Mobile App Developer Resume Skills: Definition and Examples

Updated 30 June 2023

Highlighting competitive skills on your resume can help you get the hiring manager's attention. It may show that you researched the position and understand its roles and specifications. Knowing the skills to include on your resume can help you secure an interview. In this article, we define mobile app developer resume skills, provide examples, explain how to improve them and discuss tips on how to highlight them.

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What are mobile app developer resume skills?

Mobile app developer resume skills are expertise, relevant industry knowledge and traits that can help you secure a job in this sector. You can learn them through education programmes or work experience with other developers. They may include hard skills like computer proficiency and programming language expertise or soft skills like effective communication and curiosity. Hard skills are for performing job-specific duties, while soft skills can help you relate well with colleagues and customers. Including these abilities on your resume can position you as a competitive candidate with knowledge in creating and maintaining mobile apps.

Adding competitive mobile app development skills to your resume can also enable it to pass the applicant tracking system (ATS) stage, earning you an interview opportunity. You can identify the most applicable skills for your resume by reviewing the job description.

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Examples of mobile app developer resume skills

Here are a few examples of competitive mobile app development skills to include on your resume:

Programming language proficiency

Programming languages are instructions developers give to computers that enable them to perform tasks. Depending on the position's specifications, the employer may expect you to be proficient in several programming languages. Check the job specification for mandatory programming languages and include them at the top of the resume's skills section.

If the position requires proficiency in a programming language you're unfamiliar with, you can use the professional summary section to mention your willingness and ability to learn it. The hiring manager may also want to know how you can use your programming skills to help the organisation. You can identify projects the company is currently working on and relate them to your programming language expertise in the personal statement.

User Interface (UI) design

UI design involves the creation of machines and software that are aesthetical, easy to use and functional. UI skills may comprise the ability to identify users' needs and customise interfaces to address them. For example, if most clients use mobile phones, you can apply UI skills to modify and make the company's sales website mobile-friendly. You can learn these skills by pursuing human-computer interaction, computer science or information technology courses.

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Cybersecurity skills

Before launching a mobile app, it's crucial to test its cybersecurity posture, making cybersecurity skills essential for mobile app developers. Cybersecurity posture is the app's ability to resist unauthorised access and data theft. It comprises the effectiveness of the app's multi-factor authentication techniques, identity keys, password protection mechanisms and intrusion detection technologies. Developing and testing these systems may require mobile developers to understand common hacking tricks and know how to avert them. Examples of cybersecurity skills include penetration testing, malware analysis, vulnerability assessment and ethical hacking.

Business skills

Business skills help you understand the company's business needs, enabling you to develop mobile apps to help the organisation achieve these goals. These skills may include effective communication, leadership, negotiation, networking, marketing and entrepreneurial skills. You can show that you have these skills by mentioning that you're a business-oriented app developer in the resume's personal statement. You can also mention them under the skills section. Sometimes, openings may require specific business skills. Review the posting for the requisite expertise and put them at the top of the list.


Mobile app developers may require effective communication skills to explain complex concepts and jargon to other stakeholders. The more colleagues and executives understand how your app operates, the more they're likely to support its implementation. You can also use communication skills to help clients resolve glitches in the app. Examples of communication skills for your mobile app developer resume include active listening, presentation, empathy, diagramming and sharing feedback.

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Computer proficiency

Mobile app development projects may involve using computer software to design, simulate and test programs, making computer proficiency essential to this career. These skills include website troubleshooting, coding, data analytics, graphics design, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. When mentioning your computer proficiency, be precise. For instance, you can mention the specific coding languages you're familiar with.

Back-end computing skills

These skills can help mobile app developers identify and correct software glitches before they worsen. The back end is the part that powers and operates an app or program code. Back-end developers may require expertise in programming languages, data structures and cache, server maintenance and APIs. Companies often specify mandatory back-end computing skills in their job specifications. If you're currently enrolled in a back-end computing course that you think can help you secure the job, mention it under the personal statement.

Internet of Things (IoT) skills

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to physical objects with software and sensors that enable them to connect and share data with other gadgets or systems through the internet. Examples include motion detectors, CCTV cameras, smart contact lenses, activity trackers and digital twins. Mobile app developers typically use IoT skills when developing apps that connect to IoT devices. For example, when creating a mobile app that connects to a company's CCTV cameras, you may require an understanding of their development concepts, security features and knowledge of how they connect to the web.

Agile development skills

These skills can help web developers increase the efficiency and speed of app development processes through collaboration and continual planning and learning. Agile development involves organising mobile app developers into cross-functional, self-organised groups that work on the app together. The teams occasionally evaluate the project and update it to suit user needs. You can show your agile development expertise by mentioning instances where you previously worked in Agile development environments.

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How to improve mobile app developer resume skills

Mobile app development can be a dynamic career that requires professionals to continually improve their skills. Below are a few tips you can use to stay up-to-date:

1. Pursue further education

You can register for a postgraduate degree or a short online course. Continuing your education may help you learn new skills or improve your current skill set. If you've currently enrolled in a programme that can make your resume more competitive, mention it under the statement of purpose. For example, you can say that you're eager to learn more about the expertise in the job.

2. Get work experience

Entry-level mobile app developer jobs typically require bachelor's degrees. You can use these positions to learn more skills as you prepare for senior roles. Find a job that fits your career goals and relates to your specialisation.

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3. Use online tutorials

You can use online tutorials to learn new mobile app development skills or improve your current skill set. These forums often discuss emerging concepts and industry trends, helping you stay up-to-date. Ensure that the tutorial's publisher has the relevant certification and understands the concepts they're discussing.

Mobile app developer skills in the workplace

You can improve your mobile app development skills by using them in the workplace. Here are a few tips to showcase them:

  • Offer to help. When you notice a colleague struggling with a task or project you're familiar with, ask to take the job or help them complete it.

  • Ask for feedback. You can ask colleagues and supervisors to review your prototypes and projects for errors. This approach can help you identify and correct mistakes you may not have noticed.

  • Give your input. Show your mobile app development skills by sharing them with colleagues. Voluntarily review other employees' projects and give constructive feedback.

How to highlight mobile app developer skills

You can use several methods to show mobile app developer skills on your resume. Common methods include:

Mobile app developer skills for a resume

Companies may list specific qualifications, or you can identify them by analysing the position's roles and expectations. Start with the most relevant and competitive expertise. Mobile app development can be a practical career, so highlighting your ability to apply specific skills to real scenarios can enhance your competitiveness. For instance, you can recount how you used your cybersecurity skills to help your former employer prevent a ransomware attack.

Mobile app developer skills for a cover letter

Cover letters typically introduce you to the employer and summarise your most crucial skills. You can mention where you learnt the skills and why they make you a suitable candidate. Hiring managers often review cover letters before reading the resume, so you can use it to help create a good first impression.

Mobile app developer skills for a job interview

Interviews may allow you to explain your mobile app development skills to the hiring manager and convince them to hire you. Identify the most competitive skills and relate them to the opening. You can also discuss how you plan to use these skills in the company.

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