How to Create a Preschool Teacher Resume Objective

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 11 July 2022

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If you're a preschool teacher looking for a job, adding a resume objective to your resume can enhance it by giving hiring managers more information about you and your professional aspirations. Resume objectives provide a brief insight into your current job role, skills and future career goals. Understanding how to write a resume objective can help you identify what you want to accomplish and how. In this article, we explore what a resume objective is and review some examples that you can refer to.

What is a preschool teacher resume objective?

A preschool teacher resume objective is a short statement on a resume that highlights your career goals and explores your skills and current job role. A preschool teacher is a childhood educator who teaches children from three to six years old. Preschool teachers often spend their workday crafting lesson plans to teach their students concepts such as letters, colours and numbers. They also educate children on life and social skills, including teamwork, manners and how to share.

For a preschool teacher, a resume objective may detail how they want to explore new subjects in the classroom, try out a new teaching method or teach a new age group. When highlighting their experience, they may also include the years of teaching experience they have and mention skills such as creativity, patience and communication.

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How to craft a preschool teacher resume objective

The following are some steps you can take to help you craft your own resume objective:

1. Keep it brief

It's important that your resume objective is clear and concise. Having a brief resume objective makes it easy for hiring managers to learn more about your career goals and qualifications. When crafting a resume objective, it's best to keep it to one or two sentences, only mentioning the most important information. You can also either choose to use full sentences or fragmented sentences in your resume objective. For example, a full sentence may be I'**m a preschool teacher who enjoys creative teaching, while a fragmented sentence may be Creative preschool teacher.

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2. Include your job title

At the start of your resume objective, you can mention your current job title. Referencing your job title helps hiring managers understand how much experience you have, which helps them determine whether they want to hire you. When you include your job title in your resume objective, use a phrase or word at the beginning of the sentence to draw attention to it.

For example, preschool teachers may use adjectives to add character to their resume and give an employer an idea of their working style. The following are some statements you can use when you're writing your resume objective:

  • creative preschool teacher

  • patient preschool teacher

  • experienced preschool teacher

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3. Identify your career goals

Another important part of writing your resume objective is specifying your career goals. This shows hiring managers that you're driven and have already thought about what you want to accomplish in your educational career. For some preschool teachers, their goal may be to teach at a school for special needs. For others, it may be to implement a new teaching method in the classroom. Think about what you want to achieve and explain it in a few words in the first sentence of your resume objective.

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4. Highlight your professional experience

Next, write a brief explanation of your professional experience. Keeping it short allows you to focus on the most important details that gain an employer's attention. When discussing your professional experience, include details such as your number of years of experience, the companies you've worked at previously, the subjects you specialised in and the number of students you've taught.

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5. Discuss your skills

Another way to impress a hiring manager through your resume objective is to discuss your strongest skills. Many resumes have a separate section where you can list your abilities, but you can mention one or two skills in your resume objective that you don't mention in your skills section to keep both sections unique. Some examples of skills that you can include on your resume objective are attention to detail and childcare.

When discussing your abilities in your resume objective, reference those that relate to the job you're applying for. This helps you appear to hiring managers who are looking for candidates with these skills. Look through the job listing when you're applying for the role and identity skills that you have so that you can include them in your objective.

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14 preschool teacher resume objective examples

Here are 14 examples of preschool teacher resume objectives that you can refer to when writing your own:

  1. Dedicated preschool teacher with a passion for languages looking for a job at an institution where I can use my 10 years of teaching experience to teach children various languages.

  2. Preschool teacher with three years of experience hoping to find a role at Greenwood Preschool to develop my teaching and organisational skills.

  3. Passionate and experienced preschool teacher looking for a school with smaller classroom sizes where I can use my knowledge of early childhood development and child psychology to facilitate children's growth. Have over 15 years of experience in education, with five years in early childhood education.

  4. Passionate and energetic preschool teacher who loves children. Looking to develop students' emotional, social and self-expressive learning in the classroom. Have over five years of preschool experience and a CPR certification.

  5. Accomplished child psychologist with two years of experience looking to find a new career in preschool teaching at a big educational institution. Skilled in arts and crafts and social psychology.

  6. A preschool teacher with five years of experience looking for a position at Fleetwood Preschool. Want to use my experience in planning and organisation to contribute to the development of childhood teaching programmes.

  7. A passionate teacher with two years of early childhood teaching experience looking to apply my skills in leadership and social development at Ai Xin Preschool. Have seven years of experience in organisation and multi-tasking.

  8. CPR-certified student care teacher with a passion for children and a strong ability to organise and multi-task. Looking for a preschool teaching position at Young and Sons Preschool to guide each student socially, emotionally and academically.

  9. A dedicated graduate of Sembawang Childcare Institution seeking the role of preschool teacher at Kids Talents Inc. Have skills in written and verbal communications and providing customer service to families in a sales role at a child retail store.

  10. Preschool teacher with a bachelor's degree in early childhood education, strong organisational skills and a passion for children. Looking to help develop young children through creative and fun activities to enhance their imagination and self-esteem.

  11. Currently a preschool teacher with strong communication skills at Star Childhood Centre. Looking for a preschool teacher position to use my five years of teaching experience and nurture the children to be independent and creative.

  12. Flexible, energetic and strong communicator in childhood education looking for a role as a preschool teacher. Has 10 years of experience with a strong knowledge of early childhood education and CPR training.

  13. Passionate childhood educator with a master's degree in child psychology. Seeking a position as a preschool teacher at Jurong Education Centre to apply my observational and creative skills to design fun learning experiences for children.

  14. First aid- and CPR-trained preschool teacher with strong customer service and communication skills. Looking for a position at Grove Education to use experience in child development and communication and nurture and grow children into young adults through a 12-step educational growth plan.

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