How to Write a Product Manager Resume Objective (With Tips)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated 23 November 2022 | Published 9 May 2022

Updated 23 November 2022

Published 9 May 2022

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Product managers lead teams to design, test and implement a product according to a client's specifications. This is a senior position that requires previous experience with management, product design and specific software. If you're interested in applying for a product manager position, it's important to understand how to craft an effective objective for your resume. In this article, we explain what a product manager's resume objective is, share steps to teach you how to write your own and provide tips and 10 examples to help you in your writing process.

What is a product manager resume objective?

A product manager resume objective is a statement at the beginning of a professional's resume that highlights their credentials. It's important to showcase your skills and qualifications that directly relate to the job for which you're applying. Since this is a more senior role, it's also helpful to include your experience in your objective statement. Some skills and details you may list in your objective for a product manager role include:

  • product design

  • product engineering

  • one or more years of experience in product management

  • customer service skills

  • communication skills

  • bachelor's degree

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How to write an objective for a product manager resume

If you're applying for a product manager position, it's important to know how to write an effective objective statement, as this can help establish a good impression with the hiring manager and keep them engaged while reading your resume. Here are some steps to follow when writing your objective:

1. Re-read the job description

It's helpful to tailor your objective to specific job posts, so you can personalise your application to fit the company's requests. To ensure you choose the right language for your objective, re-read the job description and note the qualifications the employer prefers. This includes specific skills, education credentials and your experience level.

This can be especially important for your product manager resume because some employers vary on how many years of experience they prefer product managers to have. Some may require a year or less, while others may want you to have at least three years of experience before applying. By re-reading the job description, you can decide what details to prioritise in your objective and identify what qualifications the employer may prefer or find most important.

2. List your qualifications

Next, use your resume to create a list of your qualifications. These might include years of experience, certifications, successful past projects and soft skills, like communication and time management. If you have product management experience in the company's industry or a related field, describe that as well. You might also include your educational background if you attended a prestigious programme for product management or a related subject. If you're creating custom resume objectives for several job applications, you can use this list again for other positions.

3. Choose several key qualifications

To keep your resume objective between one and three sentences, you can select the qualifications that relate most closely to the job description or that show your qualifications most effectively. Compare your notes on the job description to the list of qualifications you created and choose four or five strengths or achievements to highlight in your resume objective. This allows you to draft a statement that directly addresses the hiring manager's needs.

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4. Consider your goals

An effective resume objective tells the hiring manager what you plan to achieve in the position. Hiring managers often prefer candidates with clear professional goals because they might be strong candidates for promotions within a few years of getting hired. Driven employees might also have a higher level of workplace satisfaction and often stay longer at a company. For your resume objective, think of one or two key professional goals for the job, which might include taking on a leadership role, launching a new product line or surpassing sales targets.

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5. Write and edit your objective

Finally, you can use the information you've gathered to create a short summary of your qualifications and goals. Your resume summary might use full sentences, but you might also rely on sentence fragments and bullet points to convey the maximum amount of information concisely. Whichever your style, try to choose effective adjectives and details to describe your professional character and accomplishments.

After you've written your resume objective, you might ask a friend or family member to read it and give you feedback on your word choice and structure. These comments can help you revise the resume objective before you include it on your resume.

6. Add it to your resume

Professionals usually include their objectives on their resumes after the contact section. This means that your objective appears before your skills, experience and education section on your resume. After adding it to your resume, check to ensure the format is cohesive with the rest of your application. Be sure to use the same font size and centre it on your resume.

Once you confirm that it visually aligns with your resume, re-read your objective to ensure that you support the details you include in your objective within other sections of your resume. This can help strengthen your application and further establish yourself as a strong candidate for the position.

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Tips for writing your objective statement

Here are some tips you might consider to help you write a better objective statement:

  • Research the company. This can help you learn what attributes they value and possibly identify areas of improvement on which you can seek to focus. Often, hiring managers prefer to select candidates who seem to embody the company's values, so be sure to discover the company's mission statement to identify which characteristics they may admire.

  • Include certifications. Be sure to mention any certifications you may have as this can help you gain an advantage over other candidates.

  • Prioritise your strongest qualifications. Try to lead your objective with some of your strongest qualifications. It's best to include the ones in which you have the highest proficiency or have quantitative data on.

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10 examples of product manager objectives

Reviewing examples of objectives can help you gather inspiration for your own and gain a better understanding of how you might format your statement. Here are some examples of objectives to help you craft your own:

  1. Skilled product manager with eight years of experience in the manufacturing industry, seeking a Senior Product Manager position with PQR Manufacturing. Experienced in the full product lifecycle, from consumer research to sales strategy execution, and hoping to use my skills to develop new product lines for PQR that surpass sales targets and establish the firm as a leader in the field of industrial manufacturing.

  2. Results-driven and self-motivated product manager with 12 years of experience in the telecommunications field, pursuing a new challenge in IT networking support products. Successfully led the development of over 15 new product lines, exceeding sales targets while staying within budget.

  3. Experienced coder and team lead seeks a product manager position with a SaaS company. Driven by data, results and customer needs, I am a dedicated problem-solver and thought leader in cloud app development.

  4. Energetic, innovative AIPMM Certified Product Manager with a proven record of success seeks a new challenge with GentleSkin Products' new juvenile skin care team. Skilled in launching new product lines, conducting consumer research and coordinating remote and onsite teams.

  5. Recent MBA graduate with excellent communication and teamwork skills seeks a Junior Product Manager position with Remote Finance Software, LLC. With a dual background in computer engineering and business administration, I am eager to help Remote Finance Software, LLC develop new fintech product lines for small and mid-sized businesses.

  6. Agile certified project management professional seeks a career shift to product management in a thriving automotive services company. Familiar with all aspects of automotive service device creation, with over two decades of experience in the industry and skilled at supervising and mentoring entry-level employees.

  7. Detail-oriented professional with three years of experience in a junior product manager role. Seeking to earn a position as a product manager and gain responsibility for a new product line.

  8. Creative professional with four years of experience in product engineering with a special interest in team management and technology projects. Hoping to obtain a position as a product manager for Parker Industries and apply my talent for motivating others and product design to become an integral part of the product design team.

  9. Recent MBA graduate with a GPA of 3.7 looking to work as a product manager. Skilled in communication, market research, team management and engineering software.

  10. Experienced and certified product assistant manager seeking to gain a senior position at Lookalike Marketing. Skilled with using Agile, Scum and other product management software. Interested in increasing client satisfaction and leading collaborative and enthusiastic teams.

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