How to Write a Social Media Cover Letter (With Tips)

Updated 6 December 2022

Writing an effective cover letter for a social media position is a critical step in the job search process. When applying for positions in the social media sector, a good cover letter is necessary to help you stand out from the competition. Learning how to write a social media cover letter can help you get a job as a social media specialist. In this article, we discuss how to write a social media cover letter, provide general tips on writing good cover letters, provide a template for your cover letter and review an example of one.

How to write a social media cover letter

As with other cover letters, a social media cover letter requires specific information to let the hiring manager know about your professional qualifications. When drafting your media cover letter, follow these steps:

1. Create a header

At the start of your cover letter, include your contact information. This section can contain your complete name, current address, email address and phone number. Include the date on which you want to send the cover letter.

2. Include the employer's information

After your contact information, provide the hiring manager's name, the company's name and the company's location. On the company's website, look for the recruiting manager's name and location. By including this information, you may show the employer that you're really interested in the company.

3. Start memorably

Begin your cover letter with a distinctive sentence that captures the recruiting manager's interest. Make your introduction unique by highlighting a recent accomplishment that relates to the position you're applying to. This may include announcing an award you received for an article or video you submitted to a contest.

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4. Include your qualifications

Determine the most pertinent information about yourself and your relevant abilities and qualifications to add to your body paragraphs. Examine the job advertisement to determine which talents and characteristics the company values most. Then, you can choose employment or educational opportunities that illustrate your proficiency in those characteristics.

5. Write a closing paragraph

The next paragraph can highlight another significant accomplishment or talent that is pertinent to the role. Rather than rehashing information from your cover letter, elaborate on personal experiences or anecdotes that show your suitability for the post. Concentrate on examples that exemplify the abilities and characteristics listed in the job description. Conclude your media cover letter with a concluding paragraph that reiterates your qualifications and expresses your excitement about joining the team. End off your letter with a professional salutation such as Sincerely and your name.

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6. Review your cover letter

Before submitting your cover letter together with your resume, double-check your work for grammar and spelling problems. Consider having another person review your cover letter to get a fresh perspective and point out any problems you may have overlooked. Also, you may proofread your work using certain software or tools to guarantee that it is free of language and punctuation mistakes.

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General tips for writing a social media cover letter

Here are some general tips you can use when writing your cover letter:

Customise your header based on your application format

If you're addressing your cover letter within an online job application, you presumably already included your address and other contact information in other sections of the application form. If you're attaching your cover letter, use the same heading as your resume. This can show your professionalism and attention to detail. It's also a good way to show your creativity, which can be important in some social media roles.

Be specific

Whenever feasible, provide meaningful anecdotes that connect your abilities to specific problem-solving activities or actual business achievements you have achieved during your career. Any candidate can claim to have an important skill. To make an impression, it's vital for you to show your abilities in action to hiring managers.

For example, you might take a line like, I believe my abilities can be an excellent fit for your firm, and make it more specific by changing it to, As a social media manager, I am regularly tasked with the responsibility of creating good social media content on short notice. Exceeding customer expectations is a source of personal and professional pride for me, and it is a talent I intend to continue improving.

Keep it short and to the point

Unless otherwise mentioned in the job description, most hiring managers don't require a cover letter to have a certain length. When selecting the length of a cover letter, concentrate on the elements that are critical for the position. Closely examine the job description to determine the greatest opportunity to show your abilities.

Select one or two and connect them directly to the experience or qualifications sought by the recruiting manager, using only a few precise but brief phrases. Consider what characteristics the job description specifies as desirable in a candidate. Consider displaying such characteristics through the cover letter itself. Try to add new information to your cover letter, that's not already on your resume. You want to concentrate on one or two anecdotes that illustrate how you accomplished something in particular.

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Proofread before you submit

Before sending your cover letter, read it multiple times and check for spelling, grammatical and punctuation mistakes. Reading the letter aloud might assist you in identifying incorrect language or excessively extended phrases. There are some typical faults that you can easily make, so be sure to read slowly and carefully, examining each word. Triple-check the spelling of the recruiting manager's name if it appears in your greeting.

When applying for jobs that demand a cover letter, keep in mind that you're receiving a valuable opportunity to showcase your strengths and provide an image of who you are. Utilise this moment to show your strongest abilities, while also showing your appreciation for the hiring manager's time and attention.

Template for social media cover letter

Here is a template for your social media cover letter:

[Your full name]
[Your address]
[Your telephone number]
[Your email address]

[Submission date]

[Name of hiring manager]
[Name of organisation]
[Location of organisation]

Dear [Hiring manager's name],

[Paragraph introducing yourself and expressing your interest in the listed role]

[Paragraph outlining your skills and qualifications in the social media industry]

[Paragraph describing your work experience and what contributions you would bring to the company]

[Closing paragraph reiterating why you are a great candidate and thanking the reader for their time and consideration]

[Professional sign-off]

[Your name]

Example of a social media cover letter

Olivia Min
+65 1111 2222
25 June 2021

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am thrilled to apply for the Social Media Specialist at Innovation Advertising. I have experience that goes back to the initial creation of various social media platforms. By witnessing some of the first advertising campaigns and all subsequent changes, I have developed an understanding of the projects that have high rates of success versus the ones that may fail.

I have received training in modern marketing platforms, which include a variety of social media websites where I use current trends and interest-based targeting to find new customers. For Innovation Advertising, I also assisted in the management of a significant project focused on re-targeting previous purchasers. Our team was able to cut the rate of abandoned checkouts by 30% and raise the number of repeat customers by 52% throughout my time with the firm. These improvements resulted in an increase of 10% in revenue. Our work focused on long-term sustainability and cost-cutting methods, resulting in a little rise in corporate expenditures.

I have performed multiple training sessions in professional corporate communication, staff negotiating skills and customer problem resolution. This enables me to communicate with almost anyone and efficiently discover their goals. Because of how social media marketing works, possessing these skills enabled me to achieve the best efficiency rate for advertising campaigns at Innovation Advertising, where 68% of all my efforts resulted in a sale. I intend to put these skills to good use again as I assist your clients in reaching out to their buyers in a more effective and profitable way.

Thank you for taking the time to go over my job application. I am looking forward to continuing to contact your brand and learning more about your underlying expectations. I look forward to showing any of the aforementioned skills by submitting minor projects or actual deliverables from previous engagements.


Olivia Min

The cover letter model shown is for illustration purposes only, and may require additional formatting to meet accepted standards.

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