Sales Resume Keywords to Include (Plus Template and Example)

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Published 10 June 2022

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When you're applying for a sales position, it's essential to craft a resume that can attract the hiring manager's attention to get a chance at an interview. Using sales resume keywords can get your application noticed by interviewers and set you apart from other candidates. Knowing what keywords to use can help you craft an effective resume with keywords that are relevant to your skills and work experience.

In this article, we explain what a sales resume is, list down a variety of keywords and skills you may have as a salesperson and provide you with an example of a sales resume you can refer to.

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What are sales resume keywords?

Sales resume keywords are words that a salesperson features on their resume to highlight their unique skills and traits when applying for an open sales role in a company. Many organisations utilise an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to search and identify keywords on resumes that correspond with what they're looking for in a candidate. Thus, incorporating keywords from a job description onto your resume can increase the chances of an ATS selecting your resume.

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Types of sales resume keywords

Here are some common keywords you may use on a sales resume:


As a salesperson, you may require the ability to communicate well with both potential and existing clients, vendors, customers, suppliers and teammates. On certain occasions, you may also require learning a second or third language so that you can effectively converse with various people. Utilising the communication keyword on your resume highlights to the hiring manager that you have good public speaking skills and the ability to write well. It's also important to know that communication can greatly help you in many aspects of a sales role, including relationship building, customer service, negotiation, cold calling, pitch delivery, persuasion and networking.

Here are some examples of various ways you can use the communication keyword on your sales resume:

  • motivated uninterested prospects to become clients with a 90% success rate, which was the highest in the company

  • used verbal and written communication skills to create engaging and informative presentations and pitches to potential customers and clients

  • utilised written communication skills to create organised and detailed sales forecasts and sales reports

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Relationship building

Relationship building is a skill that relates to engaging other people well and building long-term relationships within and for the company. Hiring managers may look for this skill in a candidate, as it can lead to an increase in client loyalty and retention rate. When you include this keyword on your resume, you're showing the recruiter your capability of establishing trust with clients to retain their business. Here's a list of examples you can refer to on how to use the relationship building keyword in different areas of your sales resume:

  • built and established customer loyalty through relationship-building strategies

  • searched for ways to increase customer retention by building effective relationships

  • amassed 10 years of experience in a customer service role, focused mainly on researching and implementing relationship-building strategies

Business development

A hiring manager may want to know that you're capable of helping an organisation achieve its targets. Using the keyword business development on your resume highlights your ability to increase the revenue of a company and help it grow through business expansions. Here are some examples of how to use the keyword on your sales resume:

  • curated sales presentations, pitches and proposals to contribute to a rapid increase in business development

  • sought and implemented business opportunities to contribute to the company's overall business development

  • designed and developed short and long-term sales pipelines and forecasts according to the company's targets and business development goals

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Customer service

Customer service is a large aspect of jobs in the field of sales, making it an important skill to develop and integrate into your professional life and sales resume. Many sales positions often require employees to use this skill to meet customers' needs and solve any problems that might arise. Using the customer service keyword on your sales resume highlights to hiring managers that you can successfully sell the organisation's products and services. It can also convey your understanding of customers' needs and ability to provide them with viable solutions to their problems.

Here are some examples you can refer to when using customer service as a keyword on your sales resume:

  • handled all customer service relationships and issues in a timely manner and according to all of the company's guidelines and policies

  • utilised well-honed customer service skills to meet customers' needs effectively and listen to their concerns

  • used customer service skills to meet and exceed sales quotas over three years

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What skills can you include on your sales resume?

If you're a sales professional, it's essential for you to have a range of skills that help you perform your job successfully. Here are some skills that you can highlight when creating your sales resume:

  • Organisation: Organisation is an important skill for any salesperson to have since it helps them to manage all their leads. When creating your resume, you can include that you're familiar with using software programs to organise information from your customers and products.

  • Research and analysis: Research and analysis is another common skill many salespeople have, as they often conduct research to find out more about products and customers. When including this skill on your resume, you can detail how you interact with other departments to analyse your research and develop sales strategies.

  • Active listening: Active listening refers to the ability to comprehend what your clients and colleagues are telling you so that you can evaluate it. Active listening helps you show others that you're interested in what they're saying, and you can enhance this effect by smiling, making eye contact or using body language.

  • Confidence: It takes courage to approach a prospective client and encourage them to make a purchase. Including this skill on your resume can convey to recruiters that you're a well-prepared professional who's sure about their capabilities.

  • Position-based sales: Position-based sales skills refer to skills that are strongly related to a sales position. These skills help you perform your sales job successfully and effectively and can include skills like client acquisition, marketing or project management skills.

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Example of a sales resume

When creating your sales resume, knowing when and how to include keywords helps you to highlight your better qualifications to a recruiter. Here's an example of a sales resume with sales keywords and skills that you can use as a template:

Adam Hakim
+65 9283 0192 |

Professional Summary

A results-driven sales professional with years of retail and customer service experience looking for the chance to use negotiation, relationship building and communication skills to develop a business.

Work Experience
Senior customer service executive
Orange Service Pte Ltd, January 2019–April 2022

  • responded to emails, calls and social media messages from customers while providing them with quality customer service to meet their needs

  • used relationship-building techniques to establish strong trust with customers, increasing customer retention

  • accessed cataloguing systems to check product logs to verify product availability and information

  • checked for stock at other branches or ordered stock at customers' request

  • performed bi-monthly inventory checks

Customer service representative
Mr Denim Pte Ltd, April 2018–December 2019

  • greeted all customers entering the denim boutique in a warm and welcoming tone

  • used communication skills to listen actively to customers' enquires and needs and recommend them products to suit their preferences

  • operated the cash register, handled sales transactions and led all opening and closing shifts

Customer relations assistant
Smarthouse Logistics, August 2017–March 2018

  • answered calls from customers with enquires and supported them in their needs

  • attended to customers' complaints and feedback and handled crisis management

  • provide service recovery for customers between three to five days

Diploma in business administration
National Business University, 2017

Negotiation, problem-solving, cold calling, communication, persuasion, attention to detail, active listening, fluent in English and Chinese

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