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About Grab

Grab's Talent Directory

To support Grabbers leaving our organization, we’ve launched the Grab Talent Directory. If you’re currently looking to hire amazing individuals who will contribute towards the success of your organization, look no further: Connect with these talents who are not only capable and experts in their fields, but also embody the heart to do good and improve lives for communities in Southeast Asia. #Grab #DrivingSEAforward #TalentDirectory #GrabFriendsForever

Never Stop with Your Everyday Everything App

Office Tour: Singapore HQ

Grabbers fresh out of school or in their early careers often get asked by their peers how it’s like to work with Southeast Asia’s largest and most dynamic tech company. Have an office tour of our Singapore HQ in the video above!

Ensuring safety for everyone: Meet the Trust, Indentity & Safety (TIS) team

Meet our Trust, Identity and Safety Team - find out how they improve the safety of drivers and passengers through features such as selfie verification, emergency assistance and trip monitoring! Think you have what it takes to empower Southeast Asia? Check out today!

GrabForGood: Stories that Inspire

Southeast Asia is brimming with ambition, but also limitations. That’s why we created the Everyday Everything App. One piece of technology that's creating new possibilities for millions of people in the region to thrive.

5 Tips to Get Ahead of Tech Interviews

You often hear tips from recruitment sites and blogs. Here’s what our engineering interviewers on the ground have to say – listen carefully so you don’t have to pay! If you feel hungry for all things engineering, visit the Grab Engineering Blog at

Innovation through technology: Meet Grab's Growth Team

Meet our Geo team - the people responsible for building path-breaking products to improve users’ experience such as navigation, place of interest, estimated time of arrival (ETA). Interested in being part of the green dream machine? Check out today!

What We Believe In

Grab’s vision is to “Drive Southeast Asia Forward” by solving real world transport and mobile payments problems that hinder progress. We aim to do this by delivering on three missions: 1. Accessibility for All To design products and services that are affordable for people of all income levels. 2. Empowering 100 Million Micro Businesses To create income and business opportunities for all our partners. 3. Safety & Trust To create a trusted platform of services with high standards on safety and information security.

Our Promise

JOIN US IN OUR MISSION TO REVOLUTIONIZE TRANSPORTATION AND MOBILE PAYMENTS When you join Grab, we promise you that:  1) You’ll impact our business & beyond We strive to outserve our customers, partners, communities and the region.  Grab started off as a for-profit social enterprise to tackle challenges affecting the safety of women and children, and we haven’t stopped there.  2) You’ll experience hyper-growth and overcome challenges every day  We never stop finding new ways to disrupt industries and even ourselves.  We collaborate with some of the brightest minds and hardest workers to overcome the unique challenges found across the region.  Currently, we are pioneering efforts across transportation, payments, logistics, mapping and more! 3) You’ll work with a team with one heart beat When Grab first started everyone had to hustle.  Now that we are growing we strive to keep this going.  When one team or employee is having trouble, there is never any shortage of help to come their way.  At Grab we don’t believe in silos, but we do believe in each other.   "At Grab, we do what we love, and love what we do. Data-driven, passion-fueled – this is how we create cutting-edge awesomeness." - Daniel Chen | Business Analyst, Singapore Grab since Sept 2014 "Every day presents a new problem to solve, a new challenge to crack, and a very real sense of being able to make a difference." - Ee Ling | Head of Business Development, Singapore Grab since May 2014 "We pride ourselves in being the best by understanding the customers needs, and providing excellent support. Your Problem, is my Problem." - Amir Iswadi | Head of Technical Support Grab since April 2014 "To change the world for the better, you must first know what’s wrong with it. According to some data, your job might be more boring than mine. Now let’s fix that and the world." - Phoebe Kim | Regional B.I. and Analytic Assistant Lead Grab since July 2013 "Grab gives me interesting technical challenges to work on; world class engineers to work with; while working on a product people depend on. What else could I want?" - Corey Scott | Senior Engineer Grab since September 2014


Working at Grab At Grab, we want to empower you to take pride in your work, to be your best self in all that you accomplish. We believe that each Grabber can and will excel, and we want to be part of that journey with you. On Your Journey We offer a range of career paths across our multiple Vertical and Functional Business Units, so regardless of where you see yourself headed, we’ll be there. Our promise to move forward together extends to not just our customers, but to our staff (Grabbers) as well,  and most notably, you. Grab is fully devoted to creating a boundless work culture, where each Grabber is given the opportunity to create a real impact through teamwork and excellence. GrabFlex Each Grabber is offered our innovative and highly flexible GrabFlex Rewards package. We want to give Grabbers the freedom of choice to choose from our range of benefits and services, to create a bespoke benefit package catered to their needs.

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