Top 20 Tools for a Visual Resume (And How to Create Yours)

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Updated 17 November 2022

Published 8 November 2021

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A visual resume is an application document that communicates your qualifications through both visual and textual information. They're useful because they're more aesthetically pleasing and impressive than basic text-based CVs. If you work in visual arts or want to create application materials that gain the hiring manager's attention, learning more about visual resumes and using one can be beneficial. In this article, we explain what visual resume tools are, list the top 20 visual resume tools and provide tips for creating effective application materials.

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What are tools for a visual resume?

Tools for a visual resume are programs and software you can use to create visual application materials, which pair visual components with content. A visual CV includes pictures and icons to create a more aesthetically pleasing document. These CVs can be useful because they can gain the hiring manager's attention and encourage them to review the rest of your materials or schedule an interview to learn more. These CVs can be especially appropriate for those who work in areas like web design, art, social media management, graphic design, advertising and copywriting.

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Top 20 visual resume tools

There are many visual resume tools you can use to create aesthetically pleasing application materials. Here's a list of the top 20 visual resume tools you can use:

1. Biteable

This is a platform that allows you to create a video CV that incorporates your branding and qualifications. By using a video CV, you can show your technical aptitude and video editing abilities. Application materials in video form can gain the hiring specialist's attention by presenting your information quickly and efficiently with visual aspects.

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2. CakeResume

CakeResume is a CV-building platform that allows you to personalise your application materials and download the PDF version. They offer many CV templates you can use to create your own. Creating a single CV with some aspects is free, but if you want to create multiple CVs or access other features, you may pay a fee.

3. Canva

Canva is an online design platform that you can use to create social media content, videos and CVs. This is a multi-use platform that can create both document and video CVs. It has a freemium version in which you can access basic materials, but to use all the features, you pay a subscription fee.

4. Creddle

Creddle is a CV-building software that allows you to create visual resumes. The platform allows you to input your information once and use it in multiple templates to save time and determine which CV works best for you. After creating your application materials, you can share them, embed them, print them or save them as PDF files.

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5. CVmaker

This platform allows you to create CVs efficiently with simple tools. You can enter your qualifications and choose from various CV templates to organise your information. You can create and organise your materials depending on the applications they coincide with.

6. Enhancv

Enhancv is a CV builder that offers a CV creator that highlights your professional assets. They have a library of templates organised by the industry and position you're applying for, which can improve your customisation. A content analyser tool allows you to scan for spelling and grammatical mistakes before submitting your materials.

7. KickResume

This program offers services for creating both CVs and cover letters. Basic visual resumes are free, and you can download them after there are completed. They offer pre-written phrases you can use to create your materials.

8. Kinzaa

Kinzaa is a program that allows you to create infographic CVs that include visual effects and important information. They include free templates you can use with instructions to make the process more efficient. You can use it to create a traditional document or a CV website that you can share with potential employers.

9. Kukook

When using Kukook, you can create a visual resume that functions with Microsoft Word. You choose a template design customised for your role, industry and personal style before adding your professional information. After creating the CV, you can save it as a PDF, print it or email it to submit it with your application.

10. Lucidpress

Lucidpress is a platform that allows you to create many kinds of content, including application materials. Using this tool, you can create a brand concept and make it consistent across various forms of content. They provide CV templates and examples that you can use while creating your own.

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11. NovoResume

This platform provides a few free templates you can use to create your application materials and include visual elements. They offer services for CVs and cover letters, including editing and templates. You can customise colours and fonts to fit your personal and professional style.

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This online program allows you to create cohesive CV materials, including documents and websites. You can coordinate colour schemes and information to ensure your document and website align. The service offers templates, a CV builder and instructions for writing CVs.

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13. Responsive CV

With this platform, you can import your CVs from other websites and use your saved information to create CVs. You can create an online CV website that's available to potential employers. This platform is also unique because it allows you to save your CV as an app on your phone as well.

14. provides a block-style CV editing process with a guide. It offers pre-generated text and integrated visual designs you can use to craft your visual resume. Like many other platforms, this service offers templates and design guides as you create your application materials.

15. ResumeGenius

ResumeGenius is a program that you can use on a computer or a smartphone, and it allows you to build CVs. You can choose from many CV template designs for various situations, like corporate, advanced, minimalist and classic. The service includes job description bullet points you can include in your CV without writing yourself, which can save time during the CV-building process.

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16. ResumeNerd

This platform functions by prompting the user to choose a template, use the step-by-step builder and download their CV. They offer cover letters, CVs and interview tips to help you prepare your CV materials. After adding your information, you can choose the layout, font style and size and colour scheme. The CV builder also includes a spell-checking mode you can use to identify spelling errors.

17. Strikingly

You can use Strikingly to create visual resume websites that potential employers can visit to learn more about you. CV websites are powerful because they offer more versatility and advanced information compared to traditional document CVs. The hiring manager can choose which information to pursue, and you can present your strongest attributes with impressive graphics.

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18. Visme

This is a design tool that allows you to create a visual brand and make it consistent across materials. You can use this platform to create presentations, charts, infographics and visual resumes. This service also includes video and animation capabilities, which means you can create CV videos as well.

19. Visual CV

Visual CV is a platform that focuses on providing a builder for creating visual application materials. They provide templates and the ability to organise and manage several CVs at once. You can also use the service to track when a potential employer views your materials or downloads your CV.

20. Zety

This is an online CV-building platform that focuses on efficiency and ease. It incorporates templates, expert guidance and resumes checks that can evaluate your grammar and spelling choices. It allows you to include visual elements and create professional documents.

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Tips for creating a visual resume

Here are some additional tips for creating an effective visual resume:

  • Focus on professional aesthetics: By using muted or neutral colours, cohesive design and professional fonts, you can create a visual resume that expresses professionalism. Visual resumes can gain the hiring manager's attention, but if they're too crowded or use bright colours or graphics, they may produce the opposite effect.

  • Save text layers separately: If you submit your CV online, consider saving the text layer of the document separately to ensure a CV-scanning software can identify and use your information. Without saving it separately, the software may not recognise the textual information on your CV.

  • Use the visual resume in person: To avoid problems with application-scanning programs, consider printing your visual resume and using it in person rather than submitting it online. It can be impressive during an interview or when you choose to submit your application materials in person.

  • Consider your potential employer: Before choosing a visual resume, consider the company and position you're applying for. In some situations, a regular CV may be more suitable than a visual option.

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