15 Executive Assistant Resume Objective Examples (With Tips)

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Updated 20 January 2023

Published 9 May 2022

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A resume objective is a small paragraph at the top of your resume that explains your credentials for a job. If you're applying for executive assistant positions, then you might discuss your skills, work experience and aspirations for the role you seek. Learning how to create an impressive professional summary can enable you to communicate your qualifications and make your resume memorable to potential employers. In this article, we explain what to include in an executive assistant resume objective, list tips for writing them and provide 15 examples you can use as inspiration when writing your own.

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What to include in an executive assistant resume objective

Here are some elements you can include in your executive assistant resume objective to encourage hiring managers to continue reading:

Employer details

You can personalise your resume objective by adding the name of the company you're applying to and the job title you want to achieve at the beginning. Starting your objective with these details shows hiring managers that you have an interest in, not just any executive assistant role, but the specific job that's available. It also tells employers they can expect the rest of your resume to align with the position they're offering.

If you're applying for a job at a large corporation, consider including the name of the department you want to join as an executive assistant. If you know the name of the executive who you would report to if successful, you can include that in your resume objective, too. Make sure to check your spelling and wording to confirm that the company name, job title, department and executive name are correct and line up with the information in the job description.

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Experience in the field

Writing a resume objective allows you to tell employers right away about any experience you have that's relevant to the open position. It may be helpful to quantify your background as an executive assistant or in related roles, for it tells hiring managers whether you have practical experience in the field. For example, you might highlight that you have 10 years of experience in administrative assistant roles.

You can also summarise your employment history briefly in your resume objective to further demonstrate your qualifications. For instance, you could include the fact that you worked for a certain number of years at a well-known company or have experience reporting to executives. Emphasising your employment history shows employers that you're versatile and can adapt well to new work environments.

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You can expand on your experience by also sharing information about your skills. Provide details about your skills to tell employers what you learned through your work experience. They often like to see a mix of soft skills that you can apply to any role and technical skills that relate directly to an executive assistant position.

You can use the job description to determine which skills to include. For example, if the job description portrays the company as competitive and authoritative, you might emphasise skills like teamwork and leadership. If the employer's looking for an executive assistant with experience handling administrative duties in corporate environments, you might mention technical skills, such as understanding specific software programmes or having trade show planning experience.

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Work accomplishments

You can expand on your work achievements later in your resume, but mentioning them in your resume objective may help you to get a hiring manager's attention. Writing about an important accomplishment after your experience and skills can show employers how long you worked in similar roles, what you've learned from your experience and what you've achieved due to your skills. This can help them understand how you could benefit the organisation as an executive assistant.

To keep your resume object brief, select one or two of your most important accomplishments to include. Add them to the second or third sentence to encourage a hiring manager to read on. Accomplishments you might consider including are special awards you received at work or recognition you received for performing well as an executive assistant or another related role.

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Career aspirations

Many professionals include their career aspirations in their resume objectives to inform an employer of what they hope to achieve in the role. This shows your motivation to reach goals and advance professionally, which can help both you and the company grow. It also tells them that you researched the company and recognise what you can contribute and achieve if you get the job.

Make sure to include career aspirations that fit the company's vision and mission. For example, if the company wants to expand its HR team so that they can help employees develop a supportive company culture, explain how your background and skills can assist in this process. You can include your career aspirations at the end of your objective to highlight your motivation to succeed in the role.

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Tips for writing a resume objective for an executive assistant role

Here are some tips you can use to help you write a cohesive and compelling resume objective:

  • Change your statement for every job you pursue. You may apply to multiple companies when looking for a job, so remember to reword your resume objective each time you apply to suit the role and organisation.

  • Read your words aloud. Hearing your resume objective can help you identify errors or awkward language that are more challenging to recognise when simply reading it.

  • Ask an acquaintance to review your statement. Consider asking a colleague, supervisor or someone else who's familiar with your role to review your resume objective and provide you with feedback.

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15 examples of resume objectives for executive assistants

Here are 15 examples of executive assistant resume objectives that you can use as a guide when writing your own:

  1. Devoted professional with five years of experience in administration, including three at a major corporation. Designed a schedule for business leaders that increased productivity and improved communication processes. Seeking an executive assistant position within the president's office at the Wong Tower to apply time management and organisation skills.

  2. Seeking an executive assistant role at Ampersand Agency to manage payroll systems and facilitate meetings between managers and key stakeholders. Worked in lead administrative roles for companies with over 100 employees and am proficient in spreadsheet and calendar software and employment law.

  3. Ambitious and detail-oriented professional with 10 years of experience in administration. Seeking a senior executive assistant position at Oak Ridge Organisation to train entry-level administrators and boost productivity in the workplace. Skilled in finance management, relationship-building and instructional leadership.

  4. Pursuing an executive assistant role at the Pierre Firm to apply computer proficiency and technical writing abilities. Worked in administrative roles for technology firms for 20 years and designed a code inspection protocol, which boosted satisfaction with end-users and reduced streamlined product development schedules.

  5. Seeking an executive assistant job at Lin Corporation to oversee clerical activities between business leaders and clients. Able to type 90 words per minute and prepare timely correspondence to key audiences. Competent in customer service and multitasking.

  6. Experienced administrative specialist with a seven-year tenure at a global company seeking an executive assistant position at Jefferson Agency to address the needs of customers and increase satisfaction ratings. Prepared to work in a fast-paced environment and fluent in six languages.

  7. Performed clerical duties for a small advertisement agency for 10 years. Seeking an executive assistant position at Beatrice Agency to contribute extensive industry knowledge and finance management skills.

  8. Driven and self-sufficient professional pursuing an executive assistant position at Smith Corporation. Proficient in office technology, customer service and interpersonal communication.

  9. Administrative professional looking for an executive assistant position at Franchise Group Inc. in the marketing division. Competent at problem-solving and communicating technical topics to clients and consumers.

  10. Self-motivated and inventive professional with eight years of experience in administration. Wanting to provide competence in technology, client management and account management as an executive assistant for Mayor Business Co. Recognised as a stellar employee for three consecutive roles in previous administrative positions.

  11. Seeking an executive assistant job in the vice president's office of Tam Lim Company. Experienced in performing clerical duties and interacting directly with clients, customers and stakeholders.

  12. Reliable and goal-oriented professional looking for an executive assistant position at Gordon Scott. Able to multitask, manage time and adapt to fast-paced environments and dedicated to upholding organisational policies and maintaining work productivity levels.

  13. Professional who has fulfilled clerical roles for large organisations for 20 years. Pursuing an executive assistant position at Harrison Company to support chief officer positions.

  14. Dependable professional desiring an executive assistant job at Allen & Kang Financial. Efficient in bookkeeping systems and corresponding with fellow administrators.

  15. Pursuing an executive assistant role at Jones Organisation to contribute business acumen, research and accounting skills. Worked in similar administrative roles for the past 10 years.

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