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Safety coordinator salary in Singapore

How much does a Safety Coordinator make in Singapore?

Average base salary


The average salary for a safety coordinator is $3,143 per month in Singapore. 1k salaries reported, updated at 18 January 2023

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Top companies for Safety Coordinators in Singapore

  1. Quest Global
    577 reviews6 salaries reported
    $4,129per month
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Highest paying cities for Safety Coordinators near Singapore

  1. Outram
    $3,512 per month
    35 salaries reported
  2. Tuas
    $3,365 per month
    21 salaries reported
  3. Bugis
    $3,175 per month
    29 salaries reported
  1. Singapore
    $3,149 per month
    955 salaries reported
  2. Geylang
    $3,011 per month
    39 salaries reported
  3. Ang Mo Kio
    $2,923 per month
    20 salaries reported
  1. Yishun
    $2,895 per month
    38 salaries reported
  2. Woodlands
    $2,867 per month
    7 salaries reported
  3. Jurong Island
    $2,819 per month
    88 salaries reported
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Where can a Safety Coordinator earn more?

Compare salaries for Safety Coordinators in different locations
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How much do similar professions get paid in Singapore?

Safety Manager

7,991 job openings

Average $5,759 per month

Environmental Health Officer

374 job openings

Average $4,919 per month

Environmental Health and Safety Specialist

185 job openings

Average $55,443 per year

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