How to Create a Salesman Resume (With Template and Example)

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Updated 15 January 2023

Published 3 January 2022

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If you're interested in a career in sales, having a quality application to present to employers is key to earning an interview and finding a job. The ability to summarise your past experience in a persuasive manner that captures the attention of an employer can reflect your ability to persuade customers and make sales. Learning how to prepare a successful resume can help you feel more confident as you begin your job search and give you a better chance of success when looking for sales positions.

In this article, we explain how to write a salesman's resume by reviewing the most important elements to include, provided with a template and example to use when preparing your own application.

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What to include in a salesman resume

Here are some of the main elements to include on your salesman resume:

  • Contact details: Including your contact information on your resume is essential for ensuring that potential employers can reach you if they want to ask you questions about your application or schedule an interview.

  • Professional history: Your professional history includes your work history, volunteer positions and any other professional roles that relate to your qualifications as a salesperson. When possible, focus on sales jobs, but you can include other positions if you don't have prior experience in the sales field.

  • Sales skills: Feature a section of your resume where you list your skills related to sales, including both interpersonal skills and any technical knowledge of sales strategies and processes, such as sales software, negotiation techniques and customer management.

  • Formal education: Although many employers hire salespeople without a college degree, you can list any formal education on your resume to enhance your application and highlight your qualifications.

  • Other qualifications: If you have any sales certifications or won any awards for achieving sales targets, include this information on your resume. You can create an additional section to feature these details or incorporate your achievements into the work experience section.

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How to write a salesman resume

Use these steps as a guide when writing a resume for sales representative jobs:

1. Format your resume

Start by setting up your resume in the appropriate format. Presentation is an important attribute for being a successful salesperson, so having a resume with the correct setup can help you create a positive impression with employers. Resumes with the proper format are one page long, have a header at the top and use a consistent, simple font for the body paragraphs. When creating the header, start by typing your full name, then add a new line for your email and phone number. If you have a professional website, you can also add a link to the header.

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2. Write an objective for the sales position

Create a professional resume objective that explains why you want to be a salesperson and why you're the most qualified person for the position. When writing your objective, be specific about your most impressive qualifications to immediately explain why you're an excellent candidate to be a salesperson. Your objective hints at the rest of your resume and encourages the hiring manager to continue learning about more of your sales skills. A good professional objective is typically one or two sentences and can include details like your years of experience, industry speciality or workplace accomplishments.

Here are a few examples of resume objectives for salesperson positions:

  • Recent business graduate seeking a position as a salesperson where I can apply my knowledge of business-to-business sales strategies to accelerate development and improve long-term retention.

  • Dedicated medical equipment sales representative with in-depth product knowledge looking for a position as a salesperson at Underton Devices to develop custom sales methods to improve relationship management and increase conversions.

  • Motivated junior salesman seeking advancement after consistently achieving 100% customer satisfaction and exceeding sales targets by 30% monthly. Looking to apply my knowledge of software sales to an innovative and fast-paced environment that utilises my passion and industry awareness.

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3. Highlight your abilities in the work history section

Next, write a work experience section that showcases your ability to succeed as a salesperson. List the name of your previous positions, starting with the most recent role. You can discuss your professional history by using bullet points to describe your duties and achievements. If you already have experience in sales, focus on your most relevant responsibilities. When including positions in other fields, emphasise how you can apply those duties and tasks to a sales environment. For example, working as a server involves customer service, which you can use when selling items to clients.

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4. Discuss your education

Including an education section is optional for a sales position, but it's useful if you have a degree. When discussing your education, start by listing the name of your college or university, then write the month and year you graduated. Underneath, write the type of degree you earned and your major. You can also include bullet points describing additional information, such as key courses, publications, clubs and other activities that strengthen your application.

Highlighting your education on your resume is especially helpful for a sales position if you studied a subject related to business or marketing. These degrees often include courses that specifically focus on sales strategies. If you're applying for a specific type of sales job, such as pharmaceutical sales, including classes that focus on that speciality can also be helpful because it demonstrates your knowledge of the product.

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5. Review any certifications

Earning sales certifications can be an excellent way to enhance your application and show employers that you're knowledgeable in your field. If you have any certifications, create a heading on your resume to emphasise them. List details such as the institution you earned the certification from and the year you got certified so the employer can verify your certification.

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6. List your sales skills

Finally, add a skills section and include a bulleted list of sales skills. Review the salesperson's job listing to learn what kind of skills the employer is seeking for that particular role. A quality skills section balances characteristics that demonstrate your ability to build connections with relationships, maintain knowledge of products and implement sales strategies. Here are some examples of skills to include:

  • verbal communication

  • active listening

  • cold calling

  • storytelling

  • client retention

  • territory management

  • product knowledge

  • data analysis

  • direct marketing

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Salesman resume template

Use this template as an outline to write your own resume for a sales position:

[Full name]
[Phone number]
[Email address]

Professional objective
[Statement describing your work experience, professional goals as a salesperson and why you're a good match for this position]

[Most recent job title]
[Name of company], [Start date-end date]

  • [Job responsibilities and achievements]

  • [Job responsibilities and achievements]

  • [Job responsibilities and achievements]

[Previous job title]
[Name of company], [Start date-end date]

  • [Job responsibilities and achievements]

  • [Job responsibilities and achievements]

  • [Job responsibilities and achievements]

[Previous job title]
[Name of company], [Start date-end date]

  • [Job responsibilities and achievements]

  • [Job responsibilities and achievements]

  • [Job responsibilities and achievements]

[Institution name], [Graduation date]
[Degree] in [Major]

  • [Description of coursework or activities]

  • [Description of coursework or activities]

  • [Description of coursework or activities]


  • [Name of sales certification] from [Name of the institution], [Date received]


  • [Skill related to sales]

  • [Skill related to sales]

  • [Skill related to sales]

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Resume example for a salesman

Here's a basic example of a resume for a salesman:

Everett Ong Tek Sun
+65 9000 0000
Yishun, Singapore

Professional objective
Passionate and persuasive salesman with experience in the tech and software sector seeking an inside sales position where I can apply my knowledge of client support to grow accounts. Looking to apply advanced contract negotiation skills and data analysis to refine sales funnels and build long-term relationships.

Sales representative
Terbaik Software Solutions Pte Ltd, May 2019-present

  • managed business-to-business accounts providing software services for 30 clients, increasing overall account revenue by 15%

  • scouted and contacted clients, assessing their business needs and matching them with available software services

  • provided onboarding support and ongoing customer service to maintain and enhance account relationships

  • organised sales meetings and negotiated initial contracts to find mutually beneficial agreements for longtime and new clients

  • collaborated with other members of the sales team to develop consistent pitches, sales strategies and sales funnels to attract customers

Sales associate
Tech Plus Centre, September 2017-April 2019

  • welcomed customers at the retail location and assisted them with questions about products

  • completed product demonstrations to advertise featured products and encourage sales

  • utilised upselling techniques to bundle products and encourage current guests to purchase related items to enhance their experience

  • reviewed sales data to develop recommendations for promotional strategies and sales

Teruja Games, January 2016-August 2017

  • scanned purchases at the register, processed credit card purchases and provided correct change for cash transactions

  • answered questions about products and suggested games, systems and tech products to customers depending on their preferences or past purchases

  • signed customers up for the store loyalty program

  • created appealing store displays to entice customers and advertise products

Nanyang College, May 2019
Associate of Arts in Business

  • Completed over 20 hours of courses in software and programming

  • Programming club treasurer


  • Certified Inside Sales Professional from AA-ISP Singapore Chapter, 2019


  • contract negotiation

  • software sales

  • CRM software

  • consumer research

  • revenue optimisation

  • qualifying leads

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