How to Write a Restaurant Manager Resume Objective (With Examples)

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Published 12 July 2022

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When creating a resume for a restaurant manager position, it may benefit you to highlight your most substantial qualifications and explain your career goals. You can convey these details to a hiring manager by creating an objective for this role. Learning how to create an impressive resume objective can help you write your own and may increase your chances of getting a restaurant manager job. In this article, we discuss what a resume objective is, show how you can create one in seven steps and list 20 examples of objectives crafted for this position to use as a reference.

What is a restaurant manager resume objective?

A restaurant manager resume objective is a brief statement highlighting your qualifications for this position. This statement allows you to introduce your skills, education, career goals and other information relevant to the role. A well-written summary of your qualifications may encourage the hiring manager to read the rest of your document.

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Why include a resume objective for a restaurant manager role?

Including a resume objective may help you concisely show a hiring manager your career goals and qualifications. A resume objective is towards the top of your resume, which means it's one of the first things a hiring manager reads when reviewing applications. An objective is suitable for professionals at every level of experience and allows you to highlight your most important aspirations and skills.

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How to write a resume objective in 7 steps

Here are some steps you can take to create a summary on your resume for this position:

1. Review the job posting for keywords

Understanding what companies look for in a professional can help you create an effective resume objective, which may increase your chances of getting hired. Before writing your objective, consider looking at its job posting and identifying keywords or phrases. Use those keywords in your summary to show your skills and other essential qualifications the company seeks for this role.

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2. Use adjectives to describe yourself

Resume objectives may often begin with one or two adjectives describing you and your work style. These adjectives show a company your strongest characteristics, which may increase your chances of getting contacted for a job interview. Here are some adjective examples to use in your summary:

  • driven

  • creative

  • goal-oriented

  • focused

  • meticulous

  • dedicated

3. Consider adding job information

Customising your resume can help show a hiring manager you desire to work at their company, which may increase your chances of getting selected for the role. Personalise your resume for a particular job position by mentioning the job title or the company's name you're applying for in your summary. When writing a resume objective, consider adding details about the job opportunity they listed in the description.

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4. Mention your career goals

Sharing your career goals may help a hiring manager understand your career motivations and encourage them to contact you for an interview. For example, if you're looking for upward mobility in the company, it's beneficial to include that information in your objective. This informs companies what you're desiring for the role and helps them determine if you're fit for the position.

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5. Describe your qualifications

You can expand on your career goals by describing the qualifications you have that can help you complete them. This can include work experience, certifications or awards. Consider using the experiences or traits you've developed that have prepared you most for this role.

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6. Include how you can benefit a company

Hiring managers may look for professionals who can benefit their organisation as they're reading resumes. Including a statement on how you can contribute to a company at the beginning of your resume may encourage an employer to hire you. Mention how your skills and qualifications can specifically benefit the company.

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7. Review your objective

After completing your objective, consider reviewing it to ensure it contains proper spelling and grammar. An error-free resume can show a hiring manager you have expert attention to detail and may increase your chances of getting hired. You can review your resume yourself or ask your friends or family to proofread your document.

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20 examples of resume objectives for this role

Here are a few examples of a resume objective for this role that may help you create your own:

  1. A productive and artistic individual with six years of service industry managing background. Seeking to obtain the role of restaurant manager at the Aqua Crown and help increase annual profit, decrease turnover rates and generate ideas to maximise customer satisfaction.

  2. A determined individual seeking the role of restaurant manager to implement five years in the food industry and utilise my expertise in the restaurant and hospitality industry for the benefit of a large-scale restaurant chain.

  3. A highly motivated and dedicated individual with 10 years of experience managing multiple teams in the hospitality, retail and food service industry. Seeking to obtain the position of restaurant manager and p**ossesses outstanding communication, problem-solving and conflict management skills.

  4. Restaurant manager experienced in a variety of restaurant environments. Looking to bring my management skills and hospitality experience to a family-owned restaurant as a manager.

  5. An enthusiastic restaurant manager skilled at controlling costs and setting budgets seeks employment with a large-scale restaurant where I can apply my knowledge and experience to increase profitability.

  6. Seeking a managerial position with Ruby's Restaurant, where I can contribute my seven years of culinary experience to help develop, implement and promote new menu items. Hoping to collaborate with innovative chefs and kitchen staff to produce seasonal and speciality dishes that appeal to customers.

  7. Looking to use my experience with managing staff to support a positive workspace, improve morale and encourage teamwork. Bringing nine years as a service industry manager at a lively cafe with a staff of over 100 professionals. Skilled at staff training and team-building exercises.

  8. A restaurant manager with excellent customer service skills and experience with varied customer demographics seeks the manager position at Restaurant Alfredo. Looking to expand on the positive customer experience, recruit talented staff and diversify menu options.

  9. A team-oriented individual who values the input of each staff member is looking for an interactive and collaborative work environment. Seeking a managerial position at Star Grill, where I can focus on increasing job satisfaction ratings among the staff so that together, we can all provide the optimum guest experience.

  10. A friendly and hospitable restaurant manager with eight years of practice working in customer-facing managerial roles seeking a position in a restaurant environment where guest relations are the top priority. Excellent interpersonal skills, great at conflict resolution and excellent history of encouraging positive customer feedback and guest retention rates.

  11. Former manager of a five-location restaurant franchise searching for a position in a busy restaurant with high occupancy and quick guest turnover. Works well under pressure, thrives in fast-paced environments and is skilled at multi-tasking.

  12. Experienced hospitality professional with over 10 years of fine-dining experience. Seeking a restaurant manager position in an upscale restaurant where I can continue to promote excellent hospitality and make all guests feel appreciated and valued.

  13. A restaurant manager with an advertising and marketing background seeking a restaurant manager position at Blue Tree Restaurant, where I can be actively involved in strategies for promoting the restaurant, increasing the target consumers and developing new techniques to engage customers. Experienced with social media promotions and marketing campaigns within the hospitality industry.

  14. Enthusiastic and dedicated restaurant executive, hoping to join the staff of a lively and vibrant restaurant like Joe's Diner. Looking to put to use and expand upon the skills and abilities I gained during my five years as a food industry manager and 15 years in the restaurant business.

  15. Experienced restaurant manager with an excellent record of leadership, team-building and restaurant promotion. Seeking to lead a staff of motivated servers and cooks to continue the success and maintain the excellent reputation already established at Betsy's Bistro.

  16. Looking to build on a career of 11 years in the restaurant business, including server, bartender and general management experience. Desiring to obtain the manager position at Riverview Grill where I can contribute my skills in money handling, restaurant cleanliness, food quality assurance and staff management.

  17. Chef and restaurant manager looking to bring knowledge of food preparation, quality standards and safety regulations to the manager's position at Jack's Oyster House and Brewery. Bringing experience in food handling, ordering of supplies and managing both kitchen and front-of-house staff.

  18. Seeking the manager position at Sam's Sushi, where I can contribute skills in customer service, menu development, food safety and staff training. Looking to put seven years of restaurant experience to use by offering innovative solutions and efficient strategies for improving the restaurant's overall performance.

  19. Looking to help Vegan Paradise Restaurant become successful, support staff morale, bring in additional guests and enhance the restaurant's image as a restaurant manager. Bringing six years of experience as general manager at a popular, high-traffic restaurant I helped develop and open.

  20. Experienced culinary and hospitality expert seeking the position of food and beverage manager at Superior Hotels. Offering skills in maintaining profit margins, optimising restaurant environments and maximising guest satisfaction.

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