How to Write an HR Business Partner Job Description on a Resume

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 17 October 2022

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In human resources (HR), multiple professionals often interact with employees and engage in hiring, training and assisting employees of a company. An HR business partner is a professional who has worked in this role and may wish to include their job description on their resume to apply for another position. Learning how to write a job description can help you improve your resume as an HR professional when applying for a new position. In this article, we discuss how to write an HR business partner job description on resumes, including an example description.

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How to write an HR business partner job description on a resume

To learn more about how to write an HR business partner job description on a resume, consider the following steps:

1. Review the essential functions of your previous job

To begin writing an effective job description for your role as an HR business partner, consider reviewing a list of every responsibility you completed during your previous job. This list can help you understand the full scope of your professional accomplishments and establish a compelling focus for your job description. Consider including responsibilities from all aspects of your job in this list.

For example, you may have participated in hiring, payroll and employee professional development programmes as an HR business partner. You can describe each of these responsibilities in your job description, ensuring that the hiring manager understands the full scope of your abilities. This can provide you with a comprehensive list of your marketable traits as an HR professional.

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2. Rank the importance of those functions

Once you have a complete list of your responsibilities as an HR business partner, consider reordering it to reflect the significance of each of your responsibilities. To do this, consider the practical ways in which your responsibilities positively impacted the company's workflow and the employee experience. This may allow you to determine which responsibilities a hiring manager finds most intriguing.

Using this list, begin writing in-depth descriptions of each of the responsibilities you listed. This can include supporting data that indicates the value of your task or the positive consequences of your decision-making. This list can help you draft a relevant and comprehensive description of the job you performed. By ensuring that you include your most impactful responsibilities, you can showcase the greatest extent of your abilities.

3. Compare those responsibilities to your new position

Using your list of responsibilities, you can compare your greatest assets as an HR business partner to the qualifications of the role you wish to fill. This can help you determine how well you meet the expectations of your potential new employer. To accomplish this, consider reviewing the job listing for the new position and examining what responsibilities your potential employer deems most important.

This may allow you to determine if your potential employer wishes to hire an HR professional with your skill set. Consider creating smaller lists that compare your HR skills. For example, you could create a list of employee training skills you possess and compare them to the skills your potential employer desires. This may help you discover any skills you possess that exceed your potential employer's expectations, which could improve your attractiveness as a candidate.

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4. Draft a short, targeted paragraph

With all of your relevant skills organised and your priorities calibrated by the job description, you can begin to craft a short, six-sentence paragraph. You can highlight your most valuable traits as an HR business partner by using simple language and maintaining a coherent flow. Ensure that every idea you introduce logically follows your previous idea. Consider using a combination of anecdotal and long-term examples of your success. This can help the hiring manager gain a holistic perspective of your abilities as an HR professional.

5. Proofread for errors

HR professionals tend to benefit from attention to detail. You can advertise your ability to remember the small details by ensuring your HR job description is grammatically correct. Consider asking a colleague to review the job description to help you find any issues. Additionally, you can focus on the stated facts and ensure that you're quoting them accurately. This can help the hiring manager gain an authentic perspective on your abilities. Include a copy with your resume if you can provide supplemental documentation to support your claims.

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Highlighting your work performance on your resume

To discover how to write an HR business partner job description on a resume, consider the value of your previous work and your contributions to a company's workflow. This could include a combination of anecdotal success and long-term improvement stories. Anecdotal success stories refer to the ways you may have helped individual professionals in the company with their problems. Alternatively, long-term improvement stories can help your new employer understand how you helped the company grow with systemic changes to employee workflow.

An example of an anecdotal success story to highlight in your job description could include the steps you took to assist a struggling employee, such as establishing one-on-one coaching with them. An example of a long-term improvement success story could include how you helped establish an employee help hotline. You could describe how this hotline allowed employees quick access to assistance with various tasks they struggled with, thus providing a sustainable solution to workflow difficulties.

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Examples of HR business partner job descriptions

To assist you in drafting your HR business partner job description, consider reviewing the following examples:

Example 1

The following is an example of an HR business partner job description:

HR executive and manager of four years that regularly strives to proactively address employee wellness, engagement, productivity and development. Core responsibilities include providing advice and guidance to the company's employees on clerical and professional concerns, optimising HR workflow and reducing the budget by 20% over three years. Established a weekly drill with other executives in which we reviewed pending HR items that impact hiring and retaining quality talent. Offered expertise in developing a new employee portal to access benefits to ensure that the portal addressed employee requests and expectations.

Example 2

The following is another example job description you can consider:

Partner and manager in HR for BeBetter, Inc. Promoted to compensation monitor after two years with the business. Foster a working environment that encourages growth, reciprocal care and active listening. Oversee monthly staff evaluations and dispense rewards accordingly. Handle corrective actions by leading employee coaching. Oversee all staffing initiatives to ensure a cohesive workflow of talent acquisition. Communicate with third-party vendors to facilitate payroll. Co-authored a streamlined workflow that saved the company $1.5 million in two years. Align the goals of the company with the professional goals of employees.

Tips for writing an HR business partner job description

Consider the following tips when drafting your HR business partner job description:

Select powerful verbs

Consider reviewing your use of verbs to make your HR job description more impactful and interesting to read. Strong verbs allow you to reinforce the impact of your role and market yourself more effectively. You could consult a thesaurus to find the most descriptive verbs for your job description. You can also establish a distinctive voice by crafting a compelling copy to impress the hiring manager and improve your chances of receiving a job interview.

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Focus on measurable accomplishments

When listing your accomplishments in the field of HR, you could benefit from providing data that supports your arguments. This can allow the hiring manager to understand the scope of your accomplishments and the value you could bring to your new position. Consider requesting relevant reports from your workplace that you could include with your resume. This can bolster the veracity of your statements.

Consider professionals that could act as references

You could also request a letter of recommendation from any supervisors or HR colleagues you have. A recommendation letter could help confirm your claims, which may greatly benefit your marketability as an HR candidate. Supervisors may be able to provide an overview of how your work benefited the company's workflow. Insight into how you integrated into the HR workflow can help the hiring manager understand how successfully you may incorporate yourself into their company.

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