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Safety trainer salary in Singapore

How much does a Safety Trainer make in Singapore?

Average base salary


The average salary for a safety trainer is $4,556 per month in Singapore. 18 salaries reported, updated at 19 January 2023

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Top companies for Safety Trainers in Singapore

  1. Absolute Kinetics Consultancy Pte Ltd
    10 reviews8 salaries reported
    $3,274per month
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Highest paying cities for Safety Trainers near Singapore

  1. Singapore
    $4,602 per month
    17 salaries reported
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Where can a Safety Trainer earn more?

Compare salaries for Safety Trainers in different locations
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How much do similar professions get paid in Singapore?

Safety Consultant

2,010 job openings

Average $3,749 per month

Health and Safety Instructor

48 job openings

Average $4,138 per month

Environmental Health and Safety Officer

295 job openings

Average $5,306 per month

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