How to List Interests and Hobbies on Your Resume

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Updated 10 November 2022

Published 27 May 2021

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While it's essential to mention your educational qualifications and work experience on your resume, you may also want to include some of your hobbies and interests to provide your prospective employer with a more complete picture of who you are. In this article, we discuss when and how you should list your interests and hobbies on your resume.

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When to include interests and hobbies on your resume

Adding your hobbies and interests to your resume can give hiring managers an insight into your personality, which can help them determine whether you're a good fit for the company.

Here's when you should add your interests and hobbies to your resume:

  • Your prospective employer specifically requested that applicants include this.

  • You have limited professional experience.

  • Your prospective employer is looking for candidates with unique personalities.

  • Your interests and hobbies align with the demands of the job you're applying for.

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Examples of interests and hobbies to list on your resume

By carefully reviewing the job listing, you'll be able to determine which of your interests and hobbies are most relevant to the job you're applying for. The following are some examples of good interests and hobbies to include:

Volunteer work or community involvement

Participation in volunteer work or community activities indicates compassion and good social skills, which may be appealing to your prospective employer.

Blogging, writing and reading

Strong writing and reading skills are valuable in the workplace, especially in marketing and/or communications-related fields.

Social media activities

Social media is now an important platform that businesses use to connect with their customers, so a candidate with experience and expertise using social media platforms may be considered more desirable to a hiring manager. If you've built a sizable online following on any social media platform, this may be a worthwhile point to include on your resume.

Performing arts

If you're heavily involved in some sort of performing art, adding it to your resume may increase your employability. The ability to perform in front of a large crowd implies a good amount of self-confidence and ambition, which are skills that are transferable to the workplace.


If you are fluent in multiple languages, you should definitely include this in your resume as it is considered a very valuable asset.

Team sports

Regular participation in a team sport may indicate that you have soft skills that can make you a more attractive job candidate. For example, those who excel in team sports are often good team players with strong communication skills.

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Interests and hobbies to exclude from your resume

Here are some examples of interests you shouldn't include on your resume:

  • Interests and hobbies that indicate antisocial behaviour.

  • Interests and hobbies that may be considered dangerous or violent.

  • Interests and hobbies that reveal religious or political affiliations.

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How to list interests and hobbies on your resume

Your interests and hobbies should be listed at the bottom of your resume, with some brief elaboration. For example:

Interests and Hobbies

  1. Community service: I volunteer at a community soup kitchen once a week, where I prepare food for the less fortunate.

  2. Travel: I plan trips to different countries once a year to experience new cultures and learn different languages.

  3. Guitar: I have been playing the guitar for 10 years, and perform with my band at the community centre once a month.

  4. Soccer: I've been playing soccer competitively since my primary school days, and was a member of the Singapore Football Club team for 5 years.

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