content-first strategy. Seeking the opportunity to improve traffic and engagement for clients through authoritative, unique content by utilising my knowledge of social media platforms and analytical tools.

  3. Efficient digital marketer with a background in content creation and experience developing campaigns that consistently rank on the first search engine results page. Seeking to apply fluency in digital marketing tools and a background in copywriting to guide long-term content development plans.

  4. Innovative content creator with experience in conducting market and keyword research to write relevant and compelling articles and copy.

  5. SEO-driven writer and editor with three years of experience looking to earn a position within a marketing firm with a large customer base. Creative professional with a history of meeting a goal of generating three pieces of copy per day and improving website leads by 30%.

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Marketing manager

A marketing manager is a professional who oversees the marketing department and plans promotional content. This is a more senior position and may require more experience. Here are some resume objectives you may write for this position:

  1. Analytical digital marketing manager with five years of experience coordinating digital campaigns seeking opportunities to apply leadership skills and strategic vision in a collaborative environment.

  2. Insightful marketing manager with experience boosting revenue from digital marketing by 150% over two years seeking to reshape the online marketing operations of clients to create an engaging online presence.

  3. Adaptable digital marketing manager with over 10 years of experience in marketing seeking to apply knowledge of digital trends and innovations to guide visionary campaign development.

  4. Communicative digital marketing manager with a Master's degree in Digital Communication interested in leveraging advanced research skills and experience with enterprise-level clients to build automated, evidence-based campaigns.

  5. Hard-working digital marketer seeking a management position where I can use my experience growing client accounts and increasing the online presence of brands through strategic content creation. Skilled in social campaign management, web development and digital market research.

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