How to Include a Hobby in Your Resume

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Updated 28 October 2022 | Published 12 June 2021

Updated 28 October 2022

Published 12 June 2021

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Every resume should include vital information such as one's professional experience and educational qualifications. However, including additional details like a hobby can sometimes strengthen a candidate's job application as it helps recruiters connect with the candidate on a more personal level. In this article, we will discuss hobbies that you can include in your resume, and how to feature them in a relevant manner.

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What hobbies should be included in a resume?

A hobby is any activity that one engages in during one's free time. Usually, these activities don't involve any financial gain and are performed for intrinsic fulfilment. Here are some types of hobbies that you can include in your resume:


If your hobby is a team sport, including it in your resume can strengthen your appeal to recruiters as it demonstrates that you are a team player and might possess skills like discipline and perseverance. Here are some ways you can include a sport in your resume:

  • I have a long-time interest in rugby and have played in rugby teams since my primary school days. Today, I continue serving as Captain of the neighbourhood community rugby team.

  • I regularly participate in regional badminton tournaments and recently became a PA (People's Association) grassroots volunteer to help promote badminton as a community sport.


Having an interest in crafts (such as quilting, macramé or woodworking) can demonstrate patience as well as attention to detail, skills that are useful in the workplace. Here is how you can include your interest in crafts in your resume:

  • In my spare time, I use my quilting skills to make baby blankets that I donate to local charitable organisations.

  • As an avid amateur woodworker, I sometimes spend my free time learning to build furniture.


If you have an art-related hobby such as creative writing, music or photography, it may be worth including in your resume as it demonstrates a creative mind as well as discipline and tenacity. Here is how you could include this in your resume:

  • I'm an avid writer and have currently published 2 books that are available on Amazon.

  • I have loved dancing ballet since I was 5, and have won the Masterpiece Ballet Competition in Singapore twice in my youth.


Avid travellers often have an adventurous, bold spirit and a desire to learn, something that recruiters may be on the lookout for. Here's how you can include travel as a hobby in your resume:

  • I have travelled extensively throughout Asia to better understand and appreciate the diversity of Asian culture.

  • I have backpacked through much of Western Europe, where I sought to gain a deeper understanding of European history.

Hobbies to avoid listing in your resume

Here are some of the types of hobbies you should avoid mentioning in your resume:

  • Hobbies that could be considered dangerous, reckless or illegal

  • Hobbies that reflect religious or political affiliations

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How to feature a hobby in your resume

When including a hobby in your resume, you should focus on bringing out relevant soft skills you gain from the hobby that may be transferable to the job you are applying for. Drawing links between your professional and personal interests would also help the recruiter connect with you on a deeper, more personal level.

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