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About IKEA

Founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943 as a tiny Swedish mail-order catalog business, today IKEA is a global home furnishing brand that lives in the hearts of the many people. One of the world's top furniture retailers, IKEA sells Scandinavian-style home furnishings and other housewares in about 422 stores in some 50 markets. We are a values-driven company – 
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You're home here

So much more than a job. You're home here. Come work with us and you’ll be part of a team that values you for who you are. A huge, welcoming team working to make a positive impact on millions of people around the world and where we all grow together. With our “happy rebel” spirit we challenge conventions and drive positive changes in our industry and sometimes even in the world. We are restless doers, driven by curiosity, enthusiasm and a desire to create a better everyday life for the many people.

Growing Together

A place where everyone plays their part Togetherness, “Tillsammans”, is at the heart of the IKEA culture. Everyone is heard, everyone contributes, and everyone matters. We involve, care for, acknowledge and trust one another in a spirit of humbleness, honesty and mutual respect. We give you the tools to build your dream job We believe in people! We recruit people, not only cv's or resumes. We look for down-to-earth, engaged, honest, innovative and diverse people, all passionate about home furnishings. Our leaders are responsible for successful recruitment, and we see this as a strategic business assignment. Our recruitment approach supports us in finding the right talent in the right place at the right time, creating ambassadors along the way - ambassadors that will tell our story and are inspired by our business idea and our culture and values. Why you'll love us Our co-workers are what makes IKEA awesome. Each of our co-workers brings their unique talent to work every day. We also want every co-worker to feel valued and realize their potential. Because when our co-workers grow, so does IKEA. This is why we offer all co-workers a variety of leadership and competence development programs and other benefits.

Your IKEA journey

Your IKEA journey can take you in any direction

Best Employer

WE’RE FOR GREAT PLACES TO WORK! IKEA Canada selected as one of the Best Employers in Canada by Forbes Magazine. IKEA Canada is proud to be named one of Canada’s Best Employers by Forbes Magazine for the seventh year in a row. This award is a true testament to our strong culture and values at IKEA as we continue to strive to create a better everyday life for our many co-workers. We remain committed to fostering a welcoming environment of togetherness and inclusivity that values each individual’s unique differences and contributions.