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Google Inc. is an American multinational public corporation invested in Internet search, cloud computing, and advertising technologies. The Google Network is a network of third-party customers that use Google's ad programs to deliver relevant ads to their own sites. Google subsidiaries include YouTube and DoubleClick. Founders Sergey Brin and Larry – more... 

  • “I started to realize that I was developing a lot of great skills while doing the coding competitions. #CodeJam was a similar practice and environment to a coding interview, making it fun and useful at the same time!”⁣
The latest installment of #MyPathToGoogle up on the @GoogleStudents blog (#linkinbio). Learn how coding competitions like #Codenames🏅 helped Beyza hone her skills, prep for interviews—and become a Software Engineer at @YouTube! #lifeatgoogle
  • Sharpen your programming skills and join a global community of coding enthusiasts by signing up for #CodeJam now (👉 #linkinbio). The 27-hour Qualification Round is less than 2 weeks away on April 3 @ 23:00 UTC. It should only take a few hours to compete!⁣
Start practicing with past problems from the Code Jam archive. Do you have what it takes? #lifeatgoogle⁣
  • Today we’re sharing 9 tips from @Google’s productivity advisor to help you focus, connect, and make space when working from home.⁣
Some of our favorite pieces of advice? ⁣
💻 Designate your “spot” where you work (and where you don’t)⁣
☀️ Resist the urge to wake up and start working in bed⁣
❤️ Cut yourself (and others) some slack⁣
Head to our #linkinbio to read the whole thing. #lifeatgoogle
  • Do these five simple things to help stop coronavirus (COVID-19). DO THE FIVE and share this to get the word out.
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